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Commercially Available Countercurrent Separation (CCS) Instruments

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List of all the different available instruments for countercurrent separation.This workshop presentation was prepared by Dr. Friesen (

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Commercially Available Countercurrent Separation (CCS) Instruments

  1. 1. Commercially Available CCS Instruments
  2. 2. Pharmatech CCC-1000
  3. 3. Kromaton
  4. 4. Kromaton
  5. 5. CCBiotech
  6. 6. A new bench-top centrifugal precipitation chromatograph has been manufactured with the model name This is a process for high molecular weight molecules which can be fractionated in a continuous salt or solvent gradient applied through a membrane that separates according to their precipitation point. The technology was invented at the NIH and licensed to CC Biotech. CCBiotech
  7. 7. Armen SCPC-50 SCPC-1000,cpc,ccc-4.html
  8. 8. Armen Glider CPC software: Solvent System Automated Generation. Armen
  9. 9. Dynamic Extractions
  10. 10. Tauto
  11. 11. Tauto
  12. 12. AECS
  13. 13. AECS
  14. 14. Everseiko
  15. 15. Everseiko