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Practical UX Research for the Enterprise

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You'll learn:

- How to get buy-in from executives and stakeholders for user research
- How to choose lightweight yet effective research methods
- How to document your results to prove ROI

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Practical UX Research for the Enterprise

  1. 1. Challenges and solutions for the Enterprise User research @RianVDM
  2. 2. Enterprise design is hard
  3. 3. User needs Biz goals
  4. 4. User needs Biz goals User research
  5. 5. Why it’s hard to get support for user research in enterprises
  6. 6. How to sell the value of user research in enterprises
  7. 7. How to improve insight generation of user research in enterprises
  8. 8. Why it’s hard to get support for user research in enterprises
  9. 9. It takes and it costs too long1
  10. 10. User research shrinks to fit
  11. 11. What could happen if we don’t do research
  12. 12. It’s expensive to build products without research. The time you “save” from skipping the research phase almost always comes back to haunt you.
  13. 13. We know what’s best2
  14. 14. Waterfalls Silos Bureaucracy
  15. 15. Discovery-based planning suggests that managers assume that forecasts are wrong, rather than right, and that the strategy they have chosen to pursue may likewise be wrong. — Clayton Christensen
  16. 16. We know about users enough3
  17. 17. The reason design projects that neglect research fail isn’t because of a lack of knowledge. It’s because of a lack of shared knowledge. — Erika Hall
  18. 18. How to sell the value of user research in enterprises
  19. 19. Increased revenue1
  20. 20. Source: Design Management Instititute
  21. 21. Reduced cost2
  22. 22. From Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach Costofmakingchanges 1x During
 Design 100x After Launch 6x During
  23. 23. This is why it typically takes so many companies three or more releases over one to two years to get something usable and useful. They are using the engineering organization to build a very, very expensive prototype, and they use their live customers as unwitting test subjects. — Marty Cagan
  24. 24. Faster develop mentcycles 3
  25. 25. If research slows down the development process, you’re doing it wrong
  26. 26. Things might appear to move faster, but…
  27. 27. It’s all about the right argument at the right time
  28. 28. IA & CS Prototyping Visual Design Development without research
  29. 29. IA & CS Prototyping Visual Design Development with research
  30. 30. Start with questions instead of answers —Jennifer Brook
  31. 31. How to improve insight generation of user research in enterprises
  32. 32. Plan for non- buyers 1
  33. 33. Sold to Used by !=
  34. 34. Control Configurability Compliance Features Get stuff done
  35. 35. The death spiral As fewer people are able to use the software, fewer people want to use it, until no one uses it any more.
  36. 36. Write a concise research plan 2
  37. 37. Background Methodology and Schedule Goals Outcomes
  38. 38. Focus on core methods 3
  39. 39. Exploratory Research Uncover unmet needs Field visits Concept testing Participatory design Design Research Refine product ideas Usability testing RITE testing Eye tracking Useful = Utility Usability+ Surveys Web analytics Assessment Research Measure success
  40. 40. and Record docume 4
  41. 41. your work Show5
  42. 42. Jive Internal Summary 3 biggest issues AAA Product forces diagram Forces applied to Jive Why Jive? Integrations Information organization Recommendations Better project management Built-in workflows Next steps Ideation and testing Training: usability testing Primary work tools Email Calendar Other 3rd party tools Sharepoint Lots of other repositories What Jive is used for Collaboration Communication Document repository Project managements Major work tool issues Organization Versioning General crappiness Jive issues Information organization My stuff Integrations Confusion Connection streams Notifications Task management Spaces Editor JiveX JiveX used for JiveX issues Communication Documentation Training Support Help with q’s Dream: community solves each other’s problems Employee engagement Gives a sense of purpose Engagement Newsletters link back Editorial calendar When people give fee What works Issues Need more help on what w Community management Moderator comments don’t g anywhere Console is overwhelming Not many people know ho up streams Integrations With CRM systems With other tools like Evernote Photos and events Big need for photo albums Event management needs to be improved Need to know who in the org issue is assigned to Want to do more things them not have to rely on tons of ma work or hiring a contractor Metrics So many things you can’t do Have to make own reports Create Exce CMR data Salesforce Email systems Jira
  43. 43.
  44. 44. Challenges and solutions for the Enterprise User research @RianVDM