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voestalpine Group Presentation Business Year 2012/13

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voestalpine Group Presentation Business Year 2012/13

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voestalpine Group Presentation Business Year 2012/13

  1. 1. What sets usWhat sets usall apart.all apart.voestalpine Group Presentationp pBusiness Year 2012/13voestalpine AGwww.voestalpine.comvoestalpine AG
  2. 2. W ’ t ki th f t i t h dWe’re taking the future into our own hands. As a world leader in the manufacture, processing and development ofsophisticated steel products, particularly for technology-intensive sectorslike the automotive, railway and aviation industries as well as the automotive, railway and aviation industries as well as energy. In 500 group companies and locations in more than 50 countries andon all 5 continents.W d 46 000 l With l f d t il ith k h We are around 46,000 employees. With a love for detail, with know-howand with dedication, we all work to ensure we always remain one stepahead all over the world when it comes to premium steel products,t h d d l t t t ti th i t d tto research and development, to protecting the environment and tosafeguarding our future.voestalpine AG|2 voestalpine Group presentation for 2013
  3. 3. W ’ i ld idWe’re growing worldwide.Since o r IPO in 1995 e ha e Since our IPO in 1995, we haveconsistently pursued our down-stream strategy. We target our activities in strategicand promising sectors – such asmobility and energy. We maintain long-term customerrelationships and contribute allof our knowledge to add depth tog pthe value adding chain. This makes us a stable and depend-able partner in a constantly changingable partner in a constantly changingglobal economic environment.voestalpine AG|3 voestalpine Group presentation for 2013
  4. 4. W ’ t t fiWe’ve got great figures.Key figures for 2012/13Employees 46 351Employees 46,351Revenue EUR 11,524.4 millionEBITDA EUR 1 441 8 millionEBITDA EUR 1,441.8 millionEBIT EUR 853.6 millionEBIT margin 7 4%EBIT margin 7.4%voestalpine AG|4 voestalpine Group presentation for 2013
  5. 5. W t tWe create movement.We bring people together in China We bring people together in Chinaas quickly and safely as we bringfreight to its destination in theU it d St tUnited States. We make high-speed travel possibleall over the world with our heavy-haul and high-speed turnouts. We combine lightweight constructionwith safety in our special componentsy p pfor the automotive sector. By developing new materials,we contribute to advances in aircraftwe contribute to advances in aircraftconstruction. For longer ranges andlower fuel consumption.voestalpine AG|5 voestalpine Group presentation for 2013
  6. 6. W idAs a dependable partner in theWe provide energy. As a dependable partner in theproduction of both traditional andrenewable energy. With high-performance componentsfor power plant construction, wesupport the energy revolution. We safeguard the developmentof the worldwide pipeline networkwith high-performance heavy plateg p y pthat we work continuously to furtherimprove. Our solutions for optimizing energy Our solutions for optimizing energyrecovery also benefit other sectors,including agriculture, in the formof safer equipmentvoestalpine AG|6 voestalpine Group presentation for 2013of safer equipment.
  7. 7. W h th ldWe shape the world. Anyone who wants to change theworld can depend on us. We’re the partner of choice worldwide We re the partner of choice worldwidefor demanding product solutionsinvolving steel and that allow ourcustomers to stay that decisive stepSteel Special Steelcustomers to stay that decisive stepahead. We are the world’s market leaderh ld l di iti ith llor hold leading positions with allof our four divisions.Metal Engineering Metal Formingvoestalpine AG|7 voestalpine Group presentation for 2013
  8. 8. W h th f t ith t lIn o r Steel Di ision e de elop andWe change the future with steel. In our Steel Division we develop andproduce top-quality flat steel products. Our new press-hardened lightweightconstruction steels, for instance, arethe first choice in automotiveengineering. They can withstand loads up to fourtimes greater than previous materials. And they are lighter, safer and And they are lighter, safer andalso more economical. The roughly 10 years that went in todeveloping them is evidence of thedeveloping them is evidence of thequiet strength and love of detail thatmake a better future possible in thefirst placevoestalpine AG|8 voestalpine Group presentation for 2013first place.
  9. 9. O St l Di i iOur Steel Division. Continuous developmentof steel into more and more newproducts and customized solutionsKey figures for 2012/13Employees 10,676products and customized solutions Sectors:Automotive industry and suppliers,energy household appliancesRevenue EUR 3,921.7 millionEBITDA EUR 449.8 millionenergy, household appliances,construction industry Products:EBIT EUR 218.4 millionEBIT margin 5.6%Premium steel strip, electrical steelstrip, heavy plate, cast products Services:Preprocessing, logistics, technicalservicesvoestalpine AG|9 voestalpine Group presentation for 2013
  10. 10. W t f ld t l i t hi h t hIn o r Special Steel Di ision eWe transform old steel into high-tech. In our Special Steel Division wework with special steels for specialapplications. These include premium tool steelfor the most demanding uses. They are designed for decades ofy guse under the toughest conditions. But they are not only harder thanthe material they are processing,the material they are processing,they are also manufacturedsustainably from recycled steel.voestalpine AG|10 voestalpine Group presentation for 2013
  11. 11. O S i l St l Di i iOur Special Steel Division. Global market leaderfor tool steel and leading positionfKey figures for 2012/13Employees 12,721for high-speed steel and specialforged parts Sectors:Employees 12,721Revenue EUR 2,748.4 millionEBITDA EUR 368.7 millionToolmaking, automotive industry,energy, aviationEBITDA EUR 368.7 millionEBIT EUR 223.6 millionEBIT margin 8 1%EBIT margin 8.1%voestalpine AG|11 voestalpine Group presentation for 2013
  12. 12. W ’ t k f hi h d il t lWe’re on track for high-speed rail travel.O r Metal Engineering Di ision Our Metal Engineering Divisionoffers premium steel products witha high IQ. Adapted to countless requirementsand various climatic conditions. Heavy duty, with low wear and ay ylong life cycle. Developed especially for decadesof being traversed by heavy trucks.of being traversed by heavy trucks. As a result, goods for example reachtheir worldwide destinations fasterthanks to our heavy haul turnoutsthanks to our heavy-haul turnouts.voestalpine AG|12 voestalpine Group presentation for 2013
  13. 13. O M t l E i i Di i iOur Metal Engineering Division. World market leaderfor turnout technology and leadingfKey figures for 2012/13Employees 11,374positions for rails, processed wire,seamless tubes and weldingconsumablesEmployees 11,374Revenue EUR 2,913.6 millionEBITDA EUR 434.6 million Sectors:Railway systems, energy, automotiveindustry, machine construction andEBITDA EUR 434.6 millionEBIT EUR 319.6 millionEBIT margin 11 0%ysteel construction industryEBIT margin 11.0%voestalpine AG|13 voestalpine Group presentation for 2013
  14. 14. W ll id t b litWe allow ideas to become reality.O r Metal Forming Di ision Our Metal Forming Divisionsupplies high-performance steels forinfrastructure, buildings and vehiclet ticonstruction. This includes structural framesystems that form the flexiblebackbone of modern architecture. They shape the character of thebuilding – providing substance andg p gstability. They can be designed flexibly andare robust and durableare robust and durable. We put our heart and soul into theentire process, from design toproduction and deliveryvoestalpine AG|14 voestalpine Group presentation for 2013production and delivery.
  15. 15. O M t l F i Di i iOur Metal Forming Division. World’s leading providerof high-quality metal processingf fKey figures for 2012/13Employees 10,853solutions in the field of custom andspecial sections, precision steelstrip and special components for theEmployees 10,853Revenue EUR 2,310.2 millionEBITDA EUR 257.6 millionautomotive and aviation industries Sectors:Automotive, construction and energyEBITDA EUR 257.6 millionEBIT EUR 167.6 millionEBIT margin 7 3%gyindustries, storage technology,machine construction and steelconstruction industriesEBIT margin 7.3%voestalpine AG|15 voestalpine Group presentation for 2013
  16. 16. W b ild lWe build on values. We are mobile.Due to our decentralized structure, we are able to offer our customersthe faster and better solution.the faster and better solution. We are specialized.As a worldwide group of experienced specialists, we bring the right mindsg p p p , g gand skills to the table for each project. We drive developments forward.e d e de e op e ts o a dOpen to new things and with the curiosity of the scientific mind, our thinkingis visionary and outside the envelope – after all, nothing is so good thatwe can’t improve it.voestalpine AG|16 voestalpine Group presentation for 2013
  17. 17. W d d d tWe demand and promote.Beca se e e pect all members Because we expect all membersof our team to do their very best,we continuously invest in trainingd d tand advancement. We promote talent, provide top-quality training and open up uniqueopportunities and job prospects. And we help set the course – sincewe, the employees, hold about 14%p yof the shares in our company. In the iron and metal sector, wehave been selected Career’s Besthave been selected Career s BestRecruiter 2012/13.voestalpine AG|17 voestalpine Group presentation for 2013
  18. 18. W h d d lWe research and develop. With EUR 137 million going to research With EUR 137 million going to researchand development (a new record in2012/13) and more than 500 re-searchers worldwide we are a highlysearchers worldwide, we are a highlyresearch-intensive industrial company. Our numerous new patents and prize-winning high tech applications speakwinning high-tech applications speakfor themselves. We perform research and developmentactivities with a love for detail Withactivities with a love for detail. Withdedication and with more than 100research facilities. We support academic thesis activities We support academic thesis activitiesand dissertations and take on abouttwo thirds of all doctoral candidates.voestalpine AG|18 voestalpine Group presentation for 2013
  19. 19. W h th i t fi l i fWe have the environment firmly in focus.When it comes to protecting o r When it comes to protecting ourenvironment, we’re not just a stepahead – we are the industry leader. We invest passion and roughlyEUR 300 million each year so thatour children can live in an intactworld. A large number of advanced steelproducts play a major role inp p y jimproving the climate and resourcesituation every day. Whether production potential uses Whether production, potential usesor service life – our steel is a powerfulenvironmental argument.voestalpine AG|19 voestalpine Group presentation for 2013
  20. 20. W h iWe share our experience.We combine the kno ledge of We combine the knowledge ofaround 500 group companies andlocations. Each has its own identity, but we allshare vision, values and knowledge. 54% of all employees alreadyp y ycontribute their cultural diversity toour corporate group from outsideAustria – and that figure is growing.g g g A proactive risk managementscheme, corporate governance,cultural sponsorship and ethicalcultural sponsorship and ethicalguidelines form the basis for ouractivities.voestalpine AG|20 voestalpine Group presentation for 2013
  21. 21. W t h dWe are one step ahead.We e plore the f t re From this We explore the future. From thismoment to 2020. And far beyond that. As a driving force and innovator,we can already recognize what theworldwide standards of tomorrowwill be. Our fascination with steel enablesus to turn ideas into reality whilereducing the burden on ourgenvironment. We give people a feeling of trustand security – as a dependableand security as a dependablepartner, we offer solutions that willstill be one step ahead tomorrow.voestalpine AG|21 voestalpine Group presentation for 2013
  22. 22. W t k ibilitWe take responsibility. Wolfgang EderChairman of the Management Board and CEOHead of the Steel Division Herbert EibensteinerMember of the Management BoardHead of the Metal Forming DivisionF K i d f Franz KainersdorferMember of the Management BoardHead of the Metal Engineering Division Robert Ottel Robert OttelMember of the Management Board and CFOHead of Finances Franz RotterMember of the Management BoardHead of the Special Steel Divisionvoestalpine AG|22 voestalpine Group presentation for 2013
  23. 23. Thank you!yvoestalpine AG|23 voestalpine Group presentation for 2013