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Metro LA Proof

Proof by David Auburn at The Flight Theatre in Hollywood

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Metro LA Proof

  1. 1. 3‘ h; '.. ¥ -I by Jacob Clark David Aubum’s Pulitzer and Tony Award-winning play Proof is receiving an outstanding, definitive production by Athena Theatre at the Flight Theatre of the Complex. Sharpen your pencils, Ovation Voters, and make your reserva- tions now! “A taste of the mysteries of numbers is exceptionally rare, ” is one of my favorite lines from the elegantly written, intelligent and witty play. Telling a story of family ties, waxing love and mathematics, Proof is one of the two masterworks of the last decade, How I Learned to Drive being the other. It centers around Catherine (Veronique Ory) who The acting lives & breathes l 3' ‘Si at I I___. __. _____. ..__. __. n___ _ . w - math and science. Her blocking is liquid art. The actors move from one gorgeous stage picture to another. Lighting designer Michael Begrfeld offers light that undu- lates with life and vitality, and set designer Danny 'Il'uxaw's depiction of a Chicago backyard with red brick and barren trees is true to life, and filled knows that she may have ' with the special atmos- inherited her father's men- on Stage In phere of the Windy City. tal instability as well as his peI'fOI'II1aI1CeS The acting lives and mathematical brilliance. Throughout the play, she copes with her father's mental decline, his death and his legacy in the form of over 100 workbooks filled with gibberish - except for one. Did the intelligent work come from his hand? If not, who is the true genius? If she tells the truth, what is at stake? The total trans- formation that takes place in Catherine life's especially from within is wondrous, lifting Aubum’s play out of the ordinary. Director Charlotte Gulezian has invested this production with both the warmth of -familial love and the elegance of that would make Uta Hagen proud. breathes on stage in per- formances that would make Uta Hagen proud. Veronique Ory is giving a season of memorable char- acters in 2005, and this is the best one yet. Elena Fabri is a woman of uncommon beauty who is also intelligent and plays with deep feeling and a slobbed-down appearance. As Robert, the young genius, John Bobek mesmerizes with every ges- ture, every word. Craig Braun plays Robert, a genius who lapses into mental ill- ness, with warmth and authenticity. RECOMMENDED. See ad. I I