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HEC Digital Business. E-commerce

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HEC Digital Business. E-commerce

  1. 1. 11/02/2016 1 Digital  Business 2015-­‐2016 E-­‐business  &  e-­‐commerce 1st  Master  HEC-­‐Ulg André  Blavier 1 1. Introduction   to  the  course. Tools  for  your  technology  watch. 2. Introduction   to  the  digital  transformation. Data,  Cloud,  Social,  mobile,  GAFA,  NATU,  Giga  economy,  … 3. The  digital  platform. Web  standards,  API,  apps,  cloud  based,  (big)  (open)  data,  … 4. E-­‐business  &  digital  marketing. SEM  &  content,  permission,  social,  mobile,  … 5. Digital  business. Your  company  facing  the  digital  disruption,  … 6. Perspectives  from  the  algorithmic  world. Focus  on  the  media  sector  and  the  industry  4.0,  … 2 Table  of  content  (subject  to  changes  …)
  2. 2. 11/02/2016 2 3Source  :­‐retail-­‐e-­‐commerce-­‐sales Retail  e-­‐commerce  sales  worldwide 2013  to  2018  (in  $  trillion) 1. Ubiquity.  Internet  and  Web  technologies  are  available   everywhere  (work,  home,  street,  …)  at  anytime.  The   marketplace  is  extended  beyond  traditional  boundaries  and  is   removed  from  a  temporal  and  geographic  location.  We  are  now   inside  a  “marketspace”.  Shopping  and  marketing  can  take  place   anywhere.  Customer  convenience  is  enhanced,  and  shopping   cost  are  reduced. 2. Global  Reach.  Commerce  is  enabled  across  cultural  and  national   boundaries  seamlessly  and  without  modification.  The   “marketspace”  includes  potentially  billions  of  customers  and   millions  of  businesses  worldwide.   4Adapted  from  “E-­‐commerce  2013”  by    Laudon  &  Traver (Pearson) Digital  business  &  marketing  (1)
  3. 3. 11/02/2016 3 3. Universal  standards.  There  is  one  set  of  technology   (Internet/Web)  standards  that  can  be  used  as  a  common,   inexpensive  and  global  technology  foundation  for  digital   marketing  and  business. 4. Richness.  Video,  audio,  text,  social,  mobile,  augmented  reality,   …  technologies  are  now  integrated  into  a  single  but   multichannel  marketing  message  and  consuming  experience. 5. Interactivity.  (Social)  Technologies  have  made  interaction  more   important  than  ever.  Consumers  are  engaged  in  a  dialog  that   dynamically  adjusts  the  experience  to  the  individual,  and  makes   the  consumer  a  co-­‐participant  in  the  marketing  message  and  the   business  process. 5Adapted  from  “E-­‐commerce  2013”  by    Laudon  &  Traver (Pearson) Digital  business  &  marketing  (2) 6. Information  density.  Information  processing,  storage  and   communication  costs  drop  dramatically.  Information  becomes   plentiful,  cheap  and  more  accurate.  Data  enable  companies  to   identify  new  trends  “faster  than  real  time”. 7. Personalization.  Algorithms  and  analytics  tools  connected  to  Big   Data  resources  make  possible  a  “one  to  one”  and  “real  time”   communication.  Customization  is  based  on  individual   characteristics.  With  3D  printing,  consumers  will  create  and   produce  their  own  products.   8. Desintermediation.  Crowdsourced  content  and  social  networks   have  changed  the  game.  Empowered  by  cloud  computing,  data   and  mobile  technologies,  new  disruptive  models  are  emerging   (sharing  economy).   6Adapted  from  “E-­‐commerce  2013”  by    Laudon  &  Traver (Pearson) Digital  business  &  marketing  (3)
  4. 4. 11/02/2016 4 Virtual  =  Physical  ! The  key  trend  in  digital  business  &  marketing  is a  seamless  and  optimized  integration of  all  digital  and  physical  marketing  channels, within  a  strategy  based  primarily  on  content. 7 8 E-­‐Business (electronic  business).  Any  process  that  a  business   organization  conducts  over  a  computer-­‐mediated  network.   Business  organizations  include  any  for-­‐profit,  governmental,  or   nonprofit  entity.  Their  processes  include  production-­‐,  customer-­‐,   and  internal-­‐ or  management-­‐focused  business  processes. Source : E-­‐commerce  (electronic  commerce).  The  trading  or  facilitation  of   trading  in  products  or  services  using  the  Internet.  E-­‐commerce   draws  on  technologies  such  as  mobile  commerce,  electronic  funds   transfer,  supply  chain  management,  Internet  marketing,  online   transaction  processing,  electronic  data  interchange  (EDI),  inventory   management  systems,  and  automated  data  collection  systems.­‐commerce
  5. 5. 11/02/2016 5 9 Digital  business.  The  creation  of  new  business  designs  by  blurring   the  digital  and  physical  worlds. Source : Digital  commerce.  The  buying  and  selling  of  goods  and  services   using  the  Internet,  mobile  networks  and  commerce  infrastructure.   It  includes  the  marketing  activities  that  support  these  transactions,   including  people,  processes  and  technologies  to  execute  the   offering  of  development  content,  analytics,  promotion,  pricing,   customer  acquisition  and  retention,  and  customer  experience  at  all   touchpoints  throughout  the  customer  buying  journey. Source  : 1. Value  proposition. 2. Revenue  model. 3. Market  opportunity. 4. Competitive  environment. 5. Competitive  advantage. 6. Market  strategy. 10Adapted  from  Pearson  Education Business  Model.  Key  elements
  6. 6. 11/02/2016 6 Why  should   the  customer  buy  from  you? Examples  of  successful  e-­‐commerce  value  propositions   : • personalization/customization, • lower  price  or/and  price  discovery  costs, • “buy  from  home”, • Better/larger/easier  product  search, • facilitation  of  transactions  by  managing  product  delivery. 11Adapted from Pearson  Education 1.  Value  Proposition 12  ><
  7. 7. 11/02/2016 7 How  will  the  firm  earn  revenue,  generate  profits,  and  produce  a   superior  return  on  invested  capital? Major  types: • advertising  (Google), • subscription  (, • transaction  fee  (eBay), • sales  (, • affiliate  (Amazon  marketplace,,  …). 13Adapted from Pearson  Education 2.  Revenue  model 14 Pricing.  Set  of  practices  and  tools  that  allows  to  set  a  price  at  a   given  time  in  order  to  maximize  sales  and  margins  of  a  product.   This  price  is  the  matching  of  supply  and  demand,  and  the  amount   a  customer  is  ready  to  pay  for  a  good  or  service.
  8. 8. 11/02/2016 8 15 Harness  the  power  of  analytics  to  grow  your   business  online.  Alexa  has  traffic  metrics  across   the  web  :  an  invaluable  source  for  competitive   intelligence  and  strategic  insight. 16 PricingAssistant helps  online  stores  and   brands  maximize  their  profits  with  our   competition  monitoring  tool.
  9. 9. 11/02/2016 9 • What  marketspace  do  you  intend  to  serve  and  what  is  its  size? • Marketspace  :  area  of  actual  or  potential  commercial  value  in   which  company  intends  to  operate. • Realistic  market  opportunity   :  defined  by  revenue  potential  in   each  market  niche  in  which  company  hopes  to  compete. 17Adapted from Pearson  Education 3.  Market  Opportunity 18 www.sellerie-­‐ Wholesaler  of  equipment  for  horse  riding  with  a  traditional   distribution  network  in  Belgium.  The  entrepreneur  believes   that  e-­‐commerce  is  an  opportunity  and  begins  to  start  a   shop  on  eBay.  The  result  is  positive.  He  started  a  real  online   store,  only  in  France  (to  protect  its  distribution  network  in   Belgium).  Marketing  is  mainly  through  the  network  of  horse   stables  to  reach  parents  having  to  equip  their  children  for   horse  riding  (community).
  10. 10. 11/02/2016 10 19 A  future  young  mother  does  not  find  “cool”  clothes   for  pregnant  women.  After  the  birth  of  her  second   child,  she  decided  to  quit  her  job  to  launch  an   specialized  online  store,  without  physical  shop,  but   with  a  strong  teasing  6  months  in  advance  on   Facebook.  She  opens  now  a  second  physical  shop. Who  else  occupies  your  intended   marketspace?  Other  companies   selling  similar  products  in  the  same  marketspace. Includes  both  direct  and  indirect  competitors.  Influenced  by  : • number  and  size  of  active  competitors, • each  competitor’s  market  share, • competitors’  profitability, • competitors’  pricing. 20Adapted from Pearson  Education 4.  Competitive  Environment
  11. 11. 11/02/2016 11 21 Want to  buysocks online  ? What is your business  model  ? Achieved  when  a  firm  : • produces  superior  product, • can  bring  product  to  market  at  lower  price  than  competitors. Important  concepts  : • asymmetries  (when  iTunes  was  launched,  Spotify), • first-­‐mover  advantage  (Netflix,  Facebook,, • unfair  competitive  advantage  (brands), • leverage  (Amazon). 22Adapted from Pearson  Education 5.  Competitive  Advantage
  12. 12. 11/02/2016 12 23 Netflix … Netflix  has  a  strong  “first  mover”   advantage  and  positions  itself  as  a   “disintermediation”  service,  disrupting   the  business  model  of  the  “old”  TV   content  providers.  The  platform  is  also   simple  and  the  pricing  is  great. But  … 24 popcorntime-­‐ …  Netflix  has  already  to  face  new   challengers  offering  the  same  services   for  …  free,  like  Popcorntime.  …  Of   course,  don’t  tell  anybody  about  it  ;-­‐)
  13. 13. 11/02/2016 13 25 When  Europe  authorized  the  sale  of  “without  prescription”   drugs  on  the  Internet,  member   states  had  to  adapt  their   national  legislation.  The  day  of  publication  of  the  law  in   Belgium,  Newpharma was  online  supported  by  a  good   digital  marketing  campaign.  Initially,  it’s  a  classic  drugstore   whose  owner  has  done  a  great  watch  about  e-­‐commerce   opportunities  and  the  publication  of  the  law.  Currently,  the   site  generates  a  turnover  equivalent  to  more  than  7   “classic”  drugstores,  selling  its  products  all  over  Europe. 26 Tailored  (made  to  measure)  suits.  Digital  in   store  :  enter  the  3D  measuring  cabin.  In   600  milliseconds,  200  body  measurements   are  collected  through  a  camera.
  14. 14. 11/02/2016 14 • How  do  you  plan  to  promote  your  products   or  services  to  attract   your  target  audience  ?  Details  how  a  company  intends  to  enter   market  and  attract  customers. • Best  business  concepts  will  fail  if  not  properly  marketed  to   potential  customers. • Apple,,,,,  etc. 27Adapted from Pearson  Education 6.  Market  Strategy 28 Jeans  …  made  in  France.  1083  =  1083   kilometers,  or  the  longest  distance   between  two  places  in  France  …
  15. 15. 11/02/2016 15 29 Also  a  successful  “made  in  France”   model.  They  started  as  a  pure  player.   Now  they  have  a  real  shop  in  Paris. No  “one”  correct  way.  Business  models  according  to  : • e-­‐commerce  sector  (B2C,  B2B,  C2C), • type  of  e-­‐commerce  technology  (m-­‐commerce). Similar  business  models  appear  in  more  than  one  sector   (  in  B2B  =  in  B2C). Some  companies  use  multiple  business  models  : • eBay  :  B2C,  C2C, • Amazon  :  B2C,  B2B2C,  B2B. 30Adapted from Pearson  Education E-­‐commerce  models
  16. 16. 11/02/2016 16 • Portal.  Search  plus  an  integrated  package  of  content  and  services   (advertising,  fees,  subscriptions,  etc.).  Horizontal  or  general.   Vertical  or  specialized.  Pure  Search.  Google,  news  Websites,   Facebook,  etc. • E-­‐tailer.  Online  version  of  traditional  retailer.  Low  barriers  to   entry  (sales).  Virtual  merchant  (Amazon,  iTunes),  bricks-­‐and-­‐clicks   (Vandenborre,  Fnac),  catalog  merchant  (LaRedoute),   manufacturer-­‐direct  (Dell). • Content  provider.   Digital  content  on  the  Web  :  news,  music,   video  (subscription,  pay  per  download,  advertising,  affiliate   referral  fees).  Content  owners,  syndication,  Web  aggregators. Belga,  Spotify,  Netflix,  iTunes,  News  Websites,  etc. 31Adapted from Pearson  Education B2C  models  (1) • Transaction  broker.  Process  online  transactions  for  consumers.   Saving  time  and  money  (transaction  fees).  Financial  services,   travel  services,  job  placement  services.,,, • Market  creator.  Create  digital  environment  where  buyers  and   sellers  can  meet  and  transact  (fees).  EBay,,,  etc. • Service  provider.   Online  services.  Valuable,  convenient,  time-­‐ saving,  low-­‐cost  alternatives  to  traditional  service  providers (sales  of  services  and  data,  fees,  advertising).  Dropbox,  Evernote,   Google  (Gmail,  Maps,  docs,  etc.). • Community  provider.  Provide  online  environment  where  people   can  transact,  share  content,  and  communicate    (advertising,   subscriptions,  sales,  fees).  Facebook,  LinkedIn,  Twitter. 32Adapted from Pearson  Education B2C  models  (2)
  17. 17. 11/02/2016 17 33 Sell,  swap,  buy,  or  give  away  your  pre-­‐loved   clothes,  shoes,  or  accessories  and  make   friends  in  the  Vinted community! C2B2C  ! • E-­‐distributor.  Version  of  retail  and  wholesale  store.  One  company   seeking  to  serve  many  customers  (sales  of  goods)., • E-­‐procurement.  Creates  digital  markets  where  participants   transact  for  indirect  goods  (fees,  SCM,  fulfilment  services). • Marketplaces  &  exchanges.  Independent  vertical  digital   marketplace  for  direct  inputs.  Create  powerful  competition   between  suppliers  (transaction,  fees)., • Industry  Consortium.   Industry-­‐owned  vertical  digital  marketplace   open  to  select  suppliers  (transactions,  fees). 34Adapted from Pearson  Education B2B  models
  18. 18. 11/02/2016 18 35 B2B2B  platform  ! 1. Establish  a  Cross-­‐Functional   Strategy  Team.  Involve  other   business  units  such  as  marketing,  sales,  finance,  operations,   supply  chain  and  customer  services  from  the  very  beginning  of   the  process. 2. Set  Digital  Commerce  Objectives.  Start  by  envisioning  the  type   of  digital  commerce  service  you  want  to  offer.  Secondly,  look  at   the  business  motivations  for  deploying  digital  commerce   services.  Lastly,  define  the  KPIs  that  correspond  to  business   goals. 3. Take  Stock  of  Existing  Assets  and  Resources.  Look  at  the   existing  assets  and  resources  that  will  impact  project  delivery   and  performance.  Companies  that  are  starting  from  scratch  or   looking  to  upgrade  the  existing  platform  should  take  stock  of   the  digital  commerce  assets. 36Adapted from Pearson  Education A  digital  commerce  strategy  in  7  steps  (1)
  19. 19. 11/02/2016 19 37Source  :  Gartner Digital  commerce  project  :  sample  KPIs   Step  Objective Goal KPI Target Acquire  more customers Increase  site  traffic Site  traffic Unique  visitors 15%  YOY  increase Increase  customer   conversion Conversion  rate  20% YOY  increase Increase  revenue per  customer Increase  average  order   value  (AOV) AOV More  than  $120 Reduce  cart   abandonment  rate Cart  abandonment  rate Less  than  70% Increase  customer loyalty Increase  customer   activity Active-­‐customer   percentage (made  purchase  in  the   last  three  months) More  than  30% Increase  repeat   purchases Repeat  purchases  per   customer 10%  increase  by  June 16 Increase  customer   rating Average  rating 15%  increase 4. Analyze  the  Business  Case.  Define  the  Project  Scope. • Business  models  (B2C,  B2B,  …). • Products  and  services.  Which  product  categories  shall  we   include? • Markets.  Which  regions/markets  shall  we  cover?  Shall  we   offer  multichannel  experience  to  our  existing  markets,  or  shall   we  use  online  channel  to  reach  new  markets?  … • Industry  segments  (B2B  only).  What  industry  segments  shall   we  target? • Channels.  Stand-­‐alone  sites  ?  Marketplaces  ?  Retail  stores  ?   Mobile  commerce  ?  Social  networks  ? • Time  to  market:  When  to  launch  the  pilot?  When  to  go  live? 38Adapted from Pearson  Education A  digital  commerce  strategy  in  7  steps  (2)
  20. 20. 11/02/2016 20 39Source  :  Gartner E-­‐seller To  drive  transactions  to  the  digital   platform.  Usually  lack  an  extensive   physical  presence,  but  have  highly   sophisticated  digital  platforms  for   targeting,  personalization  and   transaction  management.  They  often   partner  with  third  parties,  or  operate   an  inhouse delivery  force  to  provide   top-­‐notch  delivery  experience  as  a   competitive  edge. Brick-­‐and-­‐clicker To  offer  a  multichannel  environment  for   engaging  customers  and  driving   transactions.  Businesses  can  be  looking  to   extend  the  relationship  to  digital  channels   and  transform  the  role  and  function  of   their  physical  presence.  Startups  can  use   the  multichannel  approach  to  disrupt   established  businesses  by  addressing   customer  pain  points  and  improving   service  efficiency. Influencer To  provide  information  that  drives   traffic  and  relationship  to  those  sites.   Because  of  the  authority  influencers   have  in  providing  information  and   opinion,  or  creating  extensive social  circles  and  user-­‐generated   content,  they  have  strong  influence   over  the  customer  behavior  that  can   lead  to  transactions  on  their  own   sites,  as  well  as  for  other  providers. Marketer To  engage  customers  and  align   marketing  with  digital  commerce   outcomes  using  all  possible  means  and   channels.  Often  organize  a  high  level  of   promotional  marketing  activities  and   branding  to  influence  sales  on  their  own   sites  or  on  partners'  sites.  Promotions,   sponsorships,  social  marketing  and   crowdsourced  designs  are  all  part  of  the   marketer's  activities. High  level of  digital  transactions Low level of  digital  transaction Digital channels only Digital  & physical channels 5. Design  the  Customer  Experience.  By  2017,  the  digital  customer   experience  will  be  the  key  differentiator  of  your  organization.   The  standard  of  digital  customer  experience  continues  to   improve  because  it  is  a  key  focal  point  of  innovation  initiatives.   Therefore,  designing  the  customer  experience  is  a  key  step  in   the  strategy  planning  process  that  will  impact  success  of  your   digital  commerce  service. • Define  Target  Customers. • Define  the  Customer  Experience  for  Key  Processes. • Map  the  Customer  Journey. 40Adapted from Pearson  Education A  digital  commerce  strategy  in  7  steps  (3)
  21. 21. 11/02/2016 21 6. Make  Tactical  Decisions  to  Implement  the  Digital  Commerce   Platform.  This  step  helps  the  company  define  the  functional   requirements  of  the  technology  platform,  which  can  be  used  to   select  the  digital  commerce  vendor. 7. Improve  and  Refine  the  Strategy.  Install  analytics  to   continuously  monitor  the  site's  performance  and  overall  service.   Three  major  analytics  categories  are  : • Web  analytics. • Digital  personalization  engine  analytics. • Customer  journey  analytics. 41Adapted from Pearson  Education A  digital  commerce  strategy  in  7  steps  (4) New  exiting  ways  to  improve  the user  experience  in  e-­‐commerce. Sound,  quality  zooms,  360  ° views, configurators  /  demonstrators,  interactive  videos, augmented  reality,  real  time  3D,  immersive  universe,  … 42
  22. 22. 11/02/2016 22 43 Navigation  and  search   “by  colors”  on  the   Reebok  website. 44 Every  pair  of  jeans  you  order  is   specially  tailored  and  hand  made   for  you  in  two  weeks  time.
  23. 23. 11/02/2016 23 45 We  don’t  simply  produce  off-­‐the-­‐peg   cupboards.  We  have  taken  up  the   cause  of  manufacturing  special   cupboards.  Not  just  any  old  cupboard   :  yours!  According  to  your   specifications  and  your  wishes!   46 Redfin 3D  Walkthrough™  is  a  feature  that  lets   home-­‐buyers  tour  Redfin agent-­‐listed  homes   for  sale  online  ,  helping  people  see  a  high-­‐ resolution  view  from  any  angle  inside  the   home.  This  immersive  experience,   powered  by   3D  technology,  helps  home-­‐buyers  better   decide  which  homes  to  tour  in  person.
  24. 24. 11/02/2016 24­‐net-­‐a-­‐porter-­‐launches-­‐shoppable-­‐magazine_lifestyle When  a  pure  player  decides  to  publish  a   …  paper  magazine.  But  with  a  specific   mobile  app,  this  magazine  suddenly   becomes  interactive  ! 48 Digital  commerce
  25. 25. 11/02/2016 25 • SoLoMo (Social  Local  Mobile).  Convergence  of  social  networks, geolocation  and/or  local  business,  and  mobile  devices. • Intelligence  added  to  location  will  dictate  consumer  experiences   on  mobile.   • Contextual  use  of  time  and  social  profile  will  help  prioritize   mobile  services.   49Source  :  Gartner From  SoLoMo … • Omnichannel =  Multichannel   /  Multidevice /  Interactions. • A  global  experience  allowing  channels  and  devices  to  work  in   orchestration. • Multiple  touchpoints  increase  user  engagement  and  improve   effectiveness  of  digital  business. • It  is  not  just  smartphones   and  tablets.  A  Web-­‐centric  approach,   using  a  hybrid  model  will  provide  the  broadest  support  for  today   and  agility  for  tomorrow. • Goal  :  orchestrate  the  customer  journey. • It’s  also  the  new  global  technology  context  for  marketing. • From e-­‐commerce  to  Connected Commerce  ! 50Source  :  Gartner …  to  Omnichannel (computing)
  26. 26. 11/02/2016 26 51Source  : Consumers  search  for  a  variety of  local  information   52Source  : Consumers  act  quickly  after  their  local   search  
  27. 27. 11/02/2016 27 • The  consumer  uses  more  and  more  different  offline  and  online   channels  to  interact  with  vendors,  to  order,  buy  or  seek  advices,   before,  during  and  after  the  purchase. • He  will  find  a  specific  product  on  the  Internet,  and  then  identify   online  a  “physical”  shop  that  sells  it,  go  to  this  shop  to  "see  and   validate"  the  product  and  to  get  more  information,  and  then,   place  the  order  via  ...  his  smartphone  on  an  online  store  and,   finally,  have  the  product  delivered  at  home!  If  the  product  does   not  suit  him,  he  will  bring  it  in  a  library  that  offers  "relay  point"   services  ...  Where  he  will  maybe  pick  up  another  version  of  the   this  product  later. • Frontiers  between  commerce,  e-­‐commerce,  m-­‐commerce   disappear.  Consumers  now  have  a  real  "seemless"  shopping   experience,  from  one  canal  to  another.   53 Connected commerce 54Source  :­‐consumer-­‐intentions-­‐2012 Connected commerce  &  ROPO
  28. 28. 11/02/2016 28 55 In-­‐store  : • Bar  code  scanning • Coupons • Consumer   reviews • In-­‐store  navigation • Shopping  lists (weddings,   etc.) • Loyalty • Promotions Competitor store  : • Coupons • In-­‐store  inventory • Nearest store • Pricing • Promotions At home   : • Coupons • How-­‐to  videos • In-­‐store  inventory • Research tools • Shopping  list build • Store  hours • Store  location 56 • Change   reservation • Reserve  seats • View  reservation • Choose  food -­‐ 2  days -­‐ 2  hours +  2  hours +  2  days • Check  gate • Departure   time • Lounge  access • Upgrade • Special  offers  //   profile • Arrival  time • Food  order • Movies • Wi-­‐Fi • Ground   transportation • Lost  luggage • Navigation • Customer   services • Mileage  status • Reward  travel • Upcoming   reservations Flight
  29. 29. 11/02/2016 29 Four  Key  Moments  to  be  There Source  :­‐studies/micromoments-­‐guide-­‐pdf-­‐download.html 58www.groupe-­‐­‐Groupe-­‐Casino-­‐premier,4362.html    & Casino  mobile  application The  “2.0”  customer  has  a  stronger  and   more  regular  interaction  with  shops. It’s  the  “anywhere,  anytime,  with  any   device  shopping“.   The  “omni channel"  mCasino NFC   application  offers  personalization,   continuity  and  fluidity  throughout  the   shopping  experience,  on  all  sales  channels.
  30. 30. 11/02/2016 30 59 Virtual  analyse of  the  real  world Shopperception analyses   the  shopper's  behaviour in   front  of  the  shelf,   generating  metrics  and  real   time  events  to  drive  more   conversions. 60 Sephora  :  “Disruptive  experiences” Beacons.   Sephora  will  use  Beacons  in  stores  nationwide  to  deliver   timely,  personalized  alerts  to  shoppers  who  opt-­‐in  for  offers  like   birthday  alerts,  loyalty  program  updates  and  notifications  when   new  beauty  training  events  are  happening  in-­‐store. Augmented  Reality. The  retailer  has  an  augmented  reality   experience  for  shoppers  via  the  Sephora-­‐To-­‐Go  mobile  app  for   iPhone.  Consumers  can  interact  with  custom  content  by  hovering   over  the  faces  of  nine  beauty  brand  founders  that  are  featured  in   Sephora  windows  and  display  cases.  Scanning  each  image  will   bring  up  content  options  such  as  brand  founder  interviews,   product  videos,  YouTube  playlists  and  product  pages  on. Source  :
  31. 31. 11/02/2016 31 61 Sephora  :  “Disruptive  experiences” Source  : Pocket  Contour.  In  partnership  with  Map  My  Beauty,  Sephora  will   launch  a  cross-­‐platform  personal  virtual  make-­‐up  artist  application   that  demystifies  contouring,  a  growing  beauty  trend.  By  analyzing  a   mobile  photo,  Sephora  can  help  consumers  identify  their  face  shape   and  offer  personalized  step-­‐by-­‐step  guidance  on  how  to  apply  make-­‐ up  for  the  contoured  look  they  want  to  achieve. 62 Augmented  reality Source  : Omni  Hotels  &  Resorts  brings  print  ads  to  life   via  augmented  reality.   The  app  will  detect  the   ad  through  image  recognition  and   automatically  unveil  the  augmented  reality   technology,  transforming  the  print  ad  into  a   whole  new  experience   with  an  exclusive  video   that  showcases  customer  testimonials,  virtual   tours  and  behind-­‐the-­‐scenes  interviews  with   Omni  chefs.
  32. 32. 11/02/2016 32 @  Home   …  needs to  be updated :-­‐( @  School ;-­‐)   Affiliate Professor @  Work Web  &  Communication   Manager @unpeudeblabla andre.blavier