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Exhilarating and Action packed Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas!

Vegas Off Road Experience helps you to have a clean, exhilarating and action packed Bachelor Party in Las Vegas from start to finish! For Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas and an extreme memorable day visit for more information.

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Exhilarating and Action packed Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas!

  1. 1. Exhilarating and Action packed LAS VEGAS BACHELOR PARTY IDEAS!
  2. 2. Are you throwing a bachelor party and need some clean, exhilarating and action packed Bachelor Party ideas in Las Vegas from start to finish? Read ahead about Vegas Off Road Experience’s ideas that will fulfill any adrenaline junkies’ fantasy.
  3. 3. MACHINE GUN SHOOTING With all the glitz and glamour of a Vegas attraction, VORE brings the most popular package that will get you behind a sub- machine gun, an assault rifle and a belt fed machine gun. This package includes 1 Belt fed (Saw) -50 rounds, one shoulder Gun (m16) –25 rounds and one sub Machine Gun (Uzi) – 25 rounds.
  4. 4. BLOW UP A CAR Bored of the usual festivities of a Bachelor party? Blowing up a car is a pretty awesome way to let loose before your wedding day. Now it’s your chance to blow up a car loaded with a 10 lb. charge and 10 rounds Remington 700.
  5. 5. SKY DIVE Tired of the same old strip clubs and bars? How about coming out and skydiving instead! Skydive and then head into VORE’S compound and experience the thrill of a lifetime by driving VORE’s Challenge Truck.
  6. 6. Short course racing continues to be the fastest growing segment in Las Vegas and is the perfect choice for your bachelor or bachelorette party. VORE’s arena style and professional level short course racing track is the best off road driving experience available in Vegas off-road racing.
  7. 7. Visit: to find more Las Vegas bachelor or bachelorette party ideas. Call : 702 622 7770 E-mail :