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Most commonly and frequently asked questions for the

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Most commonly and frequently asked questions for the

  1. 1. By: VINCENT RAJ
  2. 2.  Tell me about yourself  How would your professors and previous employers describe you ?  Which College did you attend and why did you choose that college?  What did you like the most about your college and the least?  Do you think you made the right career choice?  Are you employed and if so why are you thinking of leaving your current job?  What didn't you like about the previous jobs you have held?  Why are you applying for a job outside your major and area of specialization?  What courses in the college did you like the most? And the least and why?
  3. 3.  Why are you interested in this job or why do you like to work for our organization?  What unique abilities, qualifications and experience do you have for this job?  What are your greatest strengths and achievements?  What are your greatest weaknesses?  Did you ever change your major in the college? if so why ?  How would you describe yourself?  Tell me something about yourself that I won't find on your resume.  What do you know about our company?
  4. 4.  What do you know about our products or services?  How did your previous work experience prepare you for this position?  Which aspect of your education has prepared you most for this position?  Which of your college years was the toughest? Why?  Why did you choose to find your particular college?  How does your college education or work experience relate to this job?  What types of extracurricular activities did you participate in while you were in school and college?
  5. 5.  Do you think your GPA in the university examinations accurately reflects your ability? Why or why not?  Who has financed your college education?  Are you planning to go for further studies?  Why should we hire you or in what specific ways will our company benefit from hiring you?  What are your long - run career plans and objectives?  What do you expect to be doing in 5 years and 10 years from now?  What types of work do you enjoy doing most? Least?
  6. 6.  Why did you choose your particular field of work?  Do you have any experience in working with teams or social organizations?  What do you think about the present position of this industry? Or what three trends do you observe in the future for our industry?  What accomplishment has given you the greatest satisfaction?  Why do you think you would enjoy this particular job?  Specifically, how does your education or experience relate to this job?  How did you come to know about this job in our organization? Or how did you learn about this job opening?  Are you a member of any club or social organization?  What sort of work did your parents do?  Why do you want to change your job?  Have you ever been fired? And if so why?  Have you ever held a part time job?  What did you do during summers in your college?  Have you ever done any volunteer work?
  7. 7.  What was the most interesting or satisfying job you have ever held? Why?  Who was your best manager or professor? Why did you like him or her the most? Or describe the best supervisor you ever had?  What special skills and experience you bring to our organization?  What is your current salary?  What salary do you expect for this position?  How do you define and measure success?  Do you prefer working alone or in teams?  Are you ready to relocate? Or would you be willing to relocate in the future?  Would you like to travel?  Why do you prefer to work here? or why are you interested in this job ?
  8. 8.  Why should we hire you?  Do you know any of the staff members of our organization? Or do any of your friends or relatives work for this company?  Why do you like to take up this job? Or why are you interested in this job?  Do you have the right skills and motivation to do well in this position? Or do you feel confident in your ability to handle this position?  What is the salary you think is appropriate for someone with your experience?  What makes this job different from your previous jobs?  Do you have any questions?  What do you know about the position we have open?
  9. 9.  Who do you think are our three major competitors?  Do they have any advantages over our company?  Can we contact your present employer?  Why do you want to enter this field?  What have been the biggest frustrations and failures in your career?  Do you think you have ever done the best work you are capable of doing?  Why are you leaving your current position?  Describe the best thing you ever did in your life.  Describe the best job you ever had?  How would you compare the quality of your work to that of others in the same job?
  10. 10.  What factors contribute most to your success on your current job?  Can you explain the gaps in your employment history?  What do you consider the most significant achievement in your entire career?  What has been your biggest disappointment on the previous job?  What do you consider the single most important idea you implemented in your current job?  Does your current employer know you are interviewing for a new job?  If offered a job, How long will you stay with this company?  What are you looking for in a job?  Why do you think you are the best person for this job?  Have you ever lived or travelled abroad?  Do you have any hobbies and passions that might demonstrate dedication, initiative or originality?  How do you usually handle conflicts with superiors or colleagues or subordinates?  What is the hardest thing you ever had to do in your life?  What would be the ideal company for you to work?
  11. 11.  What qualities do you expect from the ideal boss? Or describe your ideal boss.  How would your friends describe you?  How would your co-workers describe you?  Under what conditions do you perform your best work? Or describe your ideal work environment.  If you had a free afternoon, how would you use that time?  Have you ever had a conflict with a boss or professor? How did you resolve it?  Do you consider yourself a leader? Why or why not?  Describe a time when you were under pressure to perform. What was the outcome?  What are your hobbies and interests?  Describe a situation in which you and your manager worked well together in order to overcome some challenges.  What has been your most successful experience in communicating ideas to others?
  12. 12.  How do you keep your team motivated and informed when everyone is very busy and facing a tight deadline?  What interests you most about this job?  What do you think this job will offer you?  How many people have you supervised at any given time?  What financial responsibilities have you had?  What have you learned from your previous company?  How would you describe the position for which you are applying?  How do you improve yourself professionally?  Are you looking for a limited or unlimited time contract?  What makes you unique and different from other job candidates?  What do you like to do during your free time?  Are you able to work effectively under stressful situations?
  13. 13.  Can you give us some evidence of creative work you have done on the job?  What is your biggest failure and what did you learn from it?  How would you respond when your manager tells you that your performance on a particular day has not been really good?  What type of decision do you feel is the most difficult for you to make?  Could you describe a day when you faced many problems and how you could deal with it?  Do you think you’re past decisions and actions were consistent with your values?  How would you describe your last boss?  How well you can get along with people of different nature and different cultures?  Can you discuss a time when you had a disagreement with your last boss?  Describe the best boss you have ever had.
  14. 14.  How do you deal with office politics?  Why did you leave your last job?  Did you get any other job offer?  .What was your last salary?  Are you ready to bring down your salary expectations?  Do you think you were given the salary you deserve in your last job?  What salary figure do you have in mind?  What types of benefits do you expect from this job?  Are you ready to work overtime?  What do you expect to be earning in ten years?  If you are hired, what do you plan to do in the first week on the job?  Are you worried about what other people think of you?  What are your leisure time activities?  Are you undergoing any training programmes to improve your skills?
  15. 15.  What do you plan to do to improve yourself?  Have you ever received an award or citation?  Do you find the internet and the World Wide Web to be of value in your daily work? If so how?  Do you consider yourself a computer literate?  Are you open and enthusiastic about the new technologies?  Could you please give five reasons for your success?  Have you ever been fired or asked to resign?  In what areas have you received compliments from your superiors?  What is the best accomplishment you can name from each of your previous jobs?  What is your leadership style?  What has been your biggest disappointment on the job?
  16. 16.  Recall a time when you made an independent decision.  Describe an occasion when you managed a situation that was your superior’s responsibility  Recall a time when you used good judgment and logic in solving problem.  Provide an example of your previous company’s weakness and the step you took to overcome it.  Recall a time when your performance on the job led to greater productivity and profitability to your organization.  Give an example of situation in which you demonstrated your great skill to solve a problem facing your company  Tell me about a time when your hard work was rewarded.  Describe a time when you took an active role in a project for which you had little experience.
  17. 17.  Did you ever take on a task that was not part of your job description?  Could you give some evidence of your investing time or money in developing your career?  Can you give me an examples, of using a skill you have acquired to solve a problem?  With specific examples explain what you did at your last/Current job to increase income for the company  Why are you thinking of leaving your current job?  How do you deal with your problem creating subordinates?  How do you deal with difficult customers?  How do you deal with difficult co - workers?  When did you learn new skills?  If you were unfairly criticized by your superior, what would you do?  Would you like to have your boss’s jobs? Why or why not?
  18. 18.  Do you manage your time well?  How do you handle change in the workplace?  How do you arrive at making important decisions?  Who do you think are our company’s major competitors?  Have you managed / supervised people in any of the positions you have held?  What were the most memorable accomplishments in your career?  What was the greatest failure in your career?  What measures did you take to overcome that failure?  If you were starting your college life tomorrow what courses would you take?  Who is your favorite author?  What is your favorite book?
  19. 19.  Which magazines do you read regularly?  Which person has the most important influence on your life? why?  Have you ever been elected to a leadership position in a club or a professional association?  Do you volunteer to do social work?  How long have you been looking for work?  What is the most important quality you possess?  What factors determine a person’s promotion in a good organization?  What types of people are your best friends?  What unique abilities do you have?  How many days of work (or college) did you miss last year?  How will you handle criticisms?  Are you ready to work with people of different races, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, religions, cultural and life styles?  When are you available to start the job?  How did your previous employers treat you?
  20. 20.  What have you learned from your previous jobs?  Did you have a good relationship with your past boss?  What types of jobs have you enjoyed the most and the least?  In what ways have your current job or the last job prepared you to take on more responsibilities?  What experience do you have that qualifies you for this position?  How would you describe your personality?  What are the most important things for you in any job or company?  Do you think you are overqualified for this positions ?  Tell us about the biggest project you have worked on from start to finish.  Will you can handle a stressful situation?  What was the most difficult problem you have ever handled? How did you deal with it?
  21. 21.  Could you ever influence your previous boss by providing your new ideas?  What was the most difficult training course you have ever taken?  What type of marketing strategies would you use to sell a newly introduced unfamiliar product?  Are you able to work with numbers?  Are you a good listener and a fast learner?  Do you have good analytical skills?  Are you goal oriented?  Are you able to make quick and appropriate decisions?  Are you able to plan, organize and implement new projects and programmes?  Are you able to build good customer relations?  Are you well aware of the current economic and business situation and industry structure and customer needs?  Are you adaptable and able to hand multiple tasks?  Can you give a brief description of your transferable skills?
  22. 22.  Do you have good problem solving skills? Do you have good leadership qualities and capable of overcoming and dealing with obstacles?  Are you able to maintain constant contact with the team members and able to motivate them to do better tasks?  Do you think your career so far has been successful?  Why have you been working so long with your present employer?  How do you get the best from people?  How do you prepare a particular project?  Are you a natural leader?  What motivates you to take up a job?  How do you avoid misunderstandings in the work place?  Tell me about an occasion where you had to take on the role of leader.  How do your skills and experience match the job descriptions of our company’s vacancy for which you are applying?
  23. 23.  What appeals to you most about this vacancy?  Are there any other organizations to which you are applying?  How quickly can you adapt to a new work environment?  Do you mind if we contact your current or previous boss for reference?  Are you able to make difficult decisions and tough choices?  What reservations do you have about working for us?  What character flaws do you have?  What makes you better than any of the other candidates I am interviewing?  How do you manage your staff?  Why are you thinking of leaving your current job?  How did you get your last job?  How does this job fit into your career plan?  How have you handled criticism of your work in the past?  How has your employer rewarded your accomplishments?  What are your short term and long term goals?  Have you ever taken a position that did not fit into your long term plans?
  24. 24.  Have you progressed in your career as per your expectations?  Why did you choose this career?  What makes you think that this job is right for you at this point in your career?  What career path interests you within the company?  Do you have any hobbies?  What are some of the things you do to relax?  Are there any community projects that have benefitted from your professional experience?  Are you punctual for your work?  Are there any issues in your personal life that might in some way affect your professional career?  after learning more about this job, which aspect interests you most?  Do you have any concerns about performing this job?  Will you be able to respond to customer complaints effectively?  Several of our clients have not paid their bills. If we hire you, how will you collect the money from them?
  25. 25.  Are you able to maintain confidential information about our product and services?  As my assistant, will you able to do my work sincerely, whenever I will be out of my office?  Do you have any problem in working around the clock for a week three to four times a year?  What kinds of jobs did you have during your college days?  How is the present job different from that ones you had before it?  What duties of your last job did you find difficult to perform?  What additional benefits do you expect to get from this job that your last job did not provide?  Is there any special reasons for you to choose the job in this industry your career?  What particular aspect of our company interests you most?  How will you be successful in this job?
  26. 26.  Do you have sufficient knowledge about our recent growth and performance?  Do you know much about the major clients of our company?  If you are given an opportunity to develop a new product for our company, what would it be?  Can you identify our company’s distinct advantages over our competitors?  Could you suggest some new strategies for improving our advertising campaign?  Can you identify some of the areas where our company’s need considerable improvement?  If we allow you to run our company, what would you do differently?  Do you know about the missions and the visions of our company?  Do you think our company will have a bright future?  What would be your dream job?  What would you say if one of our company competitors offered you a job?  How have your career changed over the past few years?  How does this job fit in your career goals?
  27. 27.  Do you have an up to date Knowledge about the goal of this business?  Why is unemployment so high in Europe?  Why is unemployment very high in India?  What will you contribute to the growth of this company?  Are you aware of your job description if we hire you?  If you were hired today, what will be the first thing you would do?  Are you planning to do an MBA degree programme?  Why did you choose to study at Madonna university ?  How did you manage to score very high GPA at the university exams?  Why did you score lower grades in school exams?  Why haven’t you done any internship?  Did you do any internship during the college days?  What did you gain from attending the college?
  28. 28.  How would your professors describe you?  Did you ever have any disagreement with your teacher in the school or your professor in the college?  What did you like the most about your college?  Which aspects of your work are most often criticized?  How do you feel when things go wrong on a project? How would you handle it?  Did you ever work with a boss who was unfair to you?  Why did you work in the previous jobs for a short period?  Why did you stay in your room last job for such a long time?  Do you think that you are qualified and skilled to take up more challenging jobs?  Would you be able to work longer hours if the job required you to?  Are you sincerely interested in working with our company in this available position?  How good are your communication and presentation skills?  What really wakes you up in the morning looking forwards to work?
  29. 29.  How important to you is your work / life balance?  Do you think your lack of accounting knowledge will be a disadvantage in this job?  What opinions have you formed of the people you have met so far?  Do you enjoy hard work?  In your opinion, what is the ideal relationship with your boss?  How does your present team see you?  How will you know when you have found the right job?  How do you manage your subordinates?  How do you deal with interpersonal conflicts?  What factors will make a successful team?  Would you describe yourself as a good manager?  What is your attitude towards delegation?  In what ways do you intend to improve upon your performance?  What are you most afraid of?
  30. 30.  Are you satisfied with your current earning?  Would you still be interested in this job, if your current employer offered a pay rise?  Can you tell me about your most admired teacher?  In what job position did you make the best use of your communication skills?  In which job position were you the best at motivating yourself or others?  Which was the most difficult client interview you faced last year? How did you prepare and respond to the client’s concerns?  What are your views on diversity? How would you manage a diverse team?  How would you differentiate between a manager and a leader?  What will be your next step if you don’t get this job?  How do you deal with failures in life?  Are you good at doing research?  What personal characteristics do you think will assist to your overall success?  Do you consider yourself a leader or follower?  Have you ever had difficulties in getting along with others?  Have you successfully worked with a different person?  What do you expect regarding your salary?
  31. 31.  Can you give a brief description about your education and work experience?  In which job description did you make the best use of your communication skills?  Could you describe a time when, despite your best efforts, you were unable to meet a technical challenge or solve a technical problem?  What factors encouraged you to apply for this role?  What do you think of our facility here?  How did you come to know about this job?  What do you know about our organization?  Did you experience any difficulty in finding our organization?  Could you describe about your study and time at the university?  Do you regularly read the news paper in the morning and if so which is your favorite news paper?  From which source did you see this job advertisement?  Describe briefly about your work history.  In your last job, what exactly were you responsible for?  What could you learn from the jobs that you have held?
  32. 32.  Some of the terms you have used in your resume are unclear to us , could you please explain those terms concisely and clearly ?  What did you gain from your bachelor’s degree?  Why did you choose that particular course of study?  How will your knowledge from your studies will help you in this job?  Don’t you think you are over qualified for this position?  What have you learned from your previous jobs?  How do you update your knowledge?  What measures have you taken to improve your marketing skills?  Why did you choose to become a marketing manager or operations manager?  What is your opinion about the current important trends in our industry?  With very little work experience do you think you can perform well in this position for which you interviewing?
  33. 33.  Do you really want this job?  What are the major goals you would like to achieve?  What personal qualities do you possess which will make you successful in this position?  How much freedom do you expect to get in a job?  What kind of management potential do you have?  In what way do you think this role will be the right next step for you ?  What has been the right point of your career?  Why do you want to change your present job?  Why did you leave your last job?  Will you respond positively, if your present employer offers you better pay package?  .What are your expectations in your ideal job?  Would you like to work for us on voluntary basis?  What do you identify as our biggest market advantage?  How would you rate your career growth compared with your peers?
  34. 34.  Describe a time when you had to make an unpopular decision under tremendous pressure from top management?  How do you evaluate your work performance?  How did you know you were doing a good job?  What type of individuals do you think will do well in this job? Can you give the evidence?  We are interested in employing people with specific competencies. How does your experience match our requirement?  How did you get along with your team members in your last job?  Can you give examples of a time when you had to work with a difficult team?  Have you ever persuaded your colleagues in the work place to do some work they were unhappy about?  Have you ever failed to achieve a goal that had been set for you?  Did you ever have to work under pressure and how did you successfully manage it?  How well can you motivate and manage people?  Could you tell me about a time when you took a tough decision as a manager?
  35. 35.  Could you give me examples of leadership qualities you have displayed in your life?  Are you able to save sufficient money for the organization which has employed you?  How do you describe us as a business organization?  Have you ever been asked to resign from your job?  How did you get along with your previous boss?  Have you ever been asked to accept a pay and how did you respond?  Have you ever worked without supervision?  Did you ever fail to meet a challenge in your life?  Have you ever had any problems with previous supervisors?  Can you give a examples to prove that you are reliable?  What kind of problems do you normally encounter in your job?  What were your reasons for leaving your last job?  What kind of decisions do you make in your current job?  How well can you follow instructions of your superiors?  What are the reasons for your success in the current profession?  How do you rate your confidence? Or Are you ready to take up any challenging tasks?
  36. 36.  What measures would you take to improve our business performance?  How can you find out what your competitors are doing?  Do you have a good understanding of specific sales and marketing techniques for selling our products?  In which fields / areas do you have good experience and specialized knowledge?  How do you handle specific tasks and assignments?  How do you approach specific problems that confront you in implementing an important decision?  How do you get the knowledge of what is happening in other departments of the organization where you are working?  What is the definition of a good job in your profession?  Have you ever supervised people more qualified than you?  Do you have any objection to being supervised by a person less qualified than you?  Are you able to write procedures, specifications and tenders in your job confidently, clearly and accurately?  What steps do you take to make important decisions?  How do you define a pleasant working environment?
  37. 37.  What would you do to improve our business if you were given a free hand by us?  What kinds of decisions do you think are most difficult for you to make?  .When was the last time you have to shout at a colleague?  How do you motivate your co-workers?  How do you prioritize your work load?  Are you able to influence and persuade people?  How do you recruit a new member to a team?  How do you conduct an effective and efficient meeting?  How familiar are you with total quality management and control and do you use it currently?  What methods do you use to predict the future workloads?
  38. 38.  Do you have a positive view on customer service?  How do you get along with people of different cultures, different nationalities and different ethnicities?  What skills do you think are most important to handle people tactfully?  Do you think your lack of experience and lack of qualifications could be a problem for tacking up this job?  Do you think you will be successful in your current job?
  39. 39.  How do your skills and experience help you to take up this job?  Can you describe in detail about your last two positions?  What do you know about our firm’s competitors? Do they pose any threat to us?  If you are a good and efficient employee, why didn’t you get promotion in your previous job?  What is the most recent skill you have learned?  Have you ever been involved in long range planning?  In how many months time will you be able to make a meaningful contribution to our organization?  Do you have any reservation about working with us here?  In what way did you your pervious job prepare you to take on greater responsibilities?  How does your previous boss describe you?
  40. 40.  The present job requires multiple responsibilities. How will you do those tasks efficiently and effectively?  How quickly can you make an important decision in your department?  For what types of decisions have you been most frequently criticized?  How will you deal with difficult people?
  41. 41.  Can you describe your management style?  What kind of procedure do you follow in hiring?  What are people’s greatest misperceptions about you?  How do you deal with disgruntled subordinates?  Have you ever fired anyone and did you ever doubt your decision about firing someone?
  42. 42.  What do people like most about you and least about you?  How do you rate yourself on the scale of efficiency?  Do you ever say lie to get things done?  How often are you disturbed and what makes you mad?  How do you make your opinions known when you have disagreement with your management or boss?  Do you think that you are a successful individual? Can you give some examples for your career success?  Did you ever face any personal hardship in your life?  Could you mention about a situation where you personally or professionally failed?  Who is your greatest personal mentor?  How did you manage to get your last job?
  43. 43.  When do you expect promotion?  When do you plan on retrieving?  How much time did you take off from work?  Do you have any objection to honesty or psychological testing?  Will your boss feel upset when you resign from your job?  What was the least satisfying job that you ever had?  What kinds of personal experience, outside of work, do you have for this job?  How do you manage to interview while still employed?  Can you describe the way you moved up through the organization?
  44. 44.  What was your favorite position, and what role did your boss play in making it so unique?  What was your least favorite position? What role did your boss play in your career at that point?  What makes you stand out among your peers? ( P.11)  What have you done in your present / last position to increase your organization’s total revenue? (P.13)  What have you done to reduce your department’s operational costs or to save time? ( P.14)  What has been your most creative achievement at work?  What are the broad responsibilities of a job title? ( P.20)
  45. 45.  What aspect of your job do you consider most crucial?  How many hours a week do you find it necessary to work in order to get your job done? ( P. 23)  What does growth mean to you? ( P.33)  What kind of mentoring and training style do you have? Do you naturally delegate responsibilities? (P.52)  How would you describe the amount of structure, direction and feedback you need in order to excel in your career?  What type of corporate culture will you create if we hire you? (P.55)  How does your degree prepare you for a career in industry or to excel as a job title?  What qualification do you have beyond academics that qualify you to make a successful transition into business? ( P.61 )  Do you think your grades are a good indicator of your ability to succeed in business? (P.63)  What other type of companies and positions are you considering right now? ( P. 64)