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The Features of The Elizabethan Age

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The Features of The Elizabethan Age

  1. 1. Features of Elizabethan Age Name : Upadhyay Devangana S Roll No : 7 Semester : 1 Paper : The Renaissance Literature Department : English M. K. Bhavnagar University Guided by : Dr Dilip Barad
  2. 2. The Elizabethan Age The features of the Elizabethan Age
  3. 3. The Features of the Elizabethan Age  Golden age in English history  Queen Elizabeth – 1 (1558-1603)  Production of great poetry and drama  The Age of Shakespeare  Feeling of patriotism and nationalism  Most glorious age in the history of England
  4. 4. The Features of the Elizabethan Age Social background Political background Cultural background
  5. 5. The Renaissance  Renaissance had its birth in Italy  It spread in Germany  Than Spain, France, Netherland and England  The age produced geniuses like Shakespeare, Marlowe, Spenser, Sidney “Man started to hink for themselves and started questioning accepted beliefs.”
  6. 6. The Features of the Elizabethan Age  Humanism  The Reformation  Nationalism  An Age of Material Advancement  New Discoveries  Printing and Education  Revival of interest in Greek and Latin Literature
  7. 7. The Development of Drama  In 1576, James Burbage built first     playhouse Called the Theatre, in suburb of London University Wits: Peele, Green, Nash, Lodge and the greatest of them Marlowe The Drama reached at the heights in the hands of Shakespeare and Ben Jonson Jacobean period decline in drama standards
  8. 8. The Popularity of Poetry  The development of Poetry is the strongest characteristic of the age  Atmosphere of England full of song  England become the nest of singing birds  The chief forms of poetry: Lyric, sonnet, Narrative poetry
  9. 9. Prose and Novel  The development of prose was not very     great It was very slow comparison to poetry Bacon is the father of modern English prose Sir Philip Sidney's “Arcadia” and “New Atlantic of Bacon become very popular English novel made its first proper appearance during this age
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