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Why do Digital Marketing?

This slide describes the future of Digital Marketing and its importance. It gives a clear picture for the reader that why one must choose Digital Marketing as a career option.

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Why do Digital Marketing?

  1. 1. Your Partner in Digital Media
  3. 3.  Attractive Jobs Opportunities in Digital Marketing  Digital marketing firms in Hyderabad say that there are more than 2000 job opportunities for Digital Marketing cited on different job portals.  This is despite the fact that most large brands and agencies do not advertise their Digital Marketing requirements.  Another interesting fact is that about 1700 of the 2000 jobs are for 'Social Media Marketing'. 
  4. 4.  Big money in Digital Marketing  Digital Marketing professionals earn a much higher average salary as compared to professionals from other industries.  The average payscale of a Digital marketing professional in India ranges between Rs 200,000 - Rs 11,00,000 annually.
  5. 5.  E-commerce industry grew dramatically in 2015  The digital commerce market in India touched the $16 billion mark by the end of the year 2015.  E-commerce is directly linked to the growth of the digital marketing industry.  The e-tailing is expected grow even more in the upcoming years. This will positively impact the digital marketing industry.  The above mentioned statistics speak about the growing opportunity for job and rewarding careers in Digital Marketing.
  6. 6.  India will have more than 500 million Internet Users in 2020  Companies that provide digital marketing services in Hyderabad claim that there will be a drastic growth in the number of online users by more than half a billion by the year 2018.  By the end of 2014, the total number was 190. There has been a significant increase in the numbers over the last decade. If the same speed is maintained, India will record more than 500 million users by 2020