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design portfolio with Christmas card bonus

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Portfolio of Erik Maldre.

With over 10 years of experience, I thrive on analyzing clients’ communication needs and generating strategic creative solutions that successfully motivate their target audience. I am highly skilled in creative design of cutting edge and conservative direct mail, logo identity, advertisements and collateral for various industries including financial, educational, biotechnology, retail, and non-profit organizations.

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design portfolio with Christmas card bonus

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  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS 3. Wells Fargo 16. DeVry University 4. HSBC & Major League Baseball 17. St. John Lutheran Church 5. St. John Lutheran Church 18. St. John Lutheran Church 6. Fred Meyer MasterCard 19. 1998 Christmas card 7. Ridge Historic District 20. 1999 Christmas card 8. Redhead Alphabet 21. 2000 Christmas card 9. logos 22. 2001 Christmas card 10. Wisconsin History Day 23. 2002 Christmas card 11. Regions Bank 24. 2003 Christmas card 12. Discover Card 25. 2004 Christmas card 13. Discover Card 26. 2005 Christmas card 14. Primus Home Improvement 27. 2006 Christmas card 15. JCPenney 28. 2007 Christmas card
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