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An organisational study

It is a project based on the organization functions in the manufacturing industries. It used to know their organization function, target, achievement, process, etc.,

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An organisational study

  2. 2. DECLARATION I hereby declare that this project report titled “A STUDY ON FINANCE, HUMAN RESOURCES, MARKETING, PRODUCTION, SYSTEMS AT MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES INDIA PRECISION TOOLS LTD., RANIPET, VELLORE”. Submitted to the department of management studies, for the partial fulfillment of the award of the degree of Bsc.ISM, is a record of original and independent research work done by me during may 2016. Under the supervision and guidance of prof. Mrs. H.SHAYRIN., MBA.,M.PHIL D.K.M COLLEGE FOR WOMENS., VELLORE., Place: Date: Signature of candidate Vaishnavi.R Reg no: 14U35031 Suganya.G Reg no: 14U35027 Preetha.D Reg no: 14U35020 Swetha.S Reg no: 14U35029
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First, I whole-heartly thank the lord. almighty for having me good opportunity for completion of my project successfully. I wish to express my sincere thanks to Dean prof. Mrs. H.SHAYRIN., MBA.,M.PHIL., for allowing me to do the project work. I extend my humble and sincere thanks to Principal Dr. Mrs. P.N.SUDHA., D.K.M COLLEGE FOR WOMENS., VELLORE., For allowing me to do the project work in partial fulfillment of the degree on Bachelor of science in information system management . I wish to express my gratitude to Mr. V.S.JANARDHANAN (Hrd) of MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES INDIA PRECISION TOOLS LTD., RANIPET, who permitted me to pursue my project in the company. Finally, I wish to thank my beloved parents, brothers, sisters, relatives and my friends who have supported me every day to complete the project work Vaishnavi.R Suganya.G Preetha.D Swetha.S
  4. 4. ABSTRACT The project title is an organisational study at “MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES INDIA PRECISION TOLLS LIMITED, RANIPET was started in the year of 1974, in Ranipet. It was formerly known as SRP TOOLS LTD, since 1974 SRP TOOLS has the technical collaboration with Mitsubishi heavy industries japan. Mitsubishi heavy industries India precision tools ltd. Was the first in India to set ISO 9001 certification for gear cutting tools and broaches it is has got sufficient technical background in order top achieves perfection and accuracy in terms of microns. Mitsubishi heavy industries India precision tools ltd is well equipped with imported machinery, high precision special purpose machines and sophisticated inspection equipment has been imported from JAPAN, GERMANY, USA, ITALY, RUSSIA, ETC.,
  6. 6. INTRODUCTION Mitsubishi Heavy Industries India Precision Tools Limited is one of the World's leading manufacturers of Gear Cutting Tools and Broaches in India with latest Technology. The pioneer in India to introduce the latest “Drycut” technology in Gear Cutting Tool. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd. acquired S.R.P Tools Ltd., a 42 year old company and the leader in manufacture of gear cutting tools and broaches in the country, in May 2005 and thus Mitsubishi Heavy Industries India Precision Tools Limited (MHI-IPT) was formed. This Unit is now functioning as a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd. COMPANY PROFILE Mitsubishi Heavy Industries India Precision Tools was started in the year of 1974, in ranipet. It was formerly known as SRP Tools Ltd., since 1974 SRP TOOLS has the technical collaboration with Mitsubishi heavy industries japan., SRP is synonymous of precision and quality. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries India Precision Tools was the first in India to certificate ISO 9001 for gear cutting tools, broaches it is has got sufficient technical background in order top achieves perfection and accuracy in terms of microns. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries India Precision Tools Limited, is well equipped with imported machinery, high precision special purpose machine and sophisticated inspection equipment has been imported from Japan, Germany, USA, Italy, Russia etc., and are installed in temperature control room. In the recent year CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machines also imported from Japan and installed the planet to their manufacture their high accuracy products. 1
  7. 7. INDUSTRY PROFILE Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd. acquired S.R.P. Tools Ltd., India a 42 year old company and also the leader in manufacturing of gear cutting tools and broaches in the country, in May 2005 and thus Mitsubishi Heavy Industries India Precision Tools Ltd was formed. This unit is now functioning as a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd. S.R.P Tools Limited was started in the year of 1965. It started first factory at Chennai, India for manufacturing conventional cutting tools. It signed an agreement with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd. for the technical collaboration to manufacture gear cutting tools and broaches in the year of 1972. S.R.P Tools Limited's second factory was started at Ranipet in the year of 1974 for manufacturing Gear Hobs, Shaper cutters and Broaches. Later, it started manufacturing of Gear Shaving Cutters, Rotary cutters for straight bevel gears and Master Gears. MHI-IPT draws upon MHI Japan's strengths in the use of advanced materials technology and its knowledge base as MHI Japan is the only manufacturer of gear cutting tools, who also manufactures machines to produce these gear cutting tools, as well as the gear cutting machines on which they are consumed, to produce gears for the automotive industry. In 2012, MHI-IPT obtained ISO-14001 certificate. 2
  8. 8. QUALITY PROFILE MHI-IPT Ltd., is committed to design and manufacture products to comply with requirement and continually improve the effectiveness of a quality management system for enhancing customer satisfaction  To achieve this policy, the following objectives are set  To use latest technology to design, all manufacture of upgrade quality of products, on a continued basis for meeting customers  To initiate sustable actions to improve the knowledge and skill of all its personnel  To ensure efficient system force and timely delivery of products  To periodically review the quality management system keeping in mind the concept of continual improvement and customer satisfaction needs & expectations AWARDS RECEIVED:  State safety award by government of Tamil nadu in 1982  Operation million by hero Honda in 2001  Best supplier award in suppliers meet 2007  ISO 9001-2000 with respect to the following scope design manufacture and supply of gear cutting tools, broaches and master gears. HIGHLIGHTS:  Longest private sector  Leading manufacture of machine tools  World wild reputation  Annual turnover 60 crores  High standards of perfection quality product  ABOUT COMPANY:  Two shifts daily i.e 7:30 am to 4:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 12:30 am  Total 482 employees are working  It is decentralized  Uniform for all employees (blue colour shirt & trousers) 3
  9. 9. OBJECTIVES OF THE COMPANY:  To achieve excellence by exceeding customer expectations through well motivated and component employees working in a culture of team work and continuous improvement with professional integration.  To attract and retain right talents to develop the potentials in pursuits of organisational goals through self development.  Work ethics  Both individual and teams will have clearly objectives. The manager will be personally responsible for this  Communication and implementations of HR policy  The policy will cover all employees implementation of the policy will be done in a phased manner and will be continuously fine turned to meet situational demands of the dynamic market environment in which they operate  Implementation of the HR policy is a strategic issue in which everyone in the company should participate. COMPANY PHILOSOPHY:  The philosophy of MHI-IPT Ltd is producing cutting tools with high technology, reliability and high quality. They are supplying high precision, high efficiency and high quality products produced from stand point of as user and manufacturer years of experience.  This trademark itself tells about it philosophy. The three diamond Mitsubishi mark embodies over 130 years of tradition, earning. The trust and confidence of people.  Maintain the value of that mark as a symbol of quality and rediability in products and services Mitsubishi it is a combination or word MITSU and HISHI. MITSU means three. 4
  10. 10. LOCATION: Mitsubishi heavy industries India precision tools ltd, is located in Ranipet, in Sipcot. It has expansion for the company. Since it is located in the Sipcot it has all facilitate like availability of raw materials, power, transportation, labour, hospitals, fire services etc. HISTORY 1965: SRP tools limited started the factory at Chennai from manufacturing of conventional Cutting tools. 1972: Signed agreement with Mitsubishi heavy industries, Japan. 1973: SRP terms visited Mitsubishi, Japan and learned the technology from them 1974: SRP started factory at Ranipet, from the production of Hob pinion cutters and Broaches 1979: SRP terms visited Mitsubishi, Japan for the second time and learned the technology for Gear shaving cutter. 1990: Obtained ISO 9001-1987 certificated for gear cutting tools. 2005: Mitsubishi heavy industries, Japan accuquired and shared of SRP tools and company Name changed into Mitsubishi heavy industries India precision limited (19th October 2005). 2005: In November factory expanded operate machinery in new building integrated at Chennai factory. 2006: Machine tools room planned to open in 2007, new factory started in operational by August 2007 which would make the production capacity double. 5
  11. 11. HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT DEFINITION: According to flippo, personal management says HRM is Planning, Organising, Directing, Controlling, Maintaining to the end that Individual procurement development compensation, Integration, Maintainance & separation of Human Resources to the end that individual, organisational & social objective are accomplished. INTRODUCTION: HRM is a most happening function has know this is so because people after competitive advantage to a form and managing people has domain of HRM. People offer skills capability, system, practice, speed, languages behaviour. RECRUITMENT: The recruitment process in MITSUBISHI is basically done for few categories.  Trainees ( ITI and non ITI )  Industrial Training Institute.  DME’s  BE Employees who all are working in this organisation on fulltime basis. They don’t Hire employee on contractual basis. WAGES PAY: In MITSUBISHI there are 420 employees working. They are operating in two shifts and all the employees working. They are operating in two shifts and all the employees are paid fairly based on their working scenario, the minimum wage has been fixed by central government. In MITSUBISHI there are three kinds of employees working, they are:  Officer  Team members  Trainees 6
  12. 12. TRAINING: Training for employees is continuous throughout his/her organizational life. Initially training is provided to new employees to have a letter orientation for the skill knowledge required to perform the job. Training have to be tailored according to the need of the person therefore training is necessary to raise the skill level and increase the versatility, adoptability and efficiency of the employees. Development is related process it covers not only those activity which improves job performance but also those which brings about growth, personality and capabilities. SERVICE BENEFITS: Today every organization looks at employees satisfaction in the organization. So to retain the better services have to be provided for them MITSUBISHI provides the following benefits to its employees:  Two sets of uniforms are given to all permanent employees.  Medical reimbursement is done for all the employees and provides medical insurance too.  Free breakfast is provided for employees.  No transport facilities provided for employees, instead conveyance allowance is given to them. BUSINESS ACTIVITIES:  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries conducted sensible company activities in compliance with laws and in an appropriate manner and contribute to society by providing high quality products and service.  The company will pursue fair and free inter corporate competition in compliance with anti monopoly act and other relevant regulation.  The company implements appropriate accounting and tax accounting in accordance with relative laws, accounting standards and internal regulations.  In relation to overseas business the company follows all laws related to eports and imports. 7
  13. 13. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE COMPANY AND THE SOCIETY:  The company will try to preserve the environment and try to live in harmony with the society as a good co-operate citizen.  The company discloses all the information related to the management in appropriate and timely manner.  The company firmly responds to anti social forces. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE COMPANY AND THE EMPLOYEES:  The company follows labour related laws and maintains a safe and healthy working environment.  The company employees will not engage in discriminative behaviour or sexual harassment.  The company employees will handle company secrets appropriately and will not disclose them without prior consent.  Company employees will not conduct any unfair transaction in stock 8
  14. 14. PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT MITSUBISHI PRODUCTS:  MHI-IPT has an impressive product line-up which are manufactured using sophisticated and state of the art machines  During the cycle of manufacturing process, in each and every step optimum tool design is achieved by exhaustive calculations and a through analysis of various component profiles generated by CAD.  These products also go through an array of stringent quality checks resulting in the perfection and precision. The customer requires.  To put it simple, we make sure that customer gets only the product he desires the best. MITSUBISHI Heavy Industries India Precision Tools Limited is the manufacture of the gear cutting tools and broaches. This offer the following range of cutting tools.  Hobs  Shaping cutter  Broaches  Gear shaving cutter  Master gears  Others 9
  15. 15. HOBS:  Gear hob  Involute spline hob  Paralled spline hob  Sprocket hob 1. Module, DP and CP series hobs are supplied by MHI-IPT. 2. Various forms if Hobs such as non-topping, semi-topping, topping, finishing, roughing, pre-shaving or pre-grinding, with or without protuberance tip relief full fillet radius etc., are manufactured. 3. Multi Start hobs, Multi gash hobs and also supplied. 4. Designing & production of spline hobs bath involute and parallel sided sprocket hobs, worm wheel hobs, serration hobs, timing belt pulley hobs and ratchet hobs are done at MHI-IPT. They are either custom made or to suit international standards. 5. Both bore type and shank type hobs are made. 6. Hob material is generally M35 (6-5-2+5%10). On special request hobs made in powder material (ASP 2030, ASP 2052) and TIN, TIAIN, TICN and alerona coated hobs are supplied. 7. Normally, accuracy classes are per DIN 3968 standard AA&B. however hobs are made to suit other accuracy standards also. 10
  16. 16. SHAPING CUTTERS:  Gear shaper.  Spur  Helical  Sprocket shaper 1. Module, DP and CP series shaper cutters are supplied by MHI-IPT. 2. Various forms of shaper cutters such as non-topping, semi-topping, finishing roughing pre-shaving or pre-grinding, with or without protuberance etc., are manufactured. 3. Both Spur type and Helical type gear shaping cutters are made. 4. Designing & production of relief ground shaping cutters for invocute splines, worms [cutters to be used in hobbing machine by kinematic inversion process] and relief machined cutters for sprocket, parallel sided splines etc., are done at MHI-IPT. 5. The range of shaping cutters available at MHI-IPT include different varieties of disc type, hub type and shank type. Tandem shaping cutters also supplied. 6. Shaper cutter material is generally M35 (6-5-2+5%10). On special request, shapers made in powder material [ASP 2030, ASP 2052] and TIN coated shapers are supplied. 7. Normally, accuracy classes are as per DIN 1829 standard AA.A, however shaper cutters are made to suit other accuracy standards also. 11
  17. 17. BROACHES:  Spline broach  Serration broach  Surface broach  Keyway broach 1. Broaches are made to suit component specifications, cutomers machine and holder details. 2. Different internal profiles are undertaken for manufacture of  Splines- involute, parallel and trapezoidal  Serrations  Round  Rectangular  Ratchet, etc., 3. Different types of broaches are supplied  Burnishing for round holes  Only spline  Plain combination round and spline  Interspaced round and spline. 4. Pull end / rear end details  Sleeve type as per DIN 1415 or DIN 1417 standard and cotter type.  Any other type to suit the customers holder details 5. Equipped to manufacture and supply surface broaches for plain and curved profiles. 6. Broaches for machinery of connecting rods. 12
  18. 18. GEAR SHAVING CUTTER:  Conventional or diagonal.  Under – pass  Plunge – cut 1. Manufacturing of various types of shaving cutters such as Conventional, Diagonal, Underpass and plunge – cut are undertaken. 2. Special profiles are incorporated on the cutter to generate tip relief, profile crowning lead crowning, etc., on component. 3. The shaving machine at MHI-IPT tries out the shaving cutter manufactured here to conform the profile accuracy. This is done at extra cost with necessary mandrels component blanks etc., supplied by the customer. 4. Pre – shaved tools like hobs shaping cutter along with shaving cutters can be supplied from a single source MHI-IPT, hence design parameters can be worked out to achieve optimum results on the components. 5. Gear shaving cutters made out of special steel will be supplied for specific applications. 6. Re – sharpening of our make cutters as well as imported cutters are carried out customers have to furnish the re – sharpening chart along with imported cutters. 13
  19. 19. MASTER GEAR:  Spur  Helical 1. It is used on double flank roll-testing machine to confirm the Gear accuracy 2. To improve the life of Master Gears, we manufacture the same out of HSS material and hardness is maintained above 63 HRc 3. We can manufacture Master Gears in Quality Class 4 & 5 of DIN 3962. 4. We can also manufacture Taper Bore and OBD Master Gears 14
  20. 20. OTHERS:  Rotary cutter for straight bevel gears  Rack milling cutter (ground form)  Swaging cutter  Chamfering cutter  Deburring cutter ROTARY CUTTER FOR STRAIGHT BEVEL GERAS:  Cutters are supplied in pairs  At present, we supply cutters made out of High Speed Steels of Grade M2 (conventional) or ASP 2023 (powder material)  These cutters have 9" diameter, 4.5" bore and 0.5" thickness RACK MILLING CUTTER (GROUND FORM):  This cutter is used to produce racks  We can supply either with straight gash or helical gash  We can supply cutters upto diameters 280mm & Overall length 300mm  Cutters are offered in various High Speed Steel of Grades like AISI M35(conventional),ASP 2030 & ASP 2052(Powder materials) 15
  21. 21. SWAGING CUTTER:  These cutters are used to produce taper flanks in external splines or internal splines  Most of the synchromesh gear boxes require taper splines which are formed by this process.  Extenal splines are produced by hobbing or shaping process. Then, these swaging cutters are used on special purpose machines to obtain taper flanks  Internal splines are produced by broaching or shaping process. Then these swaging cutters are used on a special purpose machines to get taper splines CHAMFERING CUTTER:  These cutters are used to produce chamfers along involute profile of gears at end faces  Normally, it is used after gear cutting by hobbing or shaping process  Cutters are supplied in pairs and to suit gear profile. DEBURRING CUTTER:  These cutters are used on gear chamfering machines to deburr while chamfering operation is carried out. 16
  22. 22. SUPPLIERS – RAW MATERIALS USED:  High speed steel The production equipment includes world’s most well know name such as,  Kilngenbers  Shone  Mitsubishi  WMIV  CAPL herth and others The inspection is even more sophisticated with Kilngenters, Houser, Cailzeiss, Hofler, Gouler Miceron, Miti toyo, Mahendra etc., MHI-IPT design is fully compulerized optimum tools design is achieved by exhaustive calculation and a through analysis of the various components profiles generated on a graph sheet manipulating the tools parameter manufacturing and heat treatment are carried out by skilled operators. Employing highly precise machinery leaving no room for discrepancy. In MHI-IPT quality is prime consideration and no compromising are more regarding standards of the tools. CUSTOMERS: Sales agent markets the Mitsubishi’s products the sales agent directs all the customers of MHI-IPT Ltd. MHI-IPT Ltd exports his products too Australia, Taiwan and Singapore with the help of sales agent of the customers of MHI-IPT Ltd are  Tata motors  Bajaj  Hindustan motors  TVS motors  Hyundai motors  Mahendra  Punjab tractors  Ashok Leyland 17
  23. 23. Government organisation such as,  BHEL  HMT  Vehicle factory Jabulpur  HVF Avadi  Most probably to all automobile auxiliary units. COMPETITOR:  The only competitor in their field who matches their level of is Dagger Forst  The company has the same capacity and modern equipment equal to the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries India Precision tools limited. SALES AND SERVICES SYSTEM:  Our products are marked by sales agent for domestic market by sales agent for domestic market they and have offices at all important.  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries India Precision Tools Limited has its service engineers at important in India to satisfy the requirement of customers.  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries India Precision Tools Limited conducts an awareness regarding products usage and new development.  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries India Precision Tools Limited has service and over facilities at following places.  Delhi  America  Europe  Australia and  Thailand. 18
  24. 24. ANNUAL PRODUCTION CAPACITY: Mitsubishi has 170 machines used in production of all the products followings of all the products followings are the annual production capacity of Mitsubishi. Gear shaving cutter 4000 Broaches 3900 Master gears 2000 Hobs 12000 Shaping cutter 4900 Others 600 19
  25. 25. MARKETING DEPARTMENT It has 40% market share and also involves in direct exporting through air couriers, ship, based on the customers. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT:  Inventory depends on lead time of about 2 weeks.  The company keeps a stock of raw materials for 3 to 4 months.  The suppliers take 8 to 10 weeks for supplying raw material to the company.  The materials required for the production is based on the past experience. SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY:  Suitable engineered controls are provided to protect the environment to minimize resources and energy conservation  Periodic review of existing safety systems and policies are carried out with the aim for zero accident in this premises  By applying standard engineering and administrative controls BENEFITS AND SERVICES PROVIDED TO EMPLOYEES:  Two sets of uniforms and shoes were provided to all the permanent employees  Monthly incentives and yearly increment were provided based on the performance of employees  Rest room was provided to the employees for the purpose of entertainment  Loans provided for marriage , two wheelers and house  Provided breakfast and lunch for the employees  Employees who had faced any problem are counselled by the head of personnel department 20
  26. 26. FINANCE DEPARTMENT INTRODUCTION: In MITSUBISHI, the finance department serves as the major key function among all other functions. the major financial functions of MITSUBISHI are as follows: 1. Managerial finance function 2. Routine finance function MANAGERIAL FINANCE FUNCTION: Under this three are two major financial functions 1. Investment based 2. Financing (capital based) ROUTINE FINANCE FUNCTION: For the effective execution of managerial finance function,the routine or incidental functions have to be performed. To take these decisions ,the procedures involve lot of paper work and time. FORMS OF ROUTINE FINANCE FUNCTIONS ARE:  Supervision of each and every receipts and payment  Custody and safe guarding of securities, insurance policies and other valuable papers  Record keeping and reporting. FINANCE AND ACCOUNTS: The internal controls are set to achieve the following main objectives  Cost control  Optimum use of resources  Right advice at right time.  Prudent finance planning and forecasting  Working towards the goals or organization 21
  27. 27. The central accounting functions are,  General ledger and its subsidiary ledgers control  Reconciliation of stock accounts  Ledger accounts  Excise duty of all accounts  Review of all accounts  Valuation of inventory Management information report such as, monthly current assets movements to monitor the inventory levels and investment in other current assets monthly, operations result quarterly, half yearly. Unaudited balance sheet provided to the management for their review and decision making. ACCOUNTING RECORDS: The following books of accounts are maintained.  General ledger  Cash book  Bank book  Journal book  Sundry creditor ledger for goods  Sundry creditor ledger for expenses  Other liabilities ledger  Fixed assets register  Sundry debtor ledger  Sundry advance ledger  Staff loans and advance ledger  Field staff travel advances consisting  Electricity deposit  Rental advances  Sales tax deposit etc., 22
  28. 28.  Materials ledger  Overhead ledger  Electricity deposit  Administration expenses  Marketing expenses  Distribution expenses Other income ledger INTERNAL AUDIT FUNCTION: The internal audit functions of the company are as follows.  Verification of vouchers  Verification of sales involves  Verification of purchases bills  Verification of credit note / debit note  Bank reconciliation  Analysis of customers / suppliers ledger  Interest calculation on lash credit accounts DOCUMENTATION IN THE DEPARTMENTS: The following documents are maintained in the finance department such as  Purchase order  Goods received notes  Bills  Indent from the marketing department 23
  29. 29. SYSTEMS DEPARTMENT INTRODUCTION: There is a separate system department to coordinate. The main function of system department is functioning from general manager office every day at 10:30 am. A report containing sales accounts and production details are sent through mail to respective vice president at Delhi corporate office. Other application modules includes sales order processing SALES ACCOUNT MODULE: The details of products supplied to stockiest or concerned department are maintained in this module. PURCHASE MODULE: This module helps in maintaining vendor list and the products they supply and to create an enquiry from and the list of materials ordered this is maintained by the person in the purchase department. STORES ACCOUNTING: The details about inventory in the stored are maintained using this module consumption details, materials are maintained for inventory control. PAYABLE ACCOUNTING: Accounting department maintained this payroll preparation on behalf of personnel automated through this module FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING: Daily receipts and payments are fed in to the computer through this package this data will be used for arriving at fund / cash flow and working capital position this module will be used for preparing actual budget, cost statement, trial balance, profit and loss account and balance sheet are used for closing the yearly accounts for the financial year. 24
  30. 30. CONCLUSION: Thus I conclude that a study on all the department in MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES INDIA Precision Tools Limited, was effectively completed by me and above is a report on this study. 25