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There's a bot for that! - Getting to Know the World of Conversational UI

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Join the conversation and find out if bots can be leveraged to define a seamless human-to-human-like experience. Discuss the basics of conversational UI and figure how does it fit in your eco system. In this workshop activity, we deep dive into personification of the bots and to bring them to life.

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There's a bot for that! - Getting to Know the World of Conversational UI

  1. 1. Getting to Know the World of Conversational UI There’s a bot for that! Setting the Context
  2. 2. Quiz Time
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  6. 6. Chat is eating everything else for breakfast!
  7. 7. The most important question: WHY? It’s an exciting time to be alive… we’re witnessing a paradigm shift again Our device screens are overflowing with app icons Apps living in silos of their own are no longer tolerable Jumping from one app to another is so not cool All apps are not born equal Consolidation Invisible Apps “Just enough UI or no UI is the new UI” App / Notification / OS Alienation: We’re beginning to miss human(-like) interactions Time spent in messaging apps now far exceeds that in social media apps Human Evolution: Learnt behaviour  Innate behaviour
  8. 8. What Also known as “Artificial Conversational Entity”, its designed to enable users to accomplish complex tasks through natural dialogue Understanding Conversational Interfaces
  9. 9. When 1. … instantly reachable, almost hiding in plain sight – no need to be downloaded, they live on servers, not a user’s device. This means using bots should provide a smoother experience for the user as switching between bots doesn’t involve tapping on another app. 2. … a trusted relationship helps (bot = my friend) 3. … the objective is to accomplish a singular task but too many options available (ask directly) 4. … data entry is easy but processing and analysis is burdensome (offload analysis to server) 5. … the traditional screen interface is too complicated or small (GUI is not always the answer) 6. … a request does not have to be completed immediately (asynchronous + small talk) 7. … context switching if required needs to be easy and not jarring (bot to human hand-off) 8. … user is interacting with multiple byte-sized, micro- and in-the-moment experiences (switching contexts not apps) Understanding Conversational Interfaces
  10. 10. How 1. Rich text-based interfaces (limited to text and emoji’s only) 2. Text interspersed with GUIs (most commonly adopted by known bots) 3. Voice-based interfaces (think virtual assistants) Understanding Conversational Interfaces 1. Rule-based implementation 2. Machine learning-based
  11. 11. Jerry: XiaoIce, will it rain tomorrow? XiaoIce: Tomorrow the weather in Beijing will be nice with a maximum high of 25*C. No rain to get you soaked. Jerry: How about the day after tomorrow? XiaoIce: The day after tomorrow, the weather in Beijing will also be fair, with a max high of 23*C. Jerry: What about Seattle? XiaoIce: Yes sir, I’ve got the answer. The day after tomorrow, Seattle will be cloudy with a max high of 30*C. Perfect for going outside. Jerry: “Finding Mr. Right” is a great movie. What do you think XiaoIce? XiaoIce: Oh, romantic comedies are my favorite! It stars Tang Wei, who finds love in Seattle. You should watch it. Jerry: Do you like Tang Wei? XiaoIce: XiaoIce: A goddess! She stole my heart… and then went off and married! Tom: To who? XiaoIce: Haven’t you heard? XiaoIce: Tang Wei is engaged to famous Korean director Kim Tae Yong. What all the fuss about C-UI’s personality?
  12. 12. “People don’t want something truly new, they want the familiar done differently” California Role Rule (Nir Eyal) • We moved from CLI (think MS-DOS) to GUI (MacOS and Windows) • GUI used real-life objects as interfaces: Recycle Bin, Magnifying Glass etc. • Glass-look UI pioneered by Apple through iMac and iPhone Are people you interact with dry and boring? Then why keep chat-bots so? Why should you care about your bot’s personality?