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The First 3 Steps To Taking Your Church Online

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The First 3 Steps to Taking Your Church Online - Walking Together NW WI Synod - March 2017

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The First 3 Steps To Taking Your Church Online

  1. 1. T H E F I R S T 3 S T E P S T O T A K I N G Y O U R C H U R C H O N L I N E
  2. 2. G A M E P L A N 1 | Visual Faith 2 | Story 3 | Movements 4 | 3 Steps 5 | Q&A + Next Steps
  3. 3. Scripture engagement through meaningful imagery Visual Faith Project
  4. 4. Digital is space to be entered, not a tool to be usedM1
  5. 5. Digital is a matter of faith formation, not just a matter of marketingM2
  6. 6. Digital is everyone’s job, not just a job for an intern OR a tech pro, and you have what it takes M3
  7. 7. Digital is integrated, not a stand-alone ministryM4
  8. 8. “While religion in its institutional forms declines, religiousness—what we more often label as “spirituality” today—continues in new ways, within new forms of elective community.” Pastor Keith Anderson, Digital Cathedral
  9. 9. CREATE A TEAM to think strategy & execution
  10. 10. Teamroles S T A F F O R V O L U N T E E R Tech Nerd S T A F F Pastor S T A F F O R V O L U N T E E R Marketing Guru S T A F F O R V O L U N T E E R Team Lead S T A F F O R V O L U N T E E R Project Manager S T A F F O R V O L U N T E E R Communicator/Includer S T A F F O R V O L U N T E E R Networker S T A F F O R V O L U N T E E R Visionary FORYOURCOMMUNICATIONS/DIGITALSTRATEGYTEAM
  11. 11. CREATE A SIMPLE FRAMEWORK to get us thinking digitally
  12. 12. PurposeP1 Passion + Mission
  13. 13. PeopleP2 Pros Participants
  14. 14. PossibilitiesP3 What does impact look like in…
  15. 15. PresenceP4 Our identity in digital space
  16. 16. PlatformsP5 Social Media, Email, Website, Signage…
  17. 17. PlanP6 Thinking integrated in every planning session
  19. 19. PlaybookP7 If this, then that…
  20. 20. PostOpP7 It went well, that means…
  21. 21. CREATE A CAMPAIGN to test, fail, & learn
  22. 22. N A M E T H E I D E A D R A W T H E I D E A E X P L A I N T H E I D E A N E X T S T E P S + T I M E L I N E S T A K E H O L D E R ST E A M M E M B E R SA U D I E N C E
  24. 24. “Walking in the footsteps of Martin Luther and continuing his reforming movement today, we will boldly take a step to invite one more to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed in our church.”
  25. 25. O N E M O R E Seat filled?
  26. 26. O N E M O R E Coin in the plate?
  27. 27. O N E M O R E life transformed.
  28. 28. Jared Rendell @jaredrendell