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Walker Davis Account Planner Portfolio

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Examples of my work from the Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp in San Francisco December 2011.

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Walker Davis Account Planner Portfolio

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  2. 2. What is the story behind the banjo playing astronaut?Is he the Richard Branson of musicians, who took a bet from his poker buddies that he wouldn!t be theCould he be the misguided but sympathetic son of physicist parents? I!ll prove you wrong mom and dad,you can hear music in the vacuum of outer space!Astronauts are dedicated explorers of the unknown. Banjo!s are found in bluegrass bands, whose songsare inspired by the stories of people!s everyday lives. This adventuring storyteller very well could be anaccount planner in search of a good strategy.account planner. The process of writing a story is interchangeable with creating strategy for a brand; BeerEveryDay.comI am a conceptual thinker and so the following strategies are written stories presented with a visual twist.Personal Drinking Characters Daily... Design a website chroniclingMiami Ad School Account Planning Stories my experience drinking aEA Origins: PC Gamers Who Act Like Bruce Wayne... different beer every day for a year and beyond.YouTube: The Woman Who Became A Mother...Online Dating Service: The Romance You!ve Always Known...Professional StoryResume: Just Like Entourage, only more glamorous. Sure... Roommate: David Brooks Walker Davis
  3. 3. In the beginning, I didn!t exactly know how I started reading other beer blogs and realizedprofessionally and I decided action was necessary. the posts should be written, but I did know what made Craft Beer so unique were the people the audience would initially be friends making the beer.I wanted to test myself daily by exploring a topic I knew very little about:Craft Beer. drinking a few select beers they knew Craft Brewers are through either advertising or experience. incredibly entrepreneurial And there!s nothing wrong with knowingBlog Name: what you like, but this audience is unaware Every professional of the numerous choices available. brewer was once a home brewer who wanted more Some people from beer than what was are perfectly offered and took action content with to create beers that were traveling across different. Brewers are the U.S., but if independent spirits and they hear stories rogues who push the boundaries of beer norms. from friends describing how What separates the Craft Beer drinkers from the amazing Europe is, they might be inspired average beer drinker? to explore new territory. I similarly hoped to change my friends! mindset about craft beer. They are passionate about what they drink Could I take the blog beyond a personal and want quality beers creative exercise and inspire people to that are innovative, with expand their beer drinking horizons?The URL is: “Milk is for babies. People enjoy When you grow up craft beer because each you have to drink beer.” product is unique. Arnold Schwarzenegger in the documentary !PUMPING IRON." Every craft beer has a distinct personality.
  4. 4. My strategy for the year was to not makeIn the last 20 years, the number of breweries grew If I simply rated each beer, no one would simply a beer blog, butfrom 286 to 1,753 but because of distribution issues, read the blog because it would not only a place to explorethe majority of craft breweries rely on the support of be boring, but people wouldn"t care new characters daily.local and state communities. !Owning" a geograhic because I don"t have a beer pedigree.location is an extremely selling important concept for Who are you? You"re no expert!both Craft Beer and larger beer conglomerates. But what I could do is spread the passionWhat seperates the two groups is Craft Beer"s and spirit of local beer communities to a larger online audience, by not justwould go against the very spirit of craft brewing. reviewing beer, but making each post relatable and entertaining.So how should I write my entries?FEATURES: - RESULTS: After linking the site to Twitter and Facebook in January 2011, my pageviews jumped dramatically from several hundred to over 2,000 a month, including a high of 2,722 in June. In 15 months the total pageviews are 26,677 with almost 50 Facebook To help people start friends, half drinking, I created a of whom are page listing 50 great outside of my Craft Beers available friend network. in stores. Because the quality of craft beer is so high, I also created a page for Beer And Food Pairing.
  5. 5. A SAMPLE POST:King Moonracer!s Revenge: Walker!s First Home Brew Karl, AJ, Nic and Jamie joined us and myJanuary 6, 2011 coworker Tiffany surprised the group by bringing a cake! She went above and beyond, and the night suddenly turned into a festivus for the rest of us. I was momentarily overwhelmed with the supportKing Moonracer!s Revenge - an odd name for a Christmas but then I started drinking.Ale, right? Well I wanted to set the title apart from other The best part of making a homeChristmas beers, so what!s the least Christmasy theme brew is enjoying it.there could be? REVENGE. I researched the story ofRudolph. Unfortunately, that red-nosed outcast didn!t The brew turned outirritate anyone when he was put on the sleigh team, but better than I expectedI discovered a unique character with an awesome name,King Moonracer. I!m thrilled to share it with my close friends.When Rudolph runs away fromthe North Pole, he escapes to King Moonracer!s Revenge is a golden pale ale brewed with cloves at the end that provides theruled by King Moonracer. This much needed Christmas spice. Jamie says that she would buy this in a bar and the rest agree.Half Lion and he!s king of the It!s the best compliment I could receive.abused children. He should be king of the world! Whilehe has a good heart and cares about the tykes, Santa There!s only a few bottles left and I!m goinggets all the credit for being jolly and spreading joy around to have a hard time not drinking them as soon CAMPAIGNSthe world. as possible. I!m so happy it turned out well. To those who came over to celebrate with me,But nobody remembers King Moonracer. So I decided to thank you. King Moonracer is a hit! Next year Icreate a story with this character. So as my legend goes, will further develop the recipe and brew anotherKing Moonracer secretly makes great damn beer, butSanta doesn!t get any of it. Booyah! Revenge is his. I bestow a TRANSFORMERS rating.
  6. 6. WHAT IS THE SITUATION? EA owns Origin, but since the online store will carry games from EA as well as from other studios, the Origin brand is seperate from EA. WHY ARE WE ADVERTISING? Origin is in beta testing and has no existing brand archaeology. It"s a blank slate for consumers. However, there is already an established online download service, Steam, which has a 70% share of the digital distribution market for video games. For Origin, the situation is comparable to Amazon entering the music download market against iTunes. EA ORIGINS WHO ARE WE TALKING TO? STRATEGIC POSITIONING: PC Gamers are male, ages 12 to 34, The competitive strength Origin has over who play large scale games at home. Steam is the ability to buy PC Games as well as mobile games. We also want to target PC Gamers who play casual games on their mobile. We want to establish Origin as the download service for the !ultimate gamer," PC Gamers who continue playing on their mobile.The Assignment RESEARCH FINDINGS:Create a campaign to PC Gamers generally play to experiencelaunch a digital download the rush, adventure, challenge or escapeservice for PC Games games provide.called Origin that will notcannibalize the existing PC Gamers who also play on their mobledisk-based business. reported feeling even more immersed in the overall gaming experience than those Copywriter: Gordon Grout who only played at home and the effect Art Director: Lia Khayami of gaming was still felt after they powered Account Planning Partner: Marta Prosperi down the device.
  7. 7. CONCLUSION: PROMISE:The powerful effect of gaming combined with Origin bridges the gap between your gamer self and reality.the ability to play anywhere allows UltimateGamers to truly make gaming a way of life.However, at some point they have to leave the CREATIVE STRATEGY:game behind and go to work, spend time with How can we communicate that Origin is like the Batcave?their family and live the real world.INSIGHT:Ultimate Gamers live in two different realitieseveryday.GAMING REALREALITY WORLD GAMING PLATFORMS OPPORTUNITY: Ultimate Gamers are like Bruce Wayne, who uses the Batcave to transform into Batman, where can go virtually anywhere and break any law. When he re-enters the Batcave, the experience of being Batman inspires Bruce in the real world. BRUCE BATMAN WAYNE BATCAVE
  8. 8. CREATIVE:The executions target consumers inthe real world to remind our audienceof the transformative power Origin!sgames create in their daily life.TAGLINE:Origin: Life is worth playing. YouTube The Assignment Develop a campaign to increase YouTube usage and loyalty in Young Facebook Friendly Moms. Copywriter: Gordon Grout Art Director: Lia Khayami Account Planning Partner: Marta Prosperi
  9. 9. WHAT IS THE SITUATION? WHY ARE WE ADVERTISING? WHO ARE WE TALKING TO?Moms visit YouTube 61% of the Moms are unaware of YouTube!s We!re talking to Caucasian Womentime through links, either through variety of channels and informative ages 25-34 who are married withFacebook or sent via email. content. children 1-5 years old. Between the time spent at work and family they!re COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE:These are typically funny and We want to promote YouTube usage socially starved and 80% activelyentertaining viral videos. Mom!s primary competitors in the video streaming category. and loyalty by increasing the number use at least one social network.visit YouTube to watch a few of channel subscriptions. It!s where they brag, announce,videos and log off. They are the competition when Moms want entertainment, but most Moms spend time compliment and discuss. Social online seeking advice and solutions. Blogs are the real competition. networks are how they stay current. Blogs have pertinent information as well as the advantage of having a personality, whichRESEARCH FINDINGS: connects with socially starved Moms. The disadvantage with personal blogs and brandedAfter talking with several mothers But as a mother, she also takes on sites are they contain advice onand spending a whole day with a the responsibility of the from home mom, we saw how Throughout their day, Moms need solutions for multiple problems and browsing takescomplex their lives became after time. Time is a luxury Moms are rarely afforded, which is why our focus groups favoritehaving a child. Before the child, she A mom splits her time between her site is Amazon. It!s a time saver, a one stop shopping resource.had developed needs as a woman. personal needs and the child!s. YouTube!s content partners, the men and women who create videos and build channels, BY are characters with both personality and expert knowledge whose success hinges on L 12 BA 12 FAMILY W 11 A 1 directly engaging with their audience, creating an interaction where Young Facebook CI 11 1 O ILY W O Friendly Moms can be part of a community. RK SO RK 10 2 M 10 2 L FA CIA BABY SO 9 3 9 3 spectrum of topics. Also, watching videos allows Moms to learn at their own pace. H BA 8 4 E H 8 4 O R RE O BB CA CA BY BB IE 7 5 ELF S 7 5 L F 6 I S LY IE SE 6 HOUSE FAM CONCLUSION: S INSIGHT: YouTube isn!t just a place for entertaining videos, but with the multitude of content to be a mother. partners and channels, a one stop platform where personality meets functionality, helping Mom!s live more manageable lives. CONCLUSION: Motherhood is a new territory and they don!t have all the answers; so they reach out to the internet for help.
  10. 10. CREATIVE: TAGLINE: Page Takeovers and Banner Ads on YouTube, Ask a friend. Ask YouTube. Blogs and Facebook link Mom!s back to YouTube so they can subscribe to channels. The copy speaks to their needs as a Mom and as well as a Woman.OPPORTUNITY:We recognize that Moms areWomen too. They not only wantadvice on how to raise a child,but information to stay currenton the latest food and fashion. CHALLENGE: How can we convince Moms that YouTube is a one stop time saving platform for their personal and motherly needs? PROMISE: YouTube is Mother!s little helper.
  11. 11. WHAT IS THE SITUATION? A new online dating service is using a proven personality-based matching system that promises the customer will meet someone special in 6 months. COMPETITION:ONLINE DATING eHarmony and are the two leaders in the pay dating service industry. They understand the state of current economy and are currently promoting their proven success rates to illustrate their site is the best value for the customer!s money. The Assignment Our site has no track record and no Use qualitative research to unique site features that provide an create a name and launch advantage over its competitors. a new online dating site for WHO ARE WE TALKING TO? people born in the 1980!s. and consider romantic relationships important are more likely to pay for a service. They are romantics who believe in developing love that lasts. Copywriter: Gordon Grout Art Director: Lia Khayami Account Planning Partner: Marta Prosperi FOCUS GROUPS: Those who had not used an online service knew it would be convenient, but thought the process was impersonal, similar to browsing a catalogue. Those currently using online dating that would spark a connection.
  12. 12. NAMING THE SITE: When we were talking about a name for the service, we realized that every couple has different answer, a story, to the same question; how did you two meet?OPPORTUNITY: INSIGHT:How can we create messaging It is not just about gettingthat tapped into the emotionalconnection underlying the of relationship. It is aboutsearch for love online that meeting someone special,our competitors, who are the person you have alwaysusing numbers to prove future believed to exist but havesuccess, were not? not yet discovered. CREATIVE: Our campaign targeted the audience PROMISE: in the real world to drive them online. We make the romance you have always known to exist, a reality. WHY SHOULD THEY BELIEVE IT? We are connecting them to a deeper, more ingrained narrative woven into the fabric of their lives. Our online dating service uses an advanced personality based matching system to connect you with the truth you!ve always known and the person you!ve waited for.
  13. 13. 735 Geary #101B San Francisco, CA 94109 (310) 850 3543 Walker.Davis@gmail.comWalker DavisEXPERIENCE Lakeshore Entertainment January 2010 – September 2011 Assistant to Gary Lucchesi, President • Developed screenplays and coordinated the casting and production of four feature films: LINCOLN LAWYER, ONE FOR THE MONEY, UNDERWORLD AWAKENING and GONE • Evaluated pitches for potential film and television projects from writers • Analyzed screenplays and novels for potential development • Assisted in packaging projects for studio buyers • Managed workflow between marketing, production and international sales within Lakeshore • Researched up-and-coming writers and directors for future films ALIENS IN THE ATTIC Production August 2008 – November 2009 Assistant to the Director, John Schultz • Coordinated between editorial, VFX and marketing during post production • Developed the screenplay for added VFX voiceovers • Provided creative feedback on the film during various cuts • Supplied administrative and personal support for Mr. Schultz International Creative Management (ICM) August 2006 – July 2008 Assistant to Ed Limato, Co-Chairman and President • Managed the daily business 12 clients including Denzel Washington, Steve Martin, Richard Gere and Mel Gibson • Coordinated workflow and potential projects between 15 feature film agents and the president • Advised agents and producers on how to pitch projects to clients • Organized and supervised personal and professional events including screenings, cocktail parties and ICM’s 500 person 2006 Oscar party • Maintained organization in a fast pace and high-pressure work environmentEDUCATION Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp San Francisco CA Oct. 2011 – Dec. 2011 • Created strategy and developed executions with a AD/CW team for 7 clients in the gaming, online, non-profit, and food industries • Conducted quantitative and qualitative research Pepperdine University Malibu, CA 2002 - 2006 • B.S. in International Business • Member of Sigma Chi Pepperdine Chapter Executive Board • Completed Sigma Chi Horizons Leadership Program Junior YearPERSONAL Creator of the website August 2010 – September 2011 • Successfully chronicled experiences drinking a different beer daily for 400 days • Created a story around each beer to inspire readers to try a new brand • Increased the audience from 300 pageviews to over 2,000 in 6 months