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  1. 1. INTRODUCTION Mathematics club plays an important role in motivating the students to learn mathematics with interest and involvement. Sometimes, teaching mathematics in classrooms becomes monotonous that the students become restless and get easily distracted..Mathematics club provides excellent opportunities for students to break away from monotony of a rigid structured classroom environment. Though the learning takes place in a mathematics club is informal in nature, it is meaningless as the stress is on practical applications. In mathematics club, the student chooses the activities on his own and purchase them in a free and relaxed manner contrary to the atmosphere prevailing in a classroom. Club provides a lot of freedom of expression for students and supplements classroom learning. FUNCTIONS OF A MATHEMATICS CLUB The functions of a maths club can be summarized as under 1)Mathematics club helps us in the proper utilisation of leisure time 2)It helps in arousing and maintaining student's interest in mathematics 3)It provides the students with opportunities to develop their explorative, creative and inventive faculties 4)It inculcates the habit of self study and independent work among the students 5)It offers an ideal avenue for a free exchange of mathematical ideas and for frank and helpful criticism of these ideas 6)It provides an informal and a social atmosphere which the classroom can hardly provide 7)It offers excellent opportunities for free consideration of matters of special interest to the members of necessity of following any particular sequence as required in a class room 8)It develops heuristic and problem solving attitude among students 9)It provides opportunities for students to translate the theory into practice and so apply their learning in daily life situation 10)It helps the students to imbibe social qualities like co operation,tolerance,adjustment and open mindedness,as they work in groups ORGANISATION OF MATHS CLUB A properly organised mathematics club goes a long way in stimulating interest among the students in mathematics.It is desirable that the initiative for the organisat ion of such a club should come from the students.It should be run by the students under the supervision and guidance of mathematics teacher.The objectives of the club should be clearly stated and understood by all members. The following office bearers are essential for the successful working of the mathematics club. DUTIES OF OFFICE BEARERS For the efficient and successful working of the mathematics club,it is advisable to demarcate the duties of each office bearer. Patron : The Patron takes keen interest in all the activities of the club.He's responsible for providing all possible facilities to club. Sponsor : The sponsor takes initiative to start the mathematics club and motivates the students to plan and carry out a number of activities.His role is that of a guide,advisor and supervisor. Chairman of Executive committee : He has to convene and preside over executive committee meetings.
  2. 2. Secratary : Secratary calls for executive meetings in consultation with the chairman and in accordance with the provisions of club constitution Members of executive Committee : They've to extend full co operation in planning and carrying out program of the club Treasurer : He's responsible for collecting membership fee and maintaining the correct amount of income and expenditure CONCLUSION The programme of a mathematics club may cover wide range of topics.The topics may include history of mathematics,biographical sketches,evolution and development of certain aspects of present day mathematics,some selected topics from any branch of mathematics,games and contests,and application of mathematics to other subjects and field of activity.Thus a mathematics club gets the students acquainted with a wide range of topics relating to mathematics.The success of mathematics club depends upon the enthusiasm shown by teacher as well as the involvement of the students in the activities and programs organised by the club