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Demystifying User Experience

Slides from the talk I gave at IIT Chennai. Organized by TiE Chennai. Covers the basics of UX and gives an idea of different hats UX Practitioners wear to create world class experience.

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Demystifying User Experience

  1. Uday M. Shankar IIT Chennai March 2011DemystifyingUser experience
  2. udayms - linkedin - twitter - facebook - skype – about.meOwns Prototyping at Yahoodeveloper turned designerUX Evangelist for twelve years
  3. No prejudice would compare options short expect things attention to just work unforgivingTypical user
  4. You may disagree!
  5. U have Heard these
  6. Where do I start?
  7. The Basics
  8. Behavior is a function ofthe Person and his orher Environment.
  9. Here is a Fact!
  10. Goes beyond the food
  11. Innovative Smart & Solves a problem
  12. Unboxing an Apple Device
  13. Those mystic privileged beings!
  14. UI layout
  15. Behavior definition
  16. Add life to design
  17. Helps users find stuff
  18. Understand needs
  19. Think Globally
  20. Not about philanthropy
  21. They write stuff
  22. Yeah.. ! You too!
  23. Giving life to dreams
  24. SEO, Web Analysts etc.
  25. How to add UX to your product
  26. *stolen slides ;)
  27. Great UX is more than good design
  30. READ  THIS  
  32. GMAIL  
  33. FAMILIAR?  
  35. NIKE  
  36. ADDING  MORE  
  40. Acknowledgement& AppreciationGoogle Images & Yahoo!Slideshare -User Experience Design in Business Insurance – Tom Nunes ( the UX Curve 2.0 – Andy Budd (
  41. Blog Email Twitter @udayms References Google, Slideshare, FlickrAny questions?