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Moral values

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Moral values

  2. 2. THE REASON FOR CHOOSING MORAL VALUEShe reason we choose this topicbecause to make people aware oftheir do’s and dont’s.
  3. 3. WHAT ARE MORAL VALUES? oral values are the standards of good and evil, which govern anindividual’s behaviour and choices. Individual’s morals may derive fromsociety and government, religion, or self. When moral values derivefrom society and government they, of necessity, may change as the lawsand morals of the society change. An example of the impact ofchanging laws on moral values may be seen in the case of marriage vs.“living together.” 
  4. 4. WHAT ARE MORAL VALUESMoral" values are flexible dependingon the culture a person is raised in. Itusually refers to what is right or wrong.
  5. 5. MORAL VALUEt the general level, there is a difference between moral and naturalgoods. Moral goods are those that have to do with the conduct ofpersons, usually leading to praise or blame. Natural goods, on theother hand, have to do with objects, not persons. For example, to saythat "Mary is a morally good person" might involve a different senseof "good" than the one used in the sentence "Wow, that was somegood food".
  6. 6. YOU AND YOUR MORAL COMPASSuseful way to think about your “moral compass” is to think of it likean ordinary compass with true North representingIntegrity, South- Forgiveness, East -Compassion, and West -Responsibility..These four universal principles are honored in some form by peopleof all races and religions, regardless of gender.
  9. 9. LIST OF SOME MORAL VALUESigotry-A bigot is a person obstinately orintolerantly devoted to his or her ownopinions and prejudices, especially oneexhibiting intolerance, irrationality.
  10. 10. LIST OF SOME MORAL VALUESying-Lying is communication with theintention of creating a false belief. Asarcastic statement which is not intended orexpected to create a false belief
  11. 11. LIST OF SOME MORAL VALUESpression-Oppression is the exercise ofauthority or power in a burdensome, cruel,or unjust manner. It can also be defined asan act or instance of oppressing
  12. 12. LIST OF SOME MORAL VALUESreason-In law, treason is the crime thatcovers some of the more serious actsof betrayal of ones sovereign ornation.
  13. 13. LIST OF SOME MORAL VALUESillful ignorance-The practice or act ofintentional and blatant avoidance, disregardor disagreement with facts, empiricalevidence and well-founded arguemen
  14. 14. LIST OF SOME MORAL VALUESBrainwashing of childrenMurderGreedTheftFraudViolence