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Le Reve Penthouse for Sale Dubai Marina by Verzun

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Stunning full floor 1,335m2 penthouse for sale at Le Reve tower overlooking Dubai Marina.

Le Reve tower is one of the most luxurious residential buildings in Dubai and its penthouse is truly unique.

The penthouse includes 5 beds, 8 baths, 75m2 balcony, 3 car parking space, concierge, home cinema, rooftop pool, smart home solutions and comes fully furnished.

Le Reve is a 50 storey residential building offering magnificent views from the penthouse to the Gulf, Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah.

To get more info and request a viewing please see the full listing on

Verzun is a boutique real estate brokerage firm offering hand picked selection of the worlds finest luxury properties in Dubai and worldwide valued over $10mln.

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Le Reve Penthouse for Sale Dubai Marina by Verzun

  1. 1. Finest Properties. Global Collection.
  2. 2. Stunning Penthouse for Sale in Le Reve Tower, Dubai Marina
  3. 3. Full floor 1,335m2 Penthouse
  4. 4. Le Reve is a 50 storey luxury residential building
  5. 5. The Penthouse comes fully furnished
  6. 6. View the full listing Penthouse-for-Sale-Dubai-Marina
  7. 7. The penthouse has total of 5 bedrooms
  8. 8. Each bedroom comes with a built-in wardrobe and ensuite bathroom
  9. 9. The Penthouse includes a home theatre, valet parking, rooftop pool…
  10. 10. …smart home, 3 parking spaces and concierge
  11. 11. The penthouse has 8 baths
  12. 12. 75m2 balcony is angled to offer more privacy
  13. 13. Le Reve Tower offers its residents luxury recreation area, including a pool and a gym
  14. 14. Views are overlooking the Gulf, Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina
  15. 15. See the full listing