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Hacking design: the pop-up manufacturing

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How cool would be a product designed by you and crafted everywhere by local makers, without factories and logistics?
In this presentation we briefly recap the Slowd's history and show you how to hack the whole design product chain.

Hacking design: the pop-up manufacturing

  1. hacking design: the pop-up manufacturing october 6th 2013
  2. 1. how we make 2. why to change 3. how to do
  3. about the chain
  4. “Ikea Admits Forced Labor Was Used in 1980s” The New York Times, November 16, 2012
  5. costs!
  6. (yes, we are that smart!)
  7. produce less produce better
  8. about design
  9. € 200,000 (yes, thousands!) € 20
  10. product designers
  11. un-branding
  12. what we have what we need a few designer brand brand brand more designers little companies more products
  13. unsustainable chain democracy opportunities
  14. so, what to do?
  15. reset clichés
  16. artisans
  17. 2011
  18. the first website
  19. yeah! it could be a company, our company!
  20. learn and iterate
  21. 2011-13 “analog” Alpha 11/2 year 96 designers 46 craftsmen 16 products 2013 Beta launch
  22. spread, share, study!
  23. Awards selected for Index 2013 finalist 2014 nomenee invited and featured
  24. fuorisalone 2013 15.000 visitors 14 designers 10 artisans 3 fablabs 2 musicians
  25. and a lot of good people
  26. so, what’s the lesson?
  27. collaborate share open
  28. People Artisan Designer Artisan People People Artisan the power of P2P
  29. sustaining local economies
  30. designed here and crafted by local makers everywhere without factories and logistics by people
  31. the zero-mile design paradigm
  32. Falegnameria Minarini prodotto: Artegol design Marco Rossi n° pezzi prezzo 1 89 € Ordina qui ? vedi recensioni (8) altri prodotti di questa azienda: 4
  33. concept design submission designer OPEN DESIGN slowd COPYRIGHETED DESIGN TECHNICAL COMMUNITY CURATION community co-design green light prototyper PROTOTYPIG
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  35. concept design submission designer OPEN DESIGN slowd COPYRIGHETED DESIGN TECHNICAL COMMUNITY CURATION community co-design green light prototyper PROTOTYPIG
  36. designer ENGENEERING partner sales projects marketplace BUY LOCALLY artisans people
  37. it also works before selling a single product
  38. 1 concept design 2 prototyping we have a engineering 3 licenses 99€ LICENSE free / premium plans designer 65% 30% 5% 29€/ prototype prototyper via e-commerce partners via local artisans 10% 5% artisans can make
  39. cost per product unit Retail Marketing Distribution Manufacturing Slowd Industry
  40. the models
  41. 1. closed product 10% to the designer slowd 5% to the prototyper 20% max markup local buyer earns by making local artisan
  42. fair and innovative, sustainable. is it enough?
  43. 2. closed/shared product artisans buy product “licenses” sell shared revenues community slowd
  44. the more you share, the more you’ll get p2p licenses
  45. 3. shared product open license sell artisans shared revenues community slowd DIY
  46. models are not mutually exclusive
  47. fast lean processes and sustainable growth 20 16 US A rs U he 15 Ot 20 UK ly 14 Ita 20 be 20 13 milestones / launches ta E co - de sig n sh pr ared od uc ts platform development
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  50. thank you! (and MAKE something! ) Andrea Cattabriga discover more at @andrecatta write to twit to @slowdit