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Slang of british_and_russian_teens

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Slang of british_and_russian_teens

  1. 1. Progress & Teenage language. Neologisms. Student: Emilia Egiazaryan 10 «D»,Gymnasium № 1
  2. 2. My dear inexperienced friend, who has got absolutely no skill in online games, my congratulations on your birthday. Let God send you only good people to be around you, ability no to be angry with unfair man. Don’t worry about hustle and bustle and deep wounds made by enemies. Don’t give up even under extremely hard challenges. Wish you strength, agility and armour which will protect you if you find yourself in deadlock situations. Remember only one thing: no pains, no gains. All wise man know about it. Self-improve yourself everyday, but in case, call us Your crew.
  3. 3. Progress is very strongly influenced on the language of modern teenagers, contributed to the emergence of new constructions, abbreviations and words-neologisms Neologism-is the name for a newly coined term, word, or phrase that may be in the process of entering common use but that has not yet been accepted into mainstream language. Neologi sms are often directly attributable to a specific person, publication, period, or event A neologism may also be a new usage of an existing word, sometimes called a semantic extension. This is distinct from a person's idiolect, their unique patterns of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.
  4. 4. Gaming Neologisms.Part 1. “Vids”- video game platforms. “Gua”-typical gamer, addicted to every form of gaming “Caramel country” – too simple vids,that can be played even by small children “Be mathed” out-to be mathematically eliminated in a game “Frag”- points accrued for killing enemies
  5. 5. Gaming Neologisms.Part 2. Jibbing-gaming ,playing hXc video games. The word also refers instances when a game character has been killed with such force that their body explodes leaving their "giblets" visible all over the floor. Power gamer- 1. One who spends a lot of time playing games. 2. One who takes the playing of games very seriously. 3.Being in a long session of playing games.
  6. 6. Gaming Neologisms.Part 3. GG-Phrase said at the end of a match, either online or in person. Means "Good Game", and indicates one of two things: Either it was truly a good, fairly played and close match, or one team got slaughtered. Yupidie-A common phrase used when you are angry. Most notably in video games. Jonesy- A term used to describe an unfair player in a type of game. Normally from a southern decent and competes at a professional level.
  7. 7. Gaming Neologisms.Part 4. Partylufo( Party looking for)-The group seeks, the group requires for somebody Partylufo DD 25-28- a group seeking for a damager 25-28 level!
  8. 8. Gaming Abbreviation  FAQ-Frequently asked question  IMHO-In my humble opinion  LOL-laughing out loud  ASAP-As soon as possible  BFF-Best friends forever  ROEFL-Rolling on the floor laughing  KISS-Keep it simple,stupid  DHC- Duty, Honor, Courage  MTAF- Message To All Friends  NP-No problem  NW-No way  OMG-Oh My God  PKD-Points, Kills, Deaths  TI-Total Immortal  TY- thank you  YHL-You have lost
  9. 9. Social Network Neologisms.Part 1. Netizen= network+ citizen Sofalize= sofa+ socialize Screenager= screen+teenager Weblish= web+ english Netiquette= net + etiquette Forgoogle= forget + google Netizen= network+ citizen Sofalize= sofa+ socialize Screenager= screen+teenager Weblish= web+ english Netiquette= net + etiquette Forgoogle= forget + google Typeative= type+ talkative Neighbornet= neighbor + net FUSION To google To friend To photoshop To tweet CONVERSION Ctrl-Alt-Delete Alt-tabbin’ Text-killer ADDITION
  10. 10. Social Network Neologisms.Part 2. Forgoogle-forget to google something Insomnia Dyslexia-typing,confusing letters due to lack of sleep Google Holiday- event or holiday, after which Google changes it’s logo Digital immigrant- any person, who is acquainted with modern technology in the adulthood Friend surge- adding a huge number of friends after returning from a trip Typeative- who sends too long, extensive messages and similarly with talkative
  11. 11. Social Network Neologisms.Part 3. Facebook fever- uncontrollable urge to constantly check the Facebook ubdates of any person Text social- when conpany spreads sms with someone else outside the company Textretaty-person, who messages instead someone Neighbornet-the neighbor interner you are using with or without permission Postmodern depression-feeling,that you get when for a long time do not have access to the Internet
  12. 12. Sport Neologisms. “Hey coach, can I finally join in.I don’t want to do my part and be a benchwarmer.Look at him,coach,that punk can’t ball for nothing,he’s a cherry picker,spotser,sir,I saw him he plays in another school volleyball team. Football player plays for volleyball. He is really boag. He took my place, I feel this season like a football widow” Benchwarmer-one who often sits on a replacement bench Cherry picker – a basketball player who is waiting for a pass near the basket to intercept the ball and easily beat it by himself  Boag- a man who does not like football  Football widow is a woman who in the days of soccer matches believes her husband died
  13. 13. Shopping Neologisms.Part 1 Retail Thepapy «Hey, do you know Natasha?No?Lucky person!Homewrecker level 99.David and Anya was such a beautiful pair.There was a cheerleader effect , but still. David has such a cute girlvoice…Why are you laughing?» Retail Therapy-therapy shopping after some stress or trouble  Homewrecker- one who comes into your life, and screws it all up. This involves stealing your boyfriend/girlfriend, puppy, your friends, until they pretty much take over your entire life.  Cheerleader effect-when girls and guys standing together seem to be stunningly beautiful,but if you take them separately , the are commmon  Girlfriend voice-voice,which apears only when a guy is talking to his girfriend on the phone
  14. 14. Shopping Neologisms.Part 2 Retail Thepapy.Part 2 “And Sasha with his canadian girfriend?No,she is not from Ottawa.No,she isn’t from Monreal.What’s wrong with you?!” Retail Therapy-therapy shopping after some stress or trouble  Canadian Girfriend- when your friends keeps saying he's got a girlfriend, but you never meet her. Imaginary girlfriend. “Do you remember Sofi?Yes,that girl with bio- accessory.Speaking about accessories,see what a beautiful ring!I’ll buy it later,maybe shop naked!Oh look,this guy buy an enragement ring!”  Bio-accessory-a living being used as a fashion accessory, like a handbag or a scarf, except that it's alive  Shop naked-to shop for items online; to buy things from an online store. Enragemt ring- typically a ring, that is purchased for a girlfriend after you have made her angry.
  15. 15. Party Neologisms. “-Oh,I drive in a dream,honey -I told you to have a disco nap” Party for profit -when a person goes out to an event or club to pursue wealthy people, and/or get free drinks and food. Disco nap- short nap before heading out to a nightclub “Katya,take me with you,I’m getting bored with this counterfriend!” Counterfriend- a stranger with whom you chat on abstract themes somewhere on a party “I broke.Going party for profit”
  16. 16. Research work. 0 2 4 6 8 10 Do teachers understand teenagers’ language? age 25-35 age 35-45 age 45-60
  17. 17. Research work. AGE/ WORD AGE 25-35 AGE 35-45 AGE 45-60 SELFIE 8 4 0 MAINSTREAM 10 3 4 GEEK 7 1 2 NEWBER(Нуб) 6 2 1 Do teachers understand teenagers’ language?
  18. 18. Just have some fun 
  19. 19. Thank you for your attention!