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Critical reading and annotation skills

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Critical reading and annotation skills

  1. 1. Presented by Jee Hwang September 19, 2012
  2. 2. What is Critical Reading?  Reading for the purpose of discovering information and ideas within text Evaluative and analytical Goal oriented Unbiased
  3. 3. Critical Reading Strategies  Preview Re-read Annotate Contextualize Question Reflect Outline and Summarize Evaluate Compare
  4. 4. Preview  Read front and back covers Read table of contents Search info about book and author on internet
  5. 5. Re-read  Re-visit interesting or confusing sections Read slowly the second or third time
  6. 6. Annotate  Short summaries Comments and questions Underline and define keywords Bracket important sections Make an idea map Number related points
  7. 7. Contextualize  Place text in its:  Historical  Biographical  Cultural  Intellectual context
  8. 8. Question  Write questions when author’s arguments or reasoning seems confusing
  9. 9. Reflect  Be aware of your emotional responses to text This will help you stay objective in your readings
  10. 10. Outline and Summarize  Identify the main arguments and re-state them in your own words
  11. 11. Evaluate  Did the text change the way you think or feel about the subject?
  12. 12. Compare  How are the arguments, methods, and prose style similar to others you have read?