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Entorgcorp academy power point courtesy

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Entorgcorp academy power point courtesy

  1. 1. Academy Overview
  2. 2. Agenda EntOrgCorp Overview Academy Purpose Environmental Pressures/Forces EntOrgCorp Course Certification EntOrgCorp Call to Action
  3. 3. Organizational Overview EntOrgCorp Technology Strategic Academy Services Solutions Software Professional Information Strategic TechnologyIT Operations Research Development Development Technology Advisement Advisement
  4. 4. Purpose• Advance research indicates that there is a gap between the skills developed by students at the universities and the skills required to pursue professional IT career• EntOrgCorp bridges the gap by connecting theory provided by universities with practitioner, hands-on skills in simulated corporate environment• Course attendees are involved in all aspects of IT project development from project inception to project delivery• It is essential to prepare current and future generation IT professionals to compete with the global workforce recognized urgency across the nation• The vision of EntOrgCorp Academy is to provide competent and skilled professionals to your organization
  5. 5. Who needs EntOrgCorp Academy• Aspiring IT professionals – University students who are getting ready to take a deep dive into corporate world – Experience professionals seeking to enhance their skillset• Corporate, non-profit, and government Organizations – Corporate organizations seeking to provide quality education to the employees – Corporate organizations looking for high-quality and well-trained professionals• Head Hunters/ Recruiters – Recruiters looking forward to upgrade the skill set of the consultants for a project in the pipeline – Recruiters looking for a one-stop shop to find consultants with well-trained varied skills
  6. 6. Academy Goals• Attendees • Confidence needed to perform at required level of competence required by employer • Measured proficiency in IT skills required • Enhanced understanding of how their skills connect to their organization’s value creation process • Actual competency in skills that can be clearly articulated• Employers • Needed skills based on clearly defined task statements that relate to specific positions and skills required within that position • Opportunity to reduce accession/recruitment costs and reduce time-to-fill • Ability to relate pay and compensation to actual skills held vice a “wish list” of skills in hope to capture needed talent • Goodwill of communities and talent within those community – hiring local talent
  7. 7. Course Modality• Combine theory with practice – Every attendee would get an opportunity to work on a real-world development project – Every project would be analyzed for the best System Analysis and Design methodology – Logical models would be created along with appropriate documentation before starting to develop the project – Attendees would develop the project using the course curriculum – Every attendee would get to know the testing techniques and is required to generate supporting documentation with the test plan and test cases – Every attendee would get an opportunity to perform corrective maintenance and enhancements to get a feel of the real-world work environment – EntOrgCorp Academy provides the required infrastructure required to support project development
  8. 8. Courses offered• JAVA/J2EE• Weblogic• ADF Development• Enterprise Architecture