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DevOps Meets PaaS - NY Meetup with Chef (OpsCode)

The concept of DevOps and recipes can go well beyond setup, to actually accelerate the entire lifecycle of your applications, from setup, to monitoring, through maintaining high availability, and auto-scaling when required.

Cloudify ties things together from an application perspective and prepares everything so that Chef can run on the proper nodes on the cloud, and then monitors and auto scales your app on any cloud

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DevOps Meets PaaS - NY Meetup with Chef (OpsCode)

  1. 1. 1 Cooking Recipe with Chef and Cloudify Uri Cohen @uri1803
  2. 2. 2 PAAS - A REMINDER Provision hosts/VMs Manage applications and services
  3. 3. 3 A LOT OF CHOICES Elastic Beanstalk
  4. 4. 4 A REAL APP…
  5. 5. Ask yourself: • Do I need additional platforms? • Do I need a different OS version/type? • Can I settle for the underlying cloud SLAs? 5 BUT IS THIS GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU?
  6. 6.  Idea is to model your app and its components using code (Groovy DSL, to be specific)  Kind of like a deployment descriptor, but for the entire stack 6 DEVOPS IS A GREAT PAAS ENABLER
  7. 7. 7 GigaSpaces Cloudify is an open source PaaS stack that can on board any application to any cloud without architectural or code changes. GIGASPACES CLOUDIFY 1. Mission critical applications 2. Any cloud, any stack. No code change 3. Full control and visibility
  8. 8. CHEF & CLOUDIFY Cloudify  App life cycle & orchestration (deployment dependencies, fail-over, auto-scaling)  Application management & Monitoring App-Centric Chef  Infrastructure management (OS setup, network, security configuration)  Setup & installation (package, configure, install, start) Ops-Centric 8
  9. 9.  Use the right tool for the job!  Chef is about automating the configuration of servers  Setup  Install  Start  Converge  Probably the most powerful configuration and automation tool out there  Hundreds of production grade, community supported cookbooks 9 WHY CHEF ?
  10. 10. application { name="simple app" service { name = "mysql-service"} service { name = "jboss-service" dependsOn = ["mysql-service"]} } CLOUDIFY RECIPES, EXPLAINED ® Copyright 2011 Gigaspaces Ltd. All Rights10  Groovy-DSL based  Setup (now also via Chef)  Provisioning for any cloud: local, public, private  Customizable monitoring  Scaling (manual and auto) service { name "jboss-service" icon "jboss.jpg" type "APP_SERVER“ numInstances 2 [recipe body] } lifecycle{ init "mysql_install.groovy” start "mysql_start.groovy” stop "mysql_stop.groovy" } .. compute{ template “BIG_LINUX_32” } scalingRule { serviceStatistics { metric "Total Requests Count" movingTimeRangeInSeconds 20 statistics maximumThroughput } highThreshold { value 1 instancesIncrease 1 } } ])
  11. 11. DEMO TIME! 11
  12. 12. EXECUTION FLOW ® Copyright 2011 Gigaspaces Ltd. All Rights12 Commands Resource Allocation Invokes IaaS API Bootstrap Cloudify Management Process Application Recipe Compute Services Server Install Configure Start Monitor & Ensures H/A