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Findability of organizational knowledge

Lezing door Agnes Molnar bij VOGIN-IP-lezing, Amsterdam, 9 maart 2017

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Findability of organizational knowledge

  1. 1. Findability of Organizational Knowledge Agnes Molnar, Search Explained @SearchExplained
  2. 2. The average person receives 63,000 words of new information every day. Average length of a novel: 64.531 words (Amazon)
  3. 3. Information-Seeking Patterns „I know what I’m searching for and know how to do that” „I know what I’m searching for but I don’t know how to do that” „I don’t know what I’m searching for” „Am I Searching?...”
  4. 4. Search: More than Technology Source:
  5. 5. Challenge #1 – Information Overload
  6. 6. Challenge #2 – Finding the Needle in a Haystack
  7. 7. Challenge #3 – Organizational Silos
  8. 8. Challenge #4 – Technical Silos
  9. 9. Challenge #5 – Search and Domain Expertise Source:
  10. 10. Search as a Metaphor is Broken! “Search is no longer simply about “search” ie. information retrieval triggered by a user entering a string of text. It is moving into the real-time, the predictive, and the visual.” Innovations in Knowledge Organization Conference Singapore, 2015
  11. 11. Data Knowledge
  12. 12. InsightsData Knowledge
  13. 13. Office 365: Intelligence at work for you Outcomes Intelligent experiences in Office 365 empower you to achieve more Leverage the work of others Microsoft Graph Learns about you, your work & your relationships Search Discovery Notification Automation Capabilities Derive from intelligence in Microsoft Graph Experiences Surface intelligent capabilities of Microsoft Graph Content Assistance Extensibility Applications
  14. 14. The Microsoft Graph
  15. 15. The Microsoft Graph
  16. 16. The Microsoft Graph Delve Search for and discover content and expertise
  17. 17. The Microsoft Graph Search Find content & expertise faster with search result relevance powered by Graph
  18. 18. The Microsoft Graph People cards and Profiles Learn about others in context - contact information, organizational relationships and active documents.
  19. 19. The Microsoft Graph Microsoft Word – Tap Find and re-use relevant content from throughout the enterprise without leaving the document.
  20. 20. THANK YOU! Agnes Molnar @SearchExplained