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[Webinar] The Scalable Way: Unlocking Data To Drive Great Customer Experience And Conversion Uplift

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Watch this webinar to understand how some of the leading Fortune 2000 organizations have built a robust and scalable process to turn data into insights, and to use insights to elevate their CX leading to drastically higher conversions and in turn Revenue/ROI.

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[Webinar] The Scalable Way: Unlocking Data To Drive Great Customer Experience And Conversion Uplift

  1. 1. 1 The Scalable Way: Unlocking Data To Drive Great Customer Experience and Conversion Uplift Arpit Srivastava Manager - Marketing Strategy and Analysis, Publicis Sapient Paresh Mandhyan Director of Marketing, VWO
  2. 2. 2 Arpit has 12+ years of experience in digital marketing, data analytics, & experience optimization. In his current capacity at Publicis Sapient, he consults several large scale businesses to help them drive ROI; using data-driven marketing & optimization strategies. Paresh has 12+ years of experience in various aspects of the marketing mix with a keen focus on demand generation & conversion optimization. In his current role as head of marketing at VWO, Paresh has been instrumental in optimizing the end to end inbound funnel to grow it by over 30% in 6 months. Your Speakers for today’s webinar Arpit Srivastava Manager - Marketing Strategy and Analysis, Publicis Sapient Paresh Mandhyan Director of Marketing, VWO
  3. 3. Journey to Human Happiness 3
  4. 4. Journey to Happy Customer Experience Robust Analytics Foundation + Data Driven Experience Optimization
  5. 5. Your target audience expects great CX at every touch point! Including your website, landing pages, product pages etc. We all know why is great CX so important… Let’s recap! Audience Expectations
  6. 6. Be Relevant or Lose Customers There is no middle ground. 70% of business buyers says it’s absolutely critical for companies to provide a personalized experience. 74% of business buyers conduct more than half of their research online before making an offline purchase. 75% of B2B buyers would purchase again from suppliers that offered omni-channel capabilities.
  7. 7. People used to shop in a linear pattern. Linear Click Based Model But, that’s no longer the case. Audience Behaviour
  8. 8. Your Audience now shops in more ways than ever before. 10* Touch points on an average to generate a qualified lead. Event more to generate a purchase online! *
  9. 9. So What Does It Take To Convert more Leads/Customers on your website with great CX?
  10. 10. “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned” Benjamin Franklin
  11. 11. Step 1: Organize Your Analytics via Robust Analytics Foundation (Qualified TAM) Impressions, Visits, % New Visits etc. (TAM with some commercial intent) CTR, PDP Views, form fill (Ready to buy or bought) Visitor Loyalty, Cart size, Cart Abandonment rate, Profit (Current Users with repeat purchase) Likelihood to recommend, CLTV Awareness Consideration Purchase Loyalty Structure Measurement Framework Across Buyer Stages and Objectives
  12. 12. Building the Right MarTech Ecosystem Martech 33% Other Marketing Resources 67% Marketing Budget Source: Gartner CMO Spend Survey 2018-19
  13. 13. Too Many Choices in the MarTech Space
  14. 14. Collect Consistent Data Using Data Layer & TMS User Actions ▪ Page views ▪ Button Click ▪ Form Submit ▪ Checkout ▪ Purchase Data Layer on web page <script> window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; dataLayer.push({ 'userId' : ABC123', 'internalUser' : true,}); </script> TMS ▪ Properties/ containers ▪ Tags / Extensions ▪ Triggers / Rules ▪ Variables / Data Elements Marketing & Analytics Tags ▪ Google Analytics ▪ VWO Insights ▪ LivePerson ▪ Marketo ▪ Remarketing Pixel Data Layer TMS Organized Analytics Instrumentation
  15. 15. “Prioritize data quality everything else is a false promise” Head of Analytics, Fortune X Automobile client
  16. 16. Tag Key Content in your CMS Content Creation (PDFs, Banners, Videos etc.) Upload/Publish SharedConsumed Metadata Content ID Category Name Type Purpose Stage Persona Metrics & Metadata Views Clicks Downloads Visitor Tagged Metrics Ratings Comments Social Share Metadata Published Date Author’s Name
  17. 17. Build a Campaign Data Governance Process Define campaign tracking code taxonomy for each channel and streamline the creation process Define marketing channel using tracking code structure Grant access to campaign code to each of marketing team / agencies based on channel they are responsible for Channel owners generate code by inputting key values and append tracking code in campaign destination url
  18. 18. Scaling the Audience by Breaking the Data Silos Analytics CRM Partner Data Social Media Shared audiences across Channels & Teams
  19. 19. DMP has become key component in Analytics Infrastructure Analysis on advance segments & distribution Use audiences to trigger email Audience Targeting with personalized content. Content synchronization across devices Buy advertising based on audience intelligence Unified Data Analytics DSP / Ad networks ExO platform Email Engine
  20. 20. Qualitative Quantitative ▪ Web analytics data ▪ CRM Data ▪ Heat maps ▪ Form analytics ▪ Session Replays ▪ Customer Interviews ▪ Sales & Client Services Interviews ▪ User Testing ▪ User Feedback on Why they are or aren’t doing something ▪ VOC
  21. 21. Outcome: Architecture to support scalable optimization program CRM Marketing Automation DMP Experience Optimization & Ad platforms Web Analytics See the experiment associated with a lead and a contact in CRM Lead, contact and account attributes TMS Data Layer Segmented audience originally created in Analytics Recognize user before EXO platform serves the experience Optimized experience based on data from other systems Website (CMS) Audience discovery, segmentation, and enrichment Report performance of the experience Onboard Analytics & CRM data to be used for media Content Meta Data Session recording & Heat map Second and Third Party Data attributes
  22. 22. Understand Audience Behaviour Tracking metrics and identifying what parts of conversion funnel need fixing Hypothesis Constructing educated hypothesis, based on your research Prioritize Planning and prioritizing your hypothesis Test Testing your hypothesis against the existing version of the website Measure/Learn Deploying the winning hypothesis and/or gathering learning for subsequent tests Key Deliverables: Improve Audience CX Improve Conversions/Revenue Step 2: Implement an Experience Optimization Program (ExO)
  23. 23. Why ExO? Bridge the Gap What you offer? What Customer needs? Customer Satisfaction
  24. 24. Understanding Audience Journey – Use the Framework to Follow the Trail
  25. 25. Build a structured Hypothesis – VWO Hypothesis Framework Based on Observations I believe Solution will address Problem for Audience and impact Goal by uplift % Evidence or Research that identifies a pattern or a problem that needs solving If you are just starting to test, then Audience is probably all visitors. But as you mature in optimization your audience is a subset Brings in accountability on what your team was trying to achieve
  26. 26. Example Of A Data Driven Hypothesis
  27. 27. Build a structured Hypothesis (another approach) Identified Problem Qualitative Proof Quantitative Proof Change/tactic Key Metrics Define Hypothesis Form Submission Rate is below industry average for Quote lead form Feedback from usability testing Visitor to Lead is 2% for Pricing form Breakdown long "Get a Quote" form into multi step form Quotation form submit rate can be improved by 50% If we breakdown long "Get a Quote" form into multi step form then it would reduce friction & we can improve form fill rate by 50% because currently Quote form converts@2%, less then site average of 3%.
  28. 28. Measuring Quality & Quantity of ExO program Measurement Quantity: o # of test ideas o # of experiments live Quality: o # of experiments that reached significance level o # of positive results o # YTD Revenue impact
  29. 29. Knowledge Management Framework Experiment Story & Hypothesis Metrics that Matter Learning If we remove generic lead/Demo forms with eBook offers for pages that have content targeted to enterprise clients then it would improve Form Completion Rate by 50% because current form is showing conversion rate of less then 1% compare 2% for other forms Form Completion Rate Enterprise prospects need to be dealt differently with some content marketing tactic & not regular demo or generic form in order to increase conversion e.g. eBooks & starter kit has shown improvement in conversions rate by 50%
  30. 30. VWO Prioritization Framework Confidence Importance Ease How confident are you of achieving the uplift in conversion rates from this test? How valuable are the audience you are testing for? How Easy is it implement this test? Generally higher confidence can be achieved with high level of research Not just effort for design and dev, but also take into account how easy is it to get all stakeholders to agree to doing this For example a test conducted on bottom of the funnel could be more important than a test on top of the funnel
  31. 31. Targeting and personalization One to most One to few One on One Majority sits here e.g. Geo Based experience Up your Game Strive for this e.g. targeting based on content consumption, customer attributes & persona driven Auto personalization. AI and ML play.
  32. 32. Targeting & Personalization Framework example Audience Data by Analytics, CRM, DMP, & ExO platform Page /Screen Type e.g. Home Page User Who downloaded but never requested demo Customers Attributes like Enterprise Plan Subscriber for Product X Anonymous Use from Industry X Returning User from a city where you are hosting an event Section/compone nt/Ads/Emails Hero Image & H1 Hero Banner CTA Side Bar Header Links Center Right Sticky CTA
  33. 33. Customer Type Targeting Goal: Make the re-ordering process easier Cookie returning customers and speak differently to segment with re-order messaging 8% increase in overall conversion Control Variatio n
  34. 34. Wrap up Don’t just focus on increasing the number of times you roll the dice, but focus on increasing the odds of winning!
  35. 35. Thank You! Q&A
  36. 36. Checkout upcoming webinars