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Goan Cuisine

Authentic Goan Cuisine is now available in Bangalore via Maria's Goan Kitchen, Koramangala, Bangalore

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Goan Cuisine

  1. 1. Maria’s Goan Kitchen & Caterers Call – 080-25631696 / 8892283138 /9900014128 Email: Goa combines old Portuguese architecture, and a distinct Portuguese flavour to the lifestyle, with a history that abounds with Indian mythology. Christmas, New Year, the Mardi Gras-like carnival, the Holi (Shimgo) parades, all add to the year round festivities. Thousands of people gather to view the body of St. Francis Xavier once every five years at the Basilica of Bom Jesus. Portuguese, Gomantak and other cuisines have all blended into the local cuisine and sorpotals, bebincas washed down with cashew fenis.. Cutlets Fish Curry Pork Sorpotel Pork Vindaloo Rum Cake Lemon Tarts Bebinca Chicken Cafreal
  2. 2. Maria’s Goan Kitchen & Caterers Non Veg - Menu Rate Card – All items Per plate Pork Sorpotel Rs. 200/- Pork Vindaloo Rs. 200/- Pork Chops – Roast/Barbeque Rs. 250/- Pork Chillifry Rs. 200/- Pork GoanSausages( without Skin ) Rs. 250/- Pork Pickle (200gms bottle) Rs. 225/- Chicken Vindaloo Rs. 175/- Chicken Xacuti Rs. 175/- Chicken Cafreal Rs. 175/- Chicken Biryani Rs. 175/- Mutton Biryani Rs. 300/- Chicken Cutlets – 3 pieces Rs. 100/- Chicken Potato Chops – 3 pieces Rs. 100/- Fish Curry (Sear & Pomphret seasonal rates apply ) Rs. 300/- Prawns Curry Rs. 300/- Black Pepper Crab & Prawns Rs. 300/- Prawns & Fish Balchao Rs. 250/- Chocolate,Butter Scotch,Black Forest,Mocha Rum Cakes Rs. 600/- Bebinca – 1 kg Rs. 800/-
  3. 3. Maria’s Goan Kitchen & Caterers Veg - Menu Rate Card – All items Per Plate Paneer Butter Masala Rs. 150/- Paneer Palak Masala Rs. 150/- Paneer Kurma Masala Rs. 150/- Malai Kofta Rs. 150/- Bendi Masala Rs. 130/- Baingan Ka Bharta Rs. 130/- Rajma Dal Rs. 130/- Dal Fry/Thadka/Makhni Rs. 130/- Veg Kolhapuri Rs. 130/- Vegetables Curry Rs. 130/- Alu Matar Rs. 150/- Alu Palak Rs. 130/- Mushroom Masala Rs. 200/- Veg Biryani Rs. 150/- Veg Pulao Rs. 120/- Plain Rice Rs. 50/- Jeera Rice Rs. 70/- Veg Cutlets – 2 pieces Rs. 50/- Veg Harra Barra Kebab - pieces Rs. 50/-
  4. 4. Maria’s Goan Kitchen & Caterers South Asian - Menu Rate Card – All items Per plate Veg – Paneer, Mushroom n Chilly, Manchurian Rs. 150/- Honey Chicken Wings – 8 pcs Rs. 250/- Drunken Beef / Chicken /Pork Stir fry Rs. 250/- Chicken Chilly Basil Rs. 175/- Chicken Taipei Rs. 175/- Chicken Nam Prik Rs. 175/- Golden Fried Prawns Rs. 300/- Prawns – Chilly, Garlic, Black Pepper, Szechwan Rs. 300/- Chicken – Hongkong, chilly, Garlic, Hunan, Manchurian Rs. 175/- Fish – Steamed, Chilly, Manchurian, Black Pepper Rs. 300/- Chicken Thai Curry – Red Rs. 250/- Prawns Thai Curry – yellow Rs. 300/- Veg Thai Curry - Green Rs. 175/- Veg Fried Rice Rs. 100/- Chicken Fried Rice Rs. 150/- Prawns Fried Rice Rs. 200/- Veg Hakka Noodles Rs. 130/- Chicken Hakka Noodles Rs. 150/-