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How effective is the combination of your main project and ancillary texts

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How effective is the combination of your main project and ancillary texts

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main project and ancillary texts?<br />SHORT FILM<br />We decided to pan in on both of the shots used to introduce the main characters so that they finish in the same place, showing the audience that the character Tina and Sandra are linked.<br />We decided to use a split screen so that the parallels in their lives can be seen.<br />The fade we used was mainly because of the idea of time moving on, but we also wanted to enforce the ideas of how different their life styles are.<br />We sped this part of the film up to give the impression that Sandra’s life is so fast paced, contrasting with the previous scene of Tina’s life.<br />Though we originally wanted to use this area because of the graffiti, we didn’t plan on the old furniture being there but the scenery itself is quite emotive and we felt it was a good way of showing that homeless people try and find the most comfortable place they can. <br />We decided to change between long shots and extreme long shots because we didn’t want the audience to become bored or restless in the middle of this, especially because this is quite an important scene in the film.<br />This extreme close up was vital in allowing the audience to understand what was going on. This is where they can actually see that Sandra is trying to steal Tina’s artwork idea for herself, which should be quite unexpected and shocking...<br />This is quite a while after the previous scene. We only originally wanted a wet floor but the fact that it actually rained was a good thing as it makes the audience feel sorry for Tina.<br />Tina’s begging again, showing the audience that she’s still stuck in the same old rut, unable to get out of it.<br />This was our major twist; Tina actually seeing that her work was stolen and Sandra getting an award for it. It just shows that Tina didn’t think her life could get worse, but theft from a homeless person is something that is unexpected. The fade shows that Tina can’t quite understand it herself. It’s almost like our moral; that people’s lives aren’t what is expected, even those who should have the most don’t in reality. <br />FILM POSTER<br />We limited the colours so that the audience don’t become overwhelmed by them and can take more notice of what the image actually is.<br />The colours used are the same as the ones on the film so they all link together; red representing danger, and black, white and grey showing that everything is not black and white.<br />We think it will promote the film because the target audience will get the idea of what it’s about due to the image showing two obvious polar opposites; one dressed in a hoody the other with a large canvas and paintbrush.<br />We decided to use this font because it has a sharper edge to it, showing that there will be some disruption in the film, as with the silhouetted figures.<br />The use of the sky in the background gives the impression of hopes and dreams, exactly what both characters had wanted.<br />RADIO TRAILER<br />We decided to use the main song that was on our film rather than any speech to give the audience an idea that it won’t have a lot of dialogue in our film.<br />It also links the two products together, almost like a branding so that people would know that the two definitely go together.<br />We originally asked a variety of people from our target audience to watch our film and see what they thought of it. We adapted what they said and recorded actors saying it.<br />To make it more ear catching, if you like, we thought that we should use some other sound effects so put in a heartbeat to add tension and glass breaking to show disruption.<br />