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Affiliate Marketing - A Guide for Complete Beginners Part1

The high failure rate of beginners trying out affiliate marketing is both well known and very disturbing. The figures thrown around range from 85% to 97%. I don’t know the real number but these failure rates use a time period of less than 120 days. Yes, just 3 months.

However, despite these startling figures affiliate marketing is, and will continue to be, one of the most profitable ways to make money on the internet.

This is a “Beginner’s Guide” will take you step by step though the process of getting started making money on the internet as an affiliate marketer.

In this Part 1 of this 4 part Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners and will cover:

What Really Is Affiliate Marketing?
What does “marketing” involve?
How does affiliate marketing actually work?
Your Unique Affiliate Link
What are the Different Types of Affiliate Programs?
The big advantages of affiliate marketing
If affiliate marketing is popular why do so many beginners fail?
The downsides of affiliate marketing
What are these front-end and back-end products I hear about?
The critical importance of an email list

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Affiliate Marketing - A Guide for Complete Beginners Part1

  1. 1. What Really Is Affiliate Marketing? “Affiliate marketing is where you as the affiliate send traffic to a vendor’s offer (giving them a referred customer) and the vendor pays you (the affiliate) if a sale or some other agreed action takes place”
  2. 2. What Does “Marketing” Really Mean? The marketing process includes: a. Deciding your “preferred target audience” and what their REAL needs are. b. Finding the most RELEVANT product solution for your target prospects. c. Sending your targeted prospects to your most relevant product solution. If they buy then you get paid.
  3. 3. How Does Affiliate Marketing Actually Work? There are 3 main parties involved with all affiliate marketing processes. A.The merchant or Advertiser is the Product Owner B. The Affiliate C. The Customer Click Here For More Details
  4. 4. What Are The Different Types Of Affiliate Programs? Pay per Sale (PPS) Pay per Click (PPC Pay per Lead (PPL) Click Here For More Details
  5. 5. Why Do So Many Beginner’s Fail With Affiliate Marketing? Lack consistency Lack Persistency Give Up Too Soon Poor Quality Traffic Relevance of Their Affiliate Offer Click Here For More Details
  6. 6. The Downsides of Affiliate Marketing? No Customer Controls Access Lower Priced Front-End Products Beginners are Totally Unaware of “The Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret” Click Here for the Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret
  7. 7. Critical Importance Of Building An Email List DON’T Send Your Traffic DIRECT to the Vendors Build Your Own List of Prospects… Then Build Relationships with Your List Continuously Offer Relevant Affiliate Offers to YOUR Subscribers. Click Here for More Details
  8. 8. Your Affiliate Marketing FREE Traffic Training Get Instant Access to 25 Hot Ways to FREE Targeted Traffic To Any of Your Affiliate Marketing Offers Click Here for Your FREE Video Training