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JSON Validator Schema for Website- A Case Study

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JSON Validator verifies that your JavaScript Object Notation adheres to the JSON specification. This case study is projected on how team Upreports created a fool-proof JSON markup validator schema and helped the developers deploy the same.

The output projected in the case study was to help search engines understand the client’s site content better. The insights aides in improving the client’s brand presence with full schema markup & star ratings.

Before continuing with the case study, it’ll be beneficial to know why JSON validation schema is important for your website!

Why do you need JSON schema markup?

JSON schema is recommended by reliable programmers and reasons are no one but many. The major ones are listed below:

JSON has a more compact style than XML, and it is often more readable.
The XML software parsing process can take a long time, but JSON’s swift.
The JSON structure is straightforward and readable, XML is complex.
JSON uses a map data structure, but XML has a data tree.

These were the major reasons why we created a JSON markup schema for our client’s website.

JSON Validator case study- Table of Contents

The case study is divided into 5 chapters that all will be discussed in detail in the PDF!

Client introduction
Project deliverables
Work approach

The case study resulted in better online visibility in the search results and much more. Read on the entire case study for better insights!

Upreports renders top-grade schema markup services to businesses struggling with an online presence. Get in touch with us a and our experts will sort all your queries ASAP!

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JSON Validator Schema for Website- A Case Study

  1. 1. A C A S E S T U D Y J S O N C R E A T I O N C r e a t i n g s t r u c t u r e d d a t a f o r a s s i g n m e n t h e l p w e b s i t e
  2. 2. CONTENTS Client introduction Project deliverables Work approach Results Conclusion ©UpReports Structured Data Case Study
  3. 3. Client introduction Client is a global platform providing assignment help, homework help and online tutoring services to college students as well as learners from across the world. Experts from USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, and Netherlands have partnered with the platform to help students with assignments as well as queries. ©UpReports Structured Data Case Study
  4. 4. Project deliverables The project's key focus was on developing structured data for the client's website to create rich results in the SERPs. Team Upreports was engaged by the company to deliver the following: Create JSON markup and help developers deploy the same. Help search engines understand site's content better. Improve brand presence with a full Schema Markup & Star Ratings. JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is an open-standard file format that uses human-readable text to transmit data objects consisting of attribute–value pairs and array data types (or any other serializable value). ©UpReports Structured Data Case Study
  5. 5. Work approach Our prime focus was to develop structured data markup which can help bring schema mark-up on Google's pages for client. Website checkup to identify available data points Discussions for onsite changes to be in line Google structured data guidelines Creating JSON markup for over 100 service pages. Helping client developers deploy variables on website's pages Adding client focused keywords in object notation Testing structured data and troubleshooting errors ©UpReports Structured Data Case Study
  6. 6. Structured data creation & testing JSON code sample for client CO PYRIG HT UPREPO RTS ©UpReports Structured Data Case Study
  7. 7. ©UpReports Structured Data Case Study Structured data creation & testing CO PYRIG HT UPREPO RTS
  8. 8. Results After 3 weeks of markup deployment, 5 star ratings for client's website appeared in the SERPs along with rich schema markup. ©UpReports Structured Data Case Study
  9. 9. Results Updated schema markup resulted in bringing client's web pages to Google's initial pages with 5 star ratings. ©UpReports Structured Data Case Study
  10. 10. Conclusion Upreports created immaculate structured data and markup for client to drastically improve visibility in SERPs and improve Click Through Rate. The website now shows five star ratings and other structured data points on Google. Want to be seen on Google's 1st page with a 5 star review? Send an email at to discuss your website goals. Note: ●All links, images, and screenshots used in this case study have been used only for clarity. None of the names, people, and businesses mentioned in the case study has any reputation damage whatsoever. ● This case study is the digital property of Duplicating it or sharing it to solicit business or commercial benefit will attract strict legal action & penalties. Discuss your SEO goals with our marketing experts Get In Touch ©UpReports Structured Data Case Study