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Yoga Industry India

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New product idea in a booming Yoga industry.

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Yoga Industry India

  1. 1. AbsoluteYoga A one step solution for all Yoga Needs AbsoluteYoga By: Vikalp Mehta
  2. 2. Flow of the presentation 1. The Idea 2. Vision 3. Scope of the Idea 4. Growth Strategy 5. Digital Marketing Plan for Growth AbsoluteYoga
  3. 3. Idea AbsoluteYoga To create a single step destination point for all yoga needs of an individual. Single Step Means: • Yoga studio. • Yoga Accessories • Sale through Online and Offline channel. All at a single place.
  4. 4. Vision AbsoluteYoga To be a most recognized chain of Yoga Tutelage across the World from India.
  5. 5. Scope Of The Idea AbsoluteYoga $80 billion Industry worldwide 100% FDI in Make in India Plan Under Wellness Sector. Indian Market stands at INR 490 billion. Major share comes from Services(40%) Unorganized and fragmented in India Demand for instructor is growing at 30-35% per anum Data source: Economics times and Ministry of AYUSH
  6. 6. Supporting Ecosystem AbsoluteYoga Inception of popular Modern Yoga culture Particularly by celebrities. Karina Kapoor and Madonna Special Attention by government by forming a separate department called AYUSH Growing concerns for making YOGA an Brand in India*. Declaration of International Yoga Day Being healthy is the new trend among people engrossed in long office hours. AYUSH: Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy *Yoga is a greatest gift to world from India but we ourselves has lacked the true enthusiasm to adopt it as a true Indian thing.
  7. 7. Growth Strategy AbsoluteYoga •Start with a Yoga Studio •Initial Awareness through Digital and non digital channels (Potential Customers) •Higher Price and higher Quality. Introduction • Introduction of other Products like yoga accessories under the brand name of AbsoluteYoga. • Expand network. • More loyalty communication Growth(Phase 1) •Develop retail sales channel offline and Online for Supporting accessories and products •Community Branding for Brand loyalty •Sustain the growth and keep looking for new developments. Growth(Phase2)
  8. 8. The Final Set of Products AbsoluteYoga Yoga tutelage Yoga accessories like Yoga Bags, Mats, pants, bottles etc. Yoga kit including Neti Pot, Foams, Cushions etc. Learning tools like DVD and videos. Lifestyle products like Lockets, chains, posters, keychains.
  9. 9. Digital Marketing Strategy AbsoluteYoga • Who, When, Where • Why, What Segmentation • Blog about the interests of target population • E-mails, • Digital PR activities on different channels, supporting launching campaign Targeting Introductory Stage
  10. 10. Digital Marketing Strategy AbsoluteYoga Growth Stage(phase 1) Create a lot of user engagement using social media. For Example: Facebook: I am attending Yoga classes at AboluteYoga Twitter: #AbsoluteYoga you are amazing. Instagram: This is how I am doing Yoga #AbsoluteYoga Pinterest: This is the branded AbsoluteYoga bag or mat. Influencer Marketing on social Platform Pick up some loyal customers who are very active on social media and creating positive content for Brand. Create a small ORM team responsible for positive brand interaction at social media
  11. 11. Digital Marketing Strategy AbsoluteYoga Growth Stage(phase 2) Create a Yoga Community active Online and Offline • Using network of loyal customers engage Yoga community into the Yoga Awareness programs in new markets. • Innovate and generate positive hype about brand. More Specific customer targeting by effective segmentation • Launch an App for retail sales as well. • Deploying advance tools of Digital marketing and expanding its reach. • Continue building brand by involving in other health causes. • Example: Start a health conscious blogging platform, Online Yoga tips, Yoga quiz for user engagement this will sustain the brand visibility.
  12. 12. Summary AbsoluteYoga Introductory Phase Growth Phase 1 Growth Phase 2 Primary focus is to build brand awareness through digital media. Methods which can be used include Blogs, Emails and Buzz marketing tools. This stage calls for steps in loyalty building direction. A strong Social media presence along with influencers will shape up the communication. This is the stage where Brand loyalty needs to be strengthen by using community building online and offline and increase in Brand Visibility. Community needs to engage with various consumer touch points. This whole process needs to be supported by your traditional marketing tools as well.