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Ppt on automatic street light control using ir sensors

this ppt is on the topic of :automatic street light control using ir sensors"

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Ppt on automatic street light control using ir sensors

  2. 2.  The main purpose of this project is to switch ON and OFF street lights without manual operation.  By using this system energy consumption is reduced .  IR sensors and micro controller are the main components of the project.  IR sensor is like our eye which detect the presence of an object.
  3. 3.  In the present days Automated systems have less manual operations, high flexibility, and accurate.  Especially in the field of electronics automated systems are giving good performance.  our project is to control the switching of Street Lights automatically.  IR’s which detects the vehicle with the micro controller are used.
  4. 4. MICROCONTROLLER AT89S52 IR IR IR HIGH POWER LED’s Regulated Power Supply
  5. 5. Microcontroller (AT89S52) IR Sensors Light Dependent Resistor[LDR] Light Emitting Diode [LED]
  6. 6. U1 VCC 40 EA 31 X1 19X218 RST 9 P1.0 1 P1.1 2 P1.2 3 P1.3 4 P1.4 5 P1.5 6 P1.6 7 P1.7 8 P3.0/RXD 10 P3.1/TXD 11 P3.2/INT0 12 P3.3/INT1 13 P3.4/T0 14 P3.5/T1 15 P3.6/WR 16 P3.7/RD 17 Y1 33pf 33pf 10uf 10k SW1 330 330 330 330 330 330 4 X IN4001 + E D 1 3 2 + MOC 7811 MOC 7811 MOC 7811 230VAC + + D E E + + D 330 10k 330 10k. 10k 330 T1 1 5 4 8 - + 1 4 3 2 470uf 0.1uf 0.1uf 7805
  7. 7. AT89S52 Pin diagram of AT89S52
  8. 8.  The AT89S52 is a low-power, high-performance CMOS 8-bit microcontroller.  It has a 4K bytes of In-System Programmable Flash memory.  128 bytes of RAM,32 I/O lines, watchdog timer, two data pointers.  two 16-bit timer,on-chip oscillator, and clock circuitry.  PIN DESCRIPTION: VCC PORT 3 GND RST VDD ALE PWR/GND PSEN PORT 0 EA PORT 1 XTAL1 PORT 2 XTAL2
  9. 9.  Infrared sensor is an electronic instrument.  It is used to sense certain characteristics in its surroundings by emitting infrared radiations.  It is capable of measuring heat and detection of moving object.  SPECIFICATIONS: Size: [Refer to the image beside] TX: Transmitter RX: Receiver
  10. 10.  An LDR( light dependent resistor), offers the resistance in response to the ambient light.  The resistance of the LDR increases as the intensity of light increases.  It can act as a sensor, since a varying voltage drop can be obtained in accordance with the varying light.
  11. 11.  A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source.  LEDs are used as indicator lamps in many devices, and are increasingly used for lighting.  LEDs are introduced as a practical electronic component in 1962. Electrical symbol & polarities of LED Structure inside a LED
  12. 12.  The working of the project can be clearly explained by considering the street lights.  The main aim of the project is to automatic switch ON/OFF the street light by sensing the vehicle.  In this project IR’s are used for sensing the vehicles.  Initially the street lights are in OFF state by using the LDR’S.  As the IR senses the vehicle the street lights associated w.r.t that sensor will switch ON and OFF after certain time.
  13. 13.  Keil compiler is the software used in the machine language code.  The machine source code is converted into hex code.  This hex code is dumped into the microcontroller for further processing.
  14. 14.  The main idea of this project is to reduce the wastage of electricity.  For this purpose IR’s and LDR’s are used as sensors.  The street light corresponding to that IR will switch-ON automatically when a vehicle passes.
  15. 15.  Can overcome the crisis of natural power production resources in forth coming days.  Can reduce the wastage of electricity.  Ultimately can conserve some of the natural resources from completely getting vanished.
  16. 16.      Books Referred:  Raj kamal –Microcontrollers Architecture, Programming, Interfacing and System Design.  Mazidi and Mazidi –Embedded Systems.  DIP Microcontroller Manual – Microchip.  Embedded C-Michael J Pont