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2013 mobile firsteec_final

  2. John Edwards Wacarra Yeomans Director, Digital CRM Director, Creative Services Verizon Wireless Responsys @wac_intosh
  3. Smartphones are an indispensable part of our daily lives.
  4. Smartphones are indispensable — 62% Are using their smartphone everyday — 80% Don’t leave home without it Smartphones are used everywhere Home 97% On the go 83% In a store 78% Restaurant 71% Work 71% At a social gathering 60% Doctor’s office 56% Café or coffee shop 50% Airport 49% Public Transport 36% School 30% (Source: Google Mobile Planet Report)
  5. Behavior indicates intent — 94% have looked for local information — 90% have taken action as a result Research t hat St art s on Smart phones Leads t o Purchases Across Channels Research on smartphone 65% then purchased 37% then purchased via comput er still prefer to shop on their PC/tablet for a 32% then purchased it o! ine better experience Base: Private sm artphone users who use the internet in general, Smartphone n= 1.000 Google Con! dential and Proprietary 29 Q48: Listed below are various products or services. For each of these products or services please indicate which statem ent applies (Source: Google Mobile Planet Report) to you.
  6. Are you repelling customers? (Source: SmartInsights)
  7. Your customer is mobile and you should be, too.
  8. Phones larger, tablets smaller Motorola Razr iPhone 5 Samsung iPad Mini Amazon Maxx HD Galaxy Nexus Kindle Fire HD
  9. How we read email
  10. Other constraints • Connectivity: wifi, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE – Google: Slow load times can lead decrease customer activities for up to 5 weeks • Limited attention span – Multi-tasking
  11. We’re a brand first and a channel second.
  12. A mobile company
  13. Mobilizing our content made us better marketers.
  14. Understand your audience Email Openers by Device Type 26% 40% Mobile 35% Desktop Webmail
  15. Anticipate their expectations
  16. Create an experience. Campaign Engagement Activation Rate Mobile Vs. Desktop Performance ↑ 2X ↑ 87% Mobile Triggered Mobile Save Cart Shopping Path / Save Cart Flow Email (Day 1)
  17. Mobilizing our content made us better marketers. • Redesign from the ground up. • Think about every interaction. • Be direct. Keep it simple. • Ruthlessly prioritize. • Compromise is your enemy.
  18. Mobile First: Decide what matters most
  19. Clearly define your objective Which of these is more clear? • Drive conversions • We need to upsell hotels to people who have purchased airline tickets. • Currently 5% of our customers who purchase flights also purchase hotels. We’d like to see 10% by the end of this campaign.
  20. Ask what’s in it for me? Effort Pay-Off Perception
  21. Mobile First: Review your mobile customer experience
  22. Mobile First: Plan your mobile email first
  23. Plan your mobile email first
  24. Plan your mobile email first
  25. Mobile First: Consider the entire inbox experience
  26. Don’t forget your subject line • You only have 20 words to make an impact. • Make. • Them. • Count.
  27. Questions?
  28. Resources
  29. You know you’ve achieved perfection in design, not when you have nothing more to add, but when you have nothing more to take away. - Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  30. Thanks! John Edwards Wacarra Yeomans Director, Digital CRM Director, Creative Services Verizon Wireless Responsys @wac_intosh

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  1. Screen Size – 20% of the space you used to have to get your message acrossPeople spend 1-3 seconds on smartphones, 3-5 on desktops
  2. Your customer is moving around, they may not have a network connection or could be using public wifiSmartphones have the processing power of a 98 PC and the graphic card of a 2013 Macbook ProWe need to balance image size with the devices ability to render that image