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The Woman Who Dissappeared "B"

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The Woman Who Dissappeared "B"

  1. 1. In this story, one of the main characters was Lenny Samuel. He was a private detective and his office was in Los Angeles city. One day, a woman visited him. She was called Helen Garfield and she lived in New York. Helen wanted him to help her to find her twin sister. Her sister was Elaine and they had arranged to have dinner together last Monday night in Helen´s hotel but Elaine didn´t go. Helen knew her sister was dissapeared since a week ago as Elaine didn´t answer the telephone, didn´t go to the office and didn´t stay in her apartament. And she didn´t want the police to know about her sister´s disappearance. Samuel asked her some addresses to start the investigation. She gave him the address of Elaine´s apartament and Elaine´s office. “ I´m a private detective” Samuel said
  2. 2. That afternoon the detective went to the Elaine´s apartament, of course she wasn´t there. He discovered that the apartament was tidy and there weren´t clothes of Elaine in her wardrobe. While he was leaving, two men stood outside the door. One of them had a gun. They had threatened Samuel before they hit him. They wanted to know where Elaine was stading. Samuel was unconscious when they left. One day after, Samuel went to Elaine´s office. And then in the café, he told Suzy, she was an officemate and a friend of Elaine. She didn´t know that Elaine had a sister, and she remembered a man who Elaine met in Las Cabanas, his name was Benny Greep and he was a drummer of the band in Las Cabanas. Elaine´s office The two men
  3. 3. Immediately, Samuel went to Las Cabanas. The club was closed but the cleaner gave him the address of Benny´s apartament. Later he visited his apartament and found the body of Beeny in the bath. He was dead, someone had shot his chest. Samuel telephoned the police station, when the policemen arrived they thought that the killer was Samuel. In the police station, the sergeant asked some questions to Samuel but he didn´t answer, he couldn´t. Some hours later, he went out of the police station. He arrived to his office, and he found a Helen´s letter in the desk. It said that she wants to meet him in Las Cabanas. gg Before he went to Las Cabanas, a yellow car had been chesed him while he was driving to Elaine´s apartament. One of the two men who had hit him was driving the yellow car, and then he crashed Samuel´s car but Samuel could escape. The yellow car The bath of Benny´s flat
  4. 4. In the hall of Elanie´s apartament, Samuel found a paper with the number of Las Cabanas. Samuel understood the connection of the two men and the porter with Las Cabanas. That night, he met Helen in the club and asked her some question. She left the club without telling Samuel. Then, the two men who had hit him appeared in the club and they started a fight against Samuel. Samuel could leave the club but a man hit him with a gun. A policeman helped him and they went to the police station, suddenly the sergeant appeared and Samuel told him the truth. Samuel understood that Helen didn´t exist because the sergeant told him that. Then Helen called Samuel beacuse she wanted to meet him in the caffe. The coffee store Las Cabanas club
  5. 5. In the caffe, Helen told him all the truth. Helen didn´t exist, Elanie and Helen were the same person. And the two men who had hit Samuel, they were criminals and they had had a bag with jewels. Benny knew that and he stole the bag, but the two men knew what happened with their bag. Beacuse of that, Benny was killed. Elanie invented Helen beacuse she was afraid. The bag with the jewels was under the table and she showed it to Samuel. In that moment, the two men arrived to the caffe and they threatened Helen, she gave the bag and they left the café. But in the doorway of the café, the policemen appeared and arrested them. Finally, Elanie told to the sergeant all about Las Cabanas and the jewels. “ The two men was arrested” The bag with jewels