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3 simple homemade body wash recipes

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Did you tired of using the store-bought bath goods? Do you need something natural & easy to make at home? Making the body wash is simple and easy!

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3 simple homemade body wash recipes

  1. 1. 3 Simple Homemade Body Wash Recipes Jayanandini 30/01/2016 Beauty & Care Leave a comment 10 Views Did you tired of using the store-bought bath goods? Do you need something natural & easy to make at home? Making the body wash is simple and easy! Many excellent recipes can use to make an all-natural body wash so that one can have soft, and glowing skin. So forget about the chemical-filled bath waves that you see in many advertisements, & make the own at home & get the healthy skin to have always required. Read on to know more! Homemade Body Wash Recipes Here is the look at three recipes that you can use to make soft & safe natural body washes: Recipe 1: Honey Body Wash Honey is one of the best nature’s moisturizer. By using it in the homemade body wash, you make sure the skin is hydrated & smooth each day. For this scrub, you just require the ingredients incorporating your favorite essential oil. Required Ingredients:  Castile soap or liquid and unscented: ½ cup  Raw Honey: ¼ cup  Melted coconut oil: ¼ cup  Essential oil (sweet orange, lemon, grapefruit or eucalyptus works great) : 10 -15 drops Method: 1. Flutter the honey, coconut oil, & essential oil together until well-mixed. 2. Add the teaspoon of Vitamin E oil if you wish. 3. Gently add the soap & stir softly to make sure that do not create suds. 4. Pour it out into the bottle & shake well it before using every time. 5. You now have the body rinse that smells fantastic & leaves the skin feeling soft & smooth! Recipe 2: Coconut Oil Body Wash If you have extra-dry skin, there is annihilation better than coconut oil. It keeps the skin moisturized, & also protects the skin from infection & skin disorders. This natural
  2. 2. body wash will give you the luxurious body wash that you love your skin. Know more Benefits of using Night Creams Required Ingredients:  Castile soap i.e., unscented : 2 cups  Melted coconut oil : 3 tablespoons  Rose water : 1 cup  Lavender essential oil : 15 – 20 drops Method: 1. Mix all ingredients together in the quart-sized container or pot. 2. Shake smoothly until the ingredients have mingled well. 3. That is it. You can leave the body wash in the jar or pour it out into the squeeze bottle. 4. Always shake before using it. 5. You can use it as the face wash too, as it is soft on the skin. 6. It is sure to be enjoyed by everyone at home. Recipe 3: Neem Body Wash
  3. 3. An all-natural body wash healthy and nourishing, & the neem in it keeps bacteria & viruses away. Shea butter & coconut oil will make sure that the skin has moisturized & soft every day. It is a body wash that has loads of goodness to the skin. Required Ingredients:  Distilled water: 6 cups  Neem leaf extract: 10 drops  Shea butter soap: ½ bar  Coconut oil: ½ cup  Bentonite clay : 1 tablespoon  Lavender essential oil : 15 drops Method: 1. First, take the soap bar, coarsely chop it into pieces & then mix it to make the fine powder. 2. Next, take the large bowl & put the distilled water & the soap in it over medium-high flame until the soap melts. 3. Once it has melted, in goes the coconut oil & allow it melt too. 4. Now you can add the clay. Making it into the paste first will make it simpler to include into the mixture, so you will need to do that. 5. Once everything has mixed well, take the bowl away from the heat & pour out the mixture into the containers. As it cools, the ingredients will depart – so shake it for every 15 minutes or so. Once the soap mix has cooled entirely, add the neem essence & essential oil. The lavender essential oil will conceal the neem scent & give the homemade body wash an unbelievable fragrance. It will make the skin oh-so-soft & benefit it in more steps than one. Read more Some of the homemade remedies for Cracked Heels As you can see, making the all-natural body rinse at home can be quick & simple. With these excellent body wash recipes, one can say goodbye to all those chemical products you find in stores & make your skin soak in all the amazing benefits of these mild body washes. Share us your opinions how this article has helped you. Give comment in the box below.