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Brochure Strategy in action

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Brochure Strategy in action

  1. 1. Develop the right strategy for your companyStrategy in ActionYour company must already have a strategy. But is it For whom?working as it should? How do you develop a strategythat will make your company perform better than the • You are a Manager, Director, General Manager, Managercompetition? in a strategy department or an experienced Functional Manager.That is not easy. It requires much more than a blueprint • You are an experienced decision-maker who defines thedefining where the company is headed. future of your organisation. • You are responsible for the implementation of the strategy.This programme will allow you to gradually master acomprehensive method. And step by step, you will be able Added value for you and your companyto develop an effective company strategy. With this simpleand very accessible model, you can rest assured that your You will:approach will bear fruit. • know how to define and explain your strategy for all the stakeholders in your company. • be able to grasp the strategic context of your organisation very clearly. • carefully measure the quality of your strategy. • deploy considerable strategic skills.You will learn the art of formulating and implementinga strategy from Kurt Verweire, an expert in the field.
  2. 2. " The ‘Strategy in Action’ programme gave me a lot of new ideas which I could implement immediately in my own daily situations. This intensive, three-day course provides a lot of practical information for developing the right strategy to make a company successful. Professor Verweire is an enthusiastic expert who uses practice-based examples to help you understand concepts that you can apply immediately. “ Daniel Philippron - General Manager, SEW Caron VectorProgramme design Meet your facultyYou will be amazed by our keenness for practice. Departing from well-founded • Prof Kurt Verweire teaches Strategy intheory, we illustrate it with practice-based examples, case studies and exercises. the various MBA programmes and helps companies formulate their strategies.You will learn not merely from the lectures given by our faculty. Draw • Prof Leo Sleuwaegen is an expert ininspiration from your participating colleagues. Interaction and exchanging Managerial Economics.experiences will teach you a great deal. PRACTICAL INFOThe exercises, frameworks and tools provided in the programme will also helpgain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your own decisions. Dates and venues 3 daysModule 1: Screen Ghent Campus: 7, 14, 22 May 2013• Are your identity, mission and long-term objective defined with sufficient Language clarity? English• How can you better understand the dynamics in your markets and estimate their impact on your organisation? Fee• How clear is your vision on the strategic opportunities and resources which € 3,295 (excl. 21% VAT) are key to making a difference?Module 2: Win• Is your strategy sufficiently focused and differentiated?• Do you have the right skills to implement the strategy?• Are you ready to proceed in a more strategically oriented way?• How can you learn to better implement your strategy?Module 3: Grow• Have you secured a firm position in your market?• Do you have a clear view of where you want to go and how you can launch new growth initiatives? Screen win Strategy in Action apply now! grow Please see Practical Info on the following page, or visit:
  3. 3. PRACTICAL INFORegistrationExecutive General Management MBA programmesRegister online at Register online want to be sure that you are choosing the Ready to join us?programme that best suits your wishes and profile. The entry test is mandatory, but itThis is why we kindly ask you to fill out a motivation guarantees that all participants striveform first. Please send it in; we will then contact you to for excellence.conduct an interview by telephone or in person.Your certificate Your degreeOne good turn deserves another. You are an active You are entitled to an MBA degree if youparticipant? Well, then, you are entitled to a certificate succeed for the examinations and your finalfrom Vlerick Business School. project.Our team is here for you Our team is here for you Sihame Ghaddab Hannelore Waterschoot Recruitment & Admissions Manager Group Product Manager MBA T: + 32 9 210 97 30 T: + 32 9 210 98 28 Rian De Bruycker Programme Advisor Financial benefits for you? T: + 32 9 210 98 84 • Only for General Management programmes: 10% special reduction for paying members of Vlerick Alumni. • Only for MBA degrees: loans and grants ( • SME portfolio: subsidies for Flemish SMEs. • Vlerick Social Profit Grants for organisations active in the social profit sector. Find more info on Vlerick Alumni If you successfully complete a long-term General Management Programme or an MBA degree programme, you can join the Vlerick Alumni Network, a worldwide network of over 16,000 alumni in over 100 countries.