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Lila Prabodh Pragya Interactive course

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Hindi Teaching Scheme by Department of Official Language India. CDAC developed a course study material through CD which useful in Govt. offices.

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Lila Prabodh Pragya Interactive course

  1. 1. Learn Indian Languagesthrough Artificial Intelligence
  2. 2. LILA is an amalgamation of AI basedInformation Technology andLanguage Learning MethodologyMotivation for the development was tobridge the language gaps in aMultilingual Society like INDIA
  3. 3. LILA SERIES•LILA Hindi PRABODH (on DOS, Linux and Windows platforms)•LILA Hindi PRAVEEN (on DOS, Linux and Windows platforms)
  4. 4. LILA SERIES•LILA Hindi PRAGYA (on Windows platform)•LILA PPP (on Web)•LILA PPP SIL(on Web- to be completed)
  5. 5. SALIENT FEATURES OF LILA •Pedagogically controlled and graded lessons •Functionally relevant texts and narratives on a variety of themes.
  6. 6. SALIENT FEATURES OF LILA •Separate Alphabet unit for Reading and Writing in Prabodh •Speech Interface for learning standard pronunciation and intonation
  7. 7. SALIENT FEATURES OF LILA• ‘Record and Compare’ facility for the learner to practice correct pronunciation• In-built video clips integrated with all the narratives for audio- visual rendering.
  8. 8. SALIENT FEATURES OF LILA• Look-up Hindi-English on-line dictionary• Grammatical Notes for each lesson with index and reference
  9. 9. SALIENT FEATURES OF LILA• Practice material for reinforcement of grammar and usage• Inter-active exercises with on- line evaluation and correction.• Self-evaluation tests with scores
  11. 11. LILA-Hindi Prabodh is the first in this series ofmulti-media based intelligent self-tutoring packagefor learning Hindi as a second language.
  12. 12. LILA-Hindi Praveen is the second in the series ofmulti-media based intelligent self-tutoring packagefor learning Hindi as a second language.
  13. 13. This is the third and advanced level package in LILA-Hindi series
  14. 14. – Review Lessons, which recapitulate the relevant linguistic information.– Drafting of correspondence in Hindi.– Noting in Hindi.– Samples and descriptions of important proformas and templates of official drafts.– English-Hindi technical terminology and expression.
  15. 15. All the three courses are based onthe syllabus prescribed by theDepartment of Official Language
  16. 16. Student Student Student Student Hypertext Hypertext Module Module Visual Visual Communication Communication Images Module ImagesStudent ModuleStudentDatabaseDatabase Tutoring Speech Tutoring Speech Module Module Interface Interface Expert Expert Module Video Video Module
  17. 17. LILA-Technology can be extended to other higher levels & varied domains to other Indian languages
  18. 18. Target Groups: Employees of Government Bodies Public Sector Undertakings Banks & CorporationsCan also be used by: Desirous Indians, Foreigners and NRIs Teachers - as an aid for language teaching
  19. 19. • Keeping track of the performance of students on an individual basis.• Supplementary aid - an extremely effective companion for teachers and students
  20. 20. CSI National IT Award, 2000 !!! LILA-Hindi Prabodh is a winner of CSINational IT Award, 2000. It is a complete ITsolution for learning Hindi.
  21. 21. The overall approach of LILA-Technology and pedagogy Quality Speed Interest Interactive & Learning at once own pace
  22. 22. LILA addresses all the fourlanguage skills READING WRITING SPEAKING LISTENING