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Cloud foundry presentation

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Cloudfoundry is the open platform as a service providing a faster and easier way to build, test, deploy and scale applications.Deploy & Scale in seconds on your choice of clouds.

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Cloud foundry presentation

  1. 1. INTRODUCING CLOUD FOUNDRY The Industry’s Open Platform as a Service and its relevance to Security and Privacy. Presented By Vivek Parihar @vparihar
  2. 2. The Industry’s Open Platform as a Service Deploy and scale applications in seconds, without locking yourself into a single cloud.
  3. 3. • Target <any cloud> • Push <my app> • Bind <my services> • Instances <my app> +100 What if…
  4. 4. Apps these days… • Are heavily reliant on Frameworks • Are on myriad platforms • Data Intensive • Get deployed on virtual and cloud infrastructures.
  5. 5. Cloud Foundry – The Open Platform as a Service
  6. 6. Cloud Foundry
  7. 7. • Developer Agility • Portability without changes • Open – The freedom to choose • (Obviously this freedom is limited only to Technology! ;) ) Why Cloud Foundry?
  8. 8. Cloud – Multi- Tenant PaaS Operated by VMware
  9. 9. Micro Cloud FoundryTM – Industry First Downloadable PaaS
  10. 10. – Community Open Source Project
  11. 11. CloudFoundry.ORG – Community Open Source Project
  12. 12. • Make use of both public and private clouds without rewriting your applications. • Protect against vendor lock-in • Manage your growth, accommodate peak loads and optimize costs. • Meet different compliance and geographical needs. Multi-Cloud Flexibility is Critical
  13. 13. Cloud Foundry – Making Multi-Cloud a Reality
  14. 14. • Environment o Public : o Private : Microcloudfoundry • Tools : o Vmc o STS • Frameworks o Rails o Spring o Grails o Node.js Demo’s
  15. 15. Cloud Foundry Runtime View
  16. 16. • PaaS is the application platform for the Cloud era. • CloudFoundry is the Industry’s Open PaaS o Developer agility o Portability without changes o Open system • What’s next? o Free Signup : o Get Started : o Learn more on the blog : o Download your Micro Cloud Foundry : o Get the source code : o Follow us : @cloudfoundry o Watch us : Key Takeaways