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Combining open source ethics with private interests

Talk given at FOSDEM 2013 by Vincent Massol and Ludovic Dubost about combining open source ethics with private interests.

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Combining open source ethics with private interests

  1. 1. Who are we Open Source · Created in 200 · Medium-size p Combining Open Source · 15 active dev ethics with private interests XWiki SAS · 100 contribu by Ludovic Dubost (Business) · 30K downloa and Vincent Massol (Open Source) · 500+ extensi · Vincent: Open committer & C SAS2/8 3/8
  2. 2. Who are we Development Open Source Company Open Source · Created in 2003, LGPL · Company selling services, · Development f support, hosting the magic of op · Medium-size project:rce · 15 active devs, 10 from · Created in 2004 · Meritocratic,erests XWiki SAS · 100 contributors overall · 1.5M€ revenue · Challenge: spe development f · 30+ employees contributors · 30K downloads/month · Ludovic: CEO of XWiki SAS · Challenge: kee · 500+ extensions & part-time contributor company comm · Vincent: Open Source the project committer & CTO of XWiki SAS 3/8 4/8
  3. 3. Development Marketing Open Source Company Open Sourceselling services, · Development fully open, · Company decides what it · goverosting the magic of open dev! invest its ressources on allowed spots · Meritocratic, ASF-style companies hav2004 · Community testing · Challenge: speed of committersenue · Free contributions development for · Only individuayees contributors open source prEO of XWiki SAS · Challenge: keep non · Individuals scrae contributor company committers in proposed road the project 4/8 5/8
  4. 4. Marketing Benefits Open Source Company Open Sourcedecides what it · governance: · Viral marketing · Finances openessources on allowed spots for volunteers) · Customers call in companies having activey testing · More free than committers · 2 steps roadmap process backed modelbutions · Only individuals in the · Challenge: limited · Good solution open source project! marketing size projects · Individuals scratch itches, · Challenge: Tough for hiring proposed roadmap marketing people 5/8 6/8
  5. 5. Benefits Future/Challenge Open Source Company Open Sourceeting · Finances open source (vs · Low Sales costs · Separate Com volunteers) open source pr call in · Differentiator towards more · More free than the VC- other solutions dmap process · Create a Fou backed model · Open is a good model for limited · Rename the · Good solution for medium- Europemarketing or project ? size projects · Challenge: open source Tough for hiring · Get more cont washing people · Challenge: difficulty to · XWiki tradema to the foundat involve software and services companies · Currently hel 6/8 7/8
  6. 6. Future/Challenges Questions Open Source Companycosts · Separate Company from · More companies living on open source project even and funding the opentor towards more source projections · Create a Foundationood model for · Rename the company ? or project ?open source · Get more contributions difficulty to · XWiki trademark licensed to the foundation For more of :htware and For more of :hmpanies · Currently held by Ludovic 7/8 8/8
  7. 7. Questions For more of : For more of : http://xwiki.com8/8