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Video Conferencing via Robots: Needs and Implications of Access by Cyber Proxy

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Presentation to BCNet 2015 conference in Vancouver on video conferencing via telepresence robot. I introduce the concept of cyber proxy and need for policy to increase access and equity for learners.

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Video Conferencing via Robots: Needs and Implications of Access by Cyber Proxy

  1. 1. Video Conferencing Via Robot: Needs and Implications of Access by Cyber Proxy Valerie Irvine | Rich McCue @_valeriei | @richmccue UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA TIE RESEARCH LAB Flickr@wwward0 CCBYND2.0
  2. 2. Multi-Access: A Brief Overview
  3. 3. vGo Video Conference Robot More about the robot in a minute...
  4. 4. Kubi vGoDouble
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Copyright John Bell UMichigan
  7. 7. Physical Flickr@faultlesspajamo CCBYNCSA2.0
  8. 8. Remote or Rural Flickr@Michel-Yves CCBYND2.0
  9. 9. Special Needs / Anxiety Flickr@gregous CCBYNCND2.0
  10. 10. Time Flickr@darrentunniclif CCBYNCND2.0
  11. 11. And probably THE biggest obstacle…
  12. 12. Ego Accessibility Flickr@mariaplus32005 CCBYNCND2.0
  13. 13. Control
  17. 17. DO I HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL? YOURFlickr@booleansplit CCBYNC2.0
  18. 18. ● Need for Equity Among Access ● Avoid Preferential Treatment ● Policy on Cyber Proxy
  19. 19. Use Cases for Video Conference Robots
  20. 20. Professors ≠ Tech Support Specialists YOU FOOL! YOU POOR FOOL! DID YOU MESS WITH IT? DON’T MESS WITH IT!
  21. 21. Support for Eduroam & Cisco Infrastructure
  22. 22. Excellent Tech Support from vGo
  23. 23. he Business Case for Video Conference Robo
  24. 24. 7 Instructors Perspectives on Multi-Access Video Conference Robots...
  25. 25. “If you had asked me that question two years ago I would have balked. [Using a VC robot] would be exciting and challenging. It’s about what we’re doing, not about the technology. I’d love to see that in action. Again I see that as superior to what we’ve experienced [with BlueJeans], the fact that they can turn the camera and talk. That more replicates what we’re trying do in the room.”
  26. 26. “I think in that case where I have one student coming in or two or three; a small number of students relative to the number of students in my class this would be great. Perfect actually, because you could go out in the hall and work in a group.”
  27. 27. “The robot to me is an interesting idea. Part of my thinking is thinking about who are we, so it’s ontological but what essence or what physicality is different to me. It wouldn’t bother me, if I had 10 of those it still wouldn’t bother me, it’s just another way of being.”
  28. 28. “I can just teach normally to them and to them the same way as this face-to-face student. I don’t see that being an issue. ” “Wonderful. I have students all the time who are sick who skype in. They have to find a friend to skype them in, but that would be great.” “I would love to try it as a student. I would love to try it as a teacher. As long as I have no responsibility for moving their screens around.”
  29. 29. Destination in Place and Space
  30. 30. ● Slides at ● Follow us at @_valeriei @richmccue ● Email: Questions / Comments?