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Field Guide to Indian Moths: The making of the book

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This presentation captures the journey of book making that the author Dr. V. Shubhalaxmi underwent and also it contains details about few important sections of the book.

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  • Wonderful presentation. Gives a gist of whats to come. Thank you Dr. Vaylure. Wish you the best. Team Dharthi. Email.
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Field Guide to Indian Moths: The making of the book

  1. 1. The Making of the Book Dr. V. Shubhalaxmi, Author
  2. 2. My Journey started with my Guru- Late Naresh Chaturvedi, Curator, BNHS 1993 His message - Walk the untrodden path
  3. 3. Ideally I should have been happy after completing my Ph.D. 1993-2003
  4. 4. The title Mothlady/Buglady triggered a greater responsibility
  5. 5. Exploring Moth World began in 2004  Data collection in terms of distribution, breeding biology, habitat preference, behaviour and so on.  Photography of moths  Publishing our records
  6. 6. Species Information Taxonomical, anatomical and ecological data
  7. 7. Mothing: This can’t be any exciting for a woman
  8. 8. Logistics Nightmare- Every time
  9. 9. How comfortable this can get?
  10. 10. But the rewards were addictive
  11. 11. Biggest Challenge! Moth identification continuous to be the toughest
  12. 12. THE BIBLE OF MOTHS Fauna of British India and neighbouring countries ( 5 volumes) 1892-1937
  13. 13. Moths of Thailand (6 vol.) !992-1998
  14. 14. Moths of Borneo (18 parts) 1983-2011
  15. 15. Moths of Nepal ( 6 vol.) 1992-1998
  16. 16. Moths of Thailand Pachyodes harutai. Google Dindicodes harutai Fauna of British India No records LepIndex Pachyodes=Terpna harutai= no results Dindicodes= Terpna Fauna of British India haemataria=harutai Terpna haemataria Google (online paper) Terpna haemataria Terpna crocina Fauna of British India Pseudoterpna crocina Terpna crocina MOTH DETECTIVE
  17. 17. All important resources compiled
  18. 18. Moth-men of the World Dr. Roger Kendrick, Hong Kong Dr. Ian Kitching, London Dr. J.D. Holloway, Malaysia H.S. Barlow, Malaysia Dr. Shen-Horn Wen, Taiwan
  19. 19. Mothing in Biodiversity Hotspots; N.E. Himalaya and Western Ghats
  20. 20. How much is more & How much is less?
  21. 21. What to include & what not to?
  22. 22. Family Introduction
  24. 24. Jargons are avoided
  25. 25. Data Deficiency
  26. 26. Combating Apathy through Education
  27. 27. Moth Lifers !
  28. 28. Design, Layout, Editing & Printing Four innocent looking deadly words
  29. 29. Promotion ISBN Website Payment Gateway Social Media Presence Pre-Publication Offer
  30. 30. The balancing act…caused all the delay 30 Charity Business Home Passion
  31. 31. 6 People who made me Mother Brother Partner/Mentor Guide First Good Boss Last Good Boss 31
  32. 32. Visit THANK YOU