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The Rise of Social Media Video Marketing

How to use all the major video platforms on social media, including Youtube, Facebook video, Snapchat and Twitter video. Are you paying attention to the market shifts, to the differences in platforms? This deck will help you see all the differences between them.

The single most important strategy in content marketing today is video. Whether it's video on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Youtube, the content you need to be thinking about creating and marketing on social for your business is video. Period.

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The Rise of Social Media Video Marketing

  1. GARY VAYNERCHUK If you’re in the business of making online content,
  2. GARY VAYNERCHUK (which, I might add, you all ARE)
  3. GARY VAYNERCHUK you have to understand that video is one of your most POWERFUL tools.
  5. GARY VAYNERCHUK the content you need to be producing is video. PERIOD.
  6. GARY VAYNERCHUK But things are shifting, like they always do.
  7. GARY VAYNERCHUK You can’t attack internet video the same way you did two years ago.
  8. GARY VAYNERCHUK So I decided to put together a helpful guide, a state of the union, if you will...
  10. GARY VAYNERCHUK Let’s start with YouTube.
  11. GARY VAYNERCHUK Established: February 14, 2005
  12. GARY VAYNERCHUK 300 hours worth of video content are pushed to YouTube every minute...EVERY MINUTE!
  13. GARY VAYNERCHUK I got my start on YouTube with WINE LIBRARY TV... and I still use it today for #ASKGARYVEE.
  14. GARY VAYNERCHUK It’s the standard.
  15. GARY VAYNERCHUK But being the standard means it’s crowded and noisy.
  16. GARY VAYNERCHUK AND when you compare it to FACEBOOK’S 4 BILLION views a day, it’s finally got a real competitor.
  17. GARY VAYNERCHUK Especially when you start talking about targeting capabilities against consumer data
  18. GARY VAYNERCHUK Because when it comes to data, we know who’s winning there.
  20. GARY VAYNERCHUK Established: February 4, 2004
  21. LOREM IPSUM dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed mattis id libero bibendum mattis. GARY VAYNERCHUK Facebook video has become the best way to reach MY fans at scale.
  22. GARY VAYNERCHUK Now I’m not talking about putting something on YouTube and linking out to it on Facebook.
  23. LOREM IPSUM dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed mattis id libero bibendum mattis. GARY VAYNERCHUK I’m talking about natively posting video content directly to Facebook.
  24. GARY VAYNERCHUK WHY? Because right now, Facebook is making a play to become a video platform...
  25. GARY VAYNERCHUK and that means Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm is placing an enormous amount of weight on videos (which translates into organic reach).
  26. LOREM IPSUM dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed mattis id libero bibendum mattis. GARY VAYNERCHUK Couple that with their new video ad products for sales and direct response...
  27. GARY VAYNERCHUK and you have some serious reasons to spend some real money on video content for Facebook.
  28. GARY VAYNERCHUK YouTube should honestly be scared...
  29. GARY VAYNERCHUK because Facebook is sitting on an enormous amount of targetable consumer data.
  30. GARY VAYNERCHUK Let’s take an example:
  31. LOREM IPSUM dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed mattis id libero bibendum mattis. GARY VAYNERCHUK Say you’re a local ice cream shop. You want to bring in some families for the summer months.
  32. GARY VAYNERCHUK If you upload a video natively, you can target it to people who: 1. Love ice cream 2. Live in your area 3. Have kids
  33. GARY VAYNERCHUK Just like that, you’re only reaching the audience that is most relevant and profitable to you.
  34. GARY VAYNERCHUK Get it? That is something no other platform is doing as well as Facebook.
  35. GARY VAYNERCHUK I am well aware of the debate of “viewability,” but let’s ask another question...
  36. GARY VAYNERCHUK When you go to YouTube, you want to watch this cat video. That is your intent.
  37. GARY VAYNERCHUK What Google then does is show you a video BEFORE the video you actually want to see.
  38. GARY VAYNERCHUK FACEBOOK is different: It knows you’re a cat enthusiast and puts a cat video in front of you.
  40. GARY VAYNERCHUK YouTube is showing you an ad. On Facebook, your content IS the ad.
  41. GARY VAYNERCHUK Facebook video is clearly a HUGE deal. But don’t sleep on the other platforms either…
  42. GARY VAYNERCHUK Established: March 21, 2006
  43. GARY VAYNERCHUK Twitter’s new video products have changed the way I use the platform.
  44. GARY VAYNERCHUK As Twitter has grown, the amount of noise has increased, while the amount of meaningful engagement has dropped.
  45. GARY VAYNERCHUK That’s why the real way to win with Twitter video is through engagement.
  46. GARY VAYNERCHUK Use it as PULL rather than PUSH.
  47. GARY VAYNERCHUK When a celebrity favorites your tweet you get excited.
  48. GARY VAYNERCHUK Not because it took any real effort on their part, but because that social interaction is hugely meaningful.
  49. GARY VAYNERCHUK With Twitter’s new video feature, they’ve been able to take that feeling to the next level.
  50. GARY VAYNERCHUK Get in there, reply to tweets with a video, and see if your engagement doesn’t skyrocket.
  51. GARY VAYNERCHUK It works.
  52. GARY VAYNERCHUK The other great thing about Twitter video?
  53. GARY VAYNERCHUK There is more room for tone.
  54. GARY VAYNERCHUK Sometimes it’s hard to convey a nuanced opinion in only 140 characters and context is lost.
  55. GARY VAYNERCHUK But with 15 seconds of video, you can get your point across loud and clear.
  56. GARY VAYNERCHUK Finally we have...
  57. GARY VAYNERCHUK Established: September, 2011
  58. GARY VAYNERCHUKGARY VAYNERCHUK Snapchat is huge right now.
  59. GARY VAYNERCHUKGARY VAYNERCHUK More than 60% of U.S. 13 to 34 year-old smartphone users are Snapchatters.
  60. GARY VAYNERCHUKGARY VAYNERCHUK One of the things I used to love about Snapchat was how you had to hold your finger on the screen.
  61. GARY VAYNERCHUKGARY VAYNERCHUK That is, of course, no longer the case.
  62. GARY VAYNERCHUKGARY VAYNERCHUK But the videos are still limited, since they can only ever stick around for a certain amount of time.
  63. GARY VAYNERCHUKGARY VAYNERCHUK That could be 24 hours...
  65. GARY VAYNERCHUKGARY VAYNERCHUK That creates urgency.
  66. GARY VAYNERCHUKGARY VAYNERCHUK And urgency is a tremendous way to get someone’s attention.
  67. GARY VAYNERCHUKGARY VAYNERCHUK and attention is the number one asset.
  68. GARY VAYNERCHUKGARY VAYNERCHUK On top of that, the ability to draw over your images is massively important and allows for tremendous amounts of creativity.
  69. GARY VAYNERCHUKGARY VAYNERCHUK Just look at Shonduras.
  70. GARY VAYNERCHUKGARY VAYNERCHUK The importance of Snapchat as a marketing and communications tool right now is even further validated by Snapchat Discover.
  71. GARY VAYNERCHUKGARY VAYNERCHUK A big-brand marketing feature that is basically gift wrapping the 13-34 demo for brands like Dailymail and Cosmo.
  72. GARY VAYNERCHUKGARY VAYNERCHUK You may not be able to afford to join Discover...
  73. GARY VAYNERCHUKGARY VAYNERCHUK ...but what you should know is that it’s the most underpriced inventory for meaningful conversation in the 13 to 35 demo.
  74. GARY VAYNERCHUK BOTTOM LINE: There is a f*ckton going on in video right now.
  75. GARY VAYNERCHUK I’m not saying you should give up on YouTube.
  76. GARY VAYNERCHUK But I AM saying you need to at least familiarize yourself with everything in this deck.