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33 Tools for Creating Stunning Visual Content

A picture is worth a thousand words. In today's marketing world visual content is key! The challenge is creating engaging & unique images that capture your audience. Here, we provide you with the tools to create successful visual content that you can integrate into your own marketing strategy.

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33 Tools for Creating Stunning Visual Content

  1. 1. Tools for Creating Stunning Visual Content 33
  2. 2. VISUAL CONTENT ~A picture is worth a thousand words
  3. 3. -Free Photos -Icons -GIFs -Infographics -Designs -App Mockups -Annotated Screenshots -Image Resizing -Image Compression -Video -Quotes -Memes -Quiz Creators TOOLS TO CREATE VISUAL CONTENT
  4. 4. FREE PHOTOS These sites provide amazing photos that you can use for personal or commercial purposes without credits.
  5. 5. TOOLS: Picjumbo, Unsplash, Gratisography, Splitshire, Superfamous Studios, Little Visuals, Life of Pix & Stock Up
  6. 6. ICONS Icons are a great way to represent an action, object, or emotion visually.
  7. 7. The Noun Project, Ballicons, & Round Icons TOOLS:
  8. 8. GIFs A graphical image that moves. Gifs are fun to share, and easy to make.
  9. 9. TOOLS: GifYouTube, GIPHY, Gifmaker, Gifycat, & Recordit
  10. 10. INFOGRAPHICS A visual representation of information or data, infographics are key to any content marketing and SEO strategy.
  11. 11. TOOLS: Piktochart Infogram Infogram
  12. 12. DESIGNS You don't need to be a designer to make beautiful graphics. These visual editing tools guide you through a simple creation process.
  13. 13. TOOLS: Canva Picmonkey (used to make this powerpoint)
  14. 14. APP MOCKUPS Use these tools to demonstrate how your product will look in real life, without actually building it.
  15. 15. TOOLS: Cool Mockups & Placeit
  16. 16. ANNOTATED SCREENSHOTS These tools help you share the perfect screenshot of your website or app. Add annotations to explain to the user what they will see.
  17. 17. TOOLS: Skitch Awesome Screenshot
  18. 18. IMAGE RESIZING Optimize your image size for each social network.
  19. 19. TOOLS: Social Image Resize ~Automatically resize and crop photos to be the ideal size for every social network.
  20. 20. IMAGE COMPRESSION Reduce your images to make sure the size doesn't impact your page speed.
  21. 21. TOOLS: TinyPNG ~Use this tool to compress your PNG files.
  22. 22. VIDEO These sites provide free stock videos that you can use for personal or commercial purposes without credits.
  23. 23. TOOLS: Dissolve & Life of Vids
  24. 24. QUOTES Any photo can become a unique visual by simply adding a cool quote.
  25. 25. TOOLS: ShareAsImage ~A chrome extension that lets you turn text into an image
  26. 26. MEMES Discover trending memes, add text and make them your own with these tools.
  27. 27. TOOLS: Memegen Imgflip
  28. 28. QUIZ CREATORS Make a dynamic, visual quiz to engage your audience around a relevant topic or collect information.
  29. 29. TOOLS: Playbuzz Qzzr
  30. 30. /viraltag @viraltag @viraltag /company/viraltag Manage your visuals with Viraltag