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Evaluation Question 1998

  2. During the whole project, we have learnt a lot about a variety of different Hardware, Software and Internet website. During the making of the preliminary task we had an opportunity play and experiment with tools. We then used all this experience to film and edit ‘The Nightmare’.
  3. ‘Samsung NX300’ When filming for ‘The Nightmare’, we used a lot of Hardware, for example ‘Samsung NX300’ camera, which is a much more professional camera we have use compare to in our preliminary task where we used an IPad to film. With the ‘Samsung NX300’ we were able to get a good video quality, with excellent sound. We also took advantage of the fact that the camera is able to zoom in and out smoothly. The camera also had good lighting setting in the camera, which enabled us to change how dark or bright we want the setting. We used the ‘Manual focus’ when filming to avoid any blurriness, also the fact that it is easy to use. Because the camera has a large storage we were able to keep all he scenes that we filmed, in case we needed these extra scenes.
  4. ‘Manfrotto Pixi Mini’ To hold the camera steadily, we used ‘Manfrotto pixi mini’ tripod. This is an easier way to steady the camera in order to have a smooth and clear scene. However, we did experience some problems with the steadiness of the camera, as the tripod is small we had to have steady hands when filming a medium shot, but it didn't’t not affect the scene as the medium scene is actually a chasing scene from Ethan’s point of view, which means that the may be some shakiness, we made sure that the shakiness was not going over board. The opening scene of ‘The Nightmare’ , where Ethan is walking up the stairs is unstable because the camera was moving along with him. We didn't’t use a tripod because it will be more unstable. As seen in the ‘rough cut’, presented in my blog, we had to pan the camera before the flashback but because the tripod is too small, the scene came out vey clear and not stable, therefore we decided to delete this particular scene and also because the feedback that we received stated that it was unclear , since we didn't’t have enough time to re film the best option was to delete the scene and replace it with another scene.
  5. ‘IMovie’ We used two different editing programs to edit ‘The Nightmare’. This is because we used ‘IMovie’ to edit our preliminary task, we explored with the different tools, therefore we have basic knowledge about the software, which is why we think that it would be easier to use ‘IMovie’ to edit. We also like some of the effects that are in ‘IMovie’ , which is not in any other editing programs that are accessible to us. We used ‘IMovie’ to edit only the first half of ‘The Nightmare’
  6. ‘Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014’ We also used ‘Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014’ to edit ‘The Nightmare’. We decided to use this app because we want to find other apps that can the movie a more professional quality and elements that make ‘The Nightmare’ look eye catching in terms of appearance. We also wanted to gain experience using a professional editing program.
  7. ‘Photoshop’ We used Photoshop to create our logo for our production, which is named ‘Big Dreams Production’. We decide to make our own production logo because we thought that it would look professional if we have a production of our own. We used Photoshop to create the logo because Photoshop allows us to manipulate an image easily but also because I have enough experience using Photoshop
  8. ‘Blogger’ We all used ‘Blogger’ to present our research on ‘Thriller Movies’ all the elements of making a movie. Even though this was my first time using ‘Blogger’, I found it very simple to use. We also have decide that we could use out blogs to promote ‘The Nightmare’ as it contains all the stages of the making of the movie and the research that we have conducted before even making the movie.
  9. ‘Garage Band’ Garage band was used to create the background music for ’The Nightmare’. We decided to use ‘Garage Band’ because it is professional and easy to use, as I have experience using ‘Garage Band’ to produce apiece of music. Another reason to why we chose to create the background music in ‘Garage Band’ is because it has a lot of elements that we can use when producing.
  10. ‘Microsoft word’ ‘YouTube’ I used ‘Microsoft word’ to write my evaluation and during the process of making ‘The Nightmare’ we used Microsoft word’ to write our script. We have used Microsoft word’ a lot as it simply is easy to use. I have used ‘YouTube’ to present my video in. videos such as preliminary task and focus group, theses are present in my blog. I used ‘YouTube’ because it is a very common internet website used by many.
  11. ‘PowerPoint’ ‘Prezi’ I used ‘PowerPoint’ to write my evaluation. I decided to use ‘PowerPoint’ because it has a very neat structure and it is accessible. I used ‘Prezi’ to present part of my research that I have conducted, these are presented in my blog. I have used ‘Prezi’ multiple time because it it is unique, in terms of the layout and its tools.
  12. ‘Pinterest’ ‘Safari’ I used ‘Pinterest’ to present my evaluation. As it was my first time it was difficult to used however I have learnt a lot. I used ‘Pinterest’ because its more creatively and I like the fact that it is a virtual pin board. All of my researches have been done by ‘Safari’. It allowed me o find out more about thriller movies and its conventions. ‘safari’ also enabled me to present my research on my blog and use internet websites such as ‘YouTube’ and ‘Pinterest’.