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Water Management: Using Water Wisely | Utah State University

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A presentation by Utah State University faculty about USU’s Center for Water Efficient Landscaping, WaterCheck Program, WaterMAPS, Agriculture Water Management, Utah Water Research Lab, Water Quality Extension, Utah Climate Center, Water Conservation Programs in Landscape Horticulture and more.

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Water Management: Using Water Wisely | Utah State University

  1. 1. Using Resources Wisely Water Management: Utah League of Cities and Towns 17 September 2015 Utah State University
  2. 2. Kelly Kopp Extension Water Conservation & Turfgrass Specialist USU’s Center for Water Efficient Landscaping: Products & Programs for Utahns
  3. 3. Property Characteristics Average Number Lot Size (ft2) 13,251 782 Landscape Size (ft2) 7796 788 Hardscape Size (ft2) 5288 781 Irrigation System Characteristics Fixed Rotor Ave. Operating Pressure (PSI) 47.3 52.7 Ave. Distribution Uniformity (%) 56.9 57.6 Ave. Precipitation Rate (in/hour) 1.8 1.0
  4. 4. Joanna Endter-Wada, Ph.D. Diana Glenn, M.S. Urban Water Conservation Research Laboratory Dept. of Environment and Society Quinney College of Natural Resources Roger Kjelgren, Ph.D. Dept. of Plants, Soils and Climate College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences Doug Ramsey, Ph.D. and Chris Gerrard USU Remote Sensing/Geographic Information Systems Laboratory
  5. 5. ASSESS: identify locations with capacity to conserve urban irrigation water DELIVER: water use reports to help people conserve TRACK: water use change over time; monitor conservation success
  6. 6. Parcel-scale Landscape Irrigation Ratios (LIRs) Landscape Water Use ___________________ Landscape Water Need LIR = (estimated from analysis of municipal or water provider meter data) _______________________________ _______ (estimated from classification of remotely-sensed airborne multispectral imagery, localized reference ETo rates modified by relevant landscape correction factors, and policy assumptions) (per unit of landscaped area) (Identifies Capacity to Conserve Outdoor Water) LIR less than 1 = Efficient Between 1 and 2 = Acceptable Between 2 and 3 = Inefficient Greater than 3 = Excessive
  7. 7. Example service area and neighborhood April 1 – October 31, 2013 1369 Locations; Mean LIR = 2.01 Neighborhood View
  8. 8. Example Water Use Report (USU-WBWCD) footnotes footnotes
  9. 9. Agriculture Water Management Niel Allen, Extension Irrigation Specialist
  10. 10. Estimated Use of Water in the United States in 2010 (USGS, 2014)Water Use by Counties - 50,000 100,000 150,000 200,000 250,000 300,000 350,000 400,000 450,000 500,000 FreshWaterDiversions(ac-ft/year) 2010 Water Diversions for Utah Counties. In Utah 78% Ag and Golf Course Irrigation. Irrigation Golf Course Irrigation Aquaculture Other Uses
  11. 11.  Extension Agriculture Water Conservation/Use Expertise • Agronomy – Dr. Earl Creech • Vegetables – Dr. Dan Drost • Fruit – Dr. Brent Black • Weed Management – Dr. Ralph Whitesides • Pest Management – Dr. Ricardo Ramirez and others • Soils and Fertility – Dr. Grant Cardon • Irrigation – Dr. Niel Allen • Local County Agricultural Agents Water Management
  12. 12. Irrigation Management  Water Management during Drought  Irrigation System Maintenance  Irrigation System Improvements  Irrigation Application Uniformity  Irrigation Scheduling  Crop Water Use  Soil Moisture Measurement  Water Measurement  Agriculture Weather Network  Crop Selection  Cropping Practice  Water Measurement and Management   Utah Climate Center (Ag Weather Network)
  13. 13. Utah Water Research Lab Alfonso Torres-Rua Research Engineer, AggieAir
  14. 14. AggieAir - Agriculture Evapotranspiration rate (mm/day) (left) (from METRIC) and crop nitrogen content (right) (from a machine learning/RVM approach). Sub-meter resolution estimates of crop dry-weight biomass, yield forecasts, and other valuable information will eventually be possible with collection of sufficient data.
  15. 15. AggieAir Examples: Precision Agriculture Plant chlorophyll estimates made from AggieAir imagery and RVM modeling Approach. Surface soil moisture estimates made from AggieAir imagery and ANN modeling.
  16. 16. Agriculture using Satellite Data* * Crop and Water Monitoring and Information System Crop Stress Crop Yield Crop Water Use CWMIS* A web platform to provide farmers / irrigators with current information about their fields using satellite information.
  17. 17. Water Quality Nancy Mesner, Extension Water Quality Specialist USU Quinney College of Natural Resources Resources and programs for all people Water is Life: Quality Matters
  18. 18.  Age appropriate, unbiased, aligned to Utah core;  Flexible, interdisciplinary format with STEM connections; Since 2006:  More than 250 educators trained each year;  We provide activities for ~ 8000 kids each year.  Proven to increase knowledge in science and awareness of water pollution protection Learn more at Streamside Science: water-related, hands-on education for grades K-12
  19. 19. In 2014, over 1,600 participants monitored 111 sites.  We assign appropriate sites and provide all necessary equipment.  We train all volunteers on field techniques and how to use our online database. Utah Water Watch: Citizen monitoring Learn more at:
  20. 20.  A partnership with USU extension, agencies, conservation districts, private business and landowners.  We provide trainings, outreach, and assistance to private landowners. Watershed management Learn more at:
  21. 21. Robert Gillies, State Climatologist
  22. 22. Research climate extremes, variability, trends drought dynamics & ENSO severe weather tropical cyclones data networks instrumentation networks forecasts & projections outreach & education Service
  23. 23. data networks instrumentation networks forecasts & projections outreach & education Service
  24. 24. Service data networks instrumentation networks forecasts & projections outreach & education
  25. 25. Water Conservation Programs in Landscape Horticulture Larry Rupp Extension Landscape Horticulture Specialist
  26. 26. Quality of Life “. . . when I walked past my first lawn,… I stooped down and touched its cool nap in awe and unbelief. I think I held my breath - I had not known that people anywhere lived with such grace.” Wallace Stegner
  27. 27. HOODOO© Mountain Mahogany ALICE© Bigtooth Maple UVATUNG© Penstemon Native plants for landscaping
  28. 28. Supporting the Green Industry
  29. 29. Residential Water Use 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 0 10000 20000 30000 40000 50000 SeasonalLandscapeWaterApplied,Inches Landscape Area, ft2 Water Efficient West Jordan Potable Water Use, 2000 Water Waste
  30. 30. We can conserve water and enjoy our landscapes
  31. 31. Water Management: Using Resources Wisely Questions? Utah League of Cities and Towns 17 September 2015