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Outdoor advertising design for jewellers global advertisers

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Outdoor advertising design for jewellers global advertisers

  1. 1. According to the FICCI-AT Kearney study 'All that glitters is Gold: India Jewelery Review 2013', the country's gems and jewellery market is expected to double by 2018. The domestic industry had a market size of INR 251000 Cr. in 2013 with potential to grow to INR 500000 - 530000 Cr. by 2018. Global has been closely associated with some of the best jewellery brands in the country like Bhima Jewellers in the last 18 years. Global offers bulk discounts, IPO marketing plans, flexible payment terms and hand-holding from concept stage to post-campaign feedback to their clients in jewellery business. To know more about our outdoor media packages for the banking sector call Sanjeev Gupta on 9820082849 or log onto