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Ruskin, Geology and Mountains: The Future of Games Design, Innovation and Research, Umran Ali

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Thu 28 Mar, 2013
University of Salford

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Ruskin, Geology and Mountains: The Future of Games Design, Innovation and Research, Umran Ali

  1. 1. Ruskin, Geology, & Mountains: The Future of Games Design, Innovation & Research (….In 6min40sec) Umran Ali, B.Sc, M.A, PGCHEPR, FHEA Senior Lecturer in Creative Media School of Arts & Media University of Salford
  2. 2. •Global market: $90 Billion by 2015•>>Film & Music Industries in 2007/09•Production: £150M/6years•47% gamers are women•Typical gamer is ~30yrs old 2
  3. 3. $1.4 Billion $1.3 Billion• £7 Billion+ £5.8Billion(2012) 3
  4. 4. Computer & Video What will we be Games ‘playing’ 100 yearsare still in the ‘silent, from now? 4 blaCk & white’ era!
  5. 5. The Research (Problem) • Estimated 20,000 people employed in UK Games industry(retail, marketing, & development) • 100-200 Lead Designers? • Juvenile: entirely practice based! Existing design theory is ‘under developed, fragmented and proprietary’ • Commercial success=IP Protection, trade secret, Commercial failure=consigned to the design vault(i.e. bin) • DEMAND!, Bigger & Better & more depth• Given the new (demanded)massive plays areas(environments) how are the next gen virtual spaces going to be designed? 7
  6. 6. How can I propose a solution if I don’t know/can illustrate what occurred before?Virtual photography has been used as a qualitative research method used to :•Determine the current legacy practice in games landscape design•Illustrate construction of VNE over last 30 years•Provide an unhindered visual perspective of the constructed design•Draw out difficult concepts related to VED.•Form of restoration? environments lost long ago are extracted and distilled•Photography as a -offers a reflective entrypoint into an exploration of the recording of thespace
  7. 7. 9
  8. 8. Virtual Landscapes PivotViewer-15GB Visual Data available in real-time! A practical learning tool 11
  9. 9. …go to Nature in all singleness of heart... rejectingnothing, selecting nothing andscorning nothing John Ruskin (1819 –1900) 12
  10. 10. •New Framework=New knowledge?•Developing NED in games to adiscipline not previously linked , throughresearch, Landscape CharacterAssessments in geology was identifiedas a viable framework•LCA’s used to quantify the elements oflandscapes in real environments•Why not use this framework reversed toessentially create natural landscapes invideo games?
  11. 11. …go to Nature in all singleness of heart... rejecting nothing, selecting nothing and scorning nothing John Ruskin (1819 –1900)…I went back to nature…it was bloody hard!! Umran Ali(1978 –20??) 14
  12. 12. 15
  13. 13. MindFlow™ 16
  14. 14. The Solution? A new framework within a new toolkit for designers Visual Archive of Seminal Natural Environments in CVG(ebook & interactive database)MindFlow Tool: Natural Interactive Environment multimedia Design :Mindmapping tool Guidebook Interactive Game Artefact(s) illustrating the design. design 17
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  17. 17. READ MORE ABOUT IT!• • • 20