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Let Them Know How Much We Love the Legend James Edward CorbettThe story begins in early 20th century in the year 1815. Tha...
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Let them know how much we love the legend james edward corbett

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This article dedicated to legend james Edward Corbett and jim Corbett park.

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Let them know how much we love the legend james edward corbett

  1. 1. Let Them Know How Much We Love the Legend James Edward CorbettThe story begins in early 20th century in the year 1815. That times the area, which is now aday known as Jim Corbett National Park, was the land of local people of kumaon,Uttarakhand (That time United Provence). The British take over the whole area to exploit thenatural resources and get the maximum profit, as the area had very rich flora and fauna. Thusthe full command of that area on the hand of British Government and they might be afraid ofIndignation of locals. So to keep common people out of that area they use to migrate the man-eater tiger, leopard and other animals in that area.The second phase of the story started in the 25th of July 1875, when the legend JamesEdward Corbett made their first born, who is also known by the name of Jim Corbett. He waseighth child of Willam Christopher and Mary Jane Corbett. His father William ChristopherCorbett was the postmaster of Nainital town, as we already published in our previous edition.His family lived at Nainital in summer where as in the season of winter then lived inKaladhungi which is around 16 miles south form Nainital. The young Jim normallyencountered wildlife, as the other children of that reason. The frequently encounter theleopard, tiger, bears, langurs, monkeys, peacock, several rarest of species of birds and python.The young boy love to all these wildlife animals but the snakes was the one to whom he didnot have much tolerance. But the legend had witness a tragedy when he was just of 4 years,he lost his father. It was the duty of the young boy to provide meet to his family. Once he hadgun his elder brother give him basic knowledge of shooting later with the help Dick theyoung became a sharp shooter.During 1907 when he was on holiday form his regular job of railway, Jim agreed to go afterChampawat man-eater which is a most notorious Bengal tigress who killed around 438human beings. Corbett Successfully shoots her down and for the next 32 years he shoots todown numerous man-eaters. In all it is estimated that those man-eaters were killed more than1200 humans.Now it’s time to explain the third and final part. In 1858 Major Ramsay plans to protect theforest, which was first ever plan to protect the forest. The Major worked hard to protect thenatural land of wild animals and for the same define some rule and regulation of do so. Laterin 1861-62 the farming in this land was banded and forest department took full control of theland in the year of 1879. In 1907 the land was first ever proposed for game sanctuary but theproposal could not impress and in 1934 the Governor of United Provence Malcolm Haileysupported the proposal. In 1921 the land was announced as Hailey National Park and herecomes the first national park of India and the third national park of the world. In the year of1936 the Government of Indian tribute the national park to honor the legend James EdwardCorbett and named it Jim Corbett National Park.