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Graham Street Market Area - WCC Alternative Proposal

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A Section 16 Application which emphasized a sensitive urban regeneration of a historic street market area was submitted for an NGO. The award winning proposal aims to regenerate the Graham Street area while maintaining the existing urban morphology and ensuring the cultural continuity and collective memory of the street market culture. More emphasis on the urban fabric and street character by conserving the existing buildings and renovating them, and limiting new development to the edge of the site, can contribute to maintaining the heart of the area. A phased implementation strategy was proposed, to sensitively redevelop the core area in an organic manner, and for the area to redevelop incrementally as opposed to blanket redevelopment that threatens the survival of the street market.

*In association with Oren Tatcher, AIA

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Graham Street Market Area - WCC Alternative Proposal

  1. 1. Graham Street Market Area – WCC Alternative Proposal By UDP Client: World City Committee Location: Central, Hong Kong Site Area: 5430 SQM Year of Project: 2007-2008
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