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Get Practical With Your Startup's Branding

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Branding is a practical matter...especially for startups and young companies.

Your company’s logo, messages, images, taglines...they all have a specific purpose. They aren’t created just to look and sound good. They are meant to pique the interest of anyone that encounters them, and encourage them to take that next step: buy your product, learn more, read more, contact you, give you their email, tell their friends, and more. your branding getting the job done?

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Get Practical With Your Startup's Branding

  1. 1. WORKSHOP
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION ROBERT WALLACE Executive Vice President, Marketing Tallwave LLC Marketer, entrepreneur and problem solver. Helps early stage tech startups take their products to market and stake a claim to a winning position in the marketplace. In a previous life: ● Affinnova ● Internet Venture Works ● Airwalk WWW.TALLWAVE.COM/MARKETING INFO@TALLWAVE.COM
  3. 3. Agenda • Why branding is practical to a startup • How to be practical in developing your branding and marketing • Tools to be practical in implementing your branding and marketing
  4. 4. Why the oranges? An orange…is an orange…is an orange. Unless, of course, that orange happens to be a Sunkist, a name eighty percent of consumers know and trust.” – Russel L. Hanlin, CEO, Sunkist Growers
  5. 5. Your brand is your most important asset. • Links your product/service to your customers and tells them what you promise and what you stand for. • More important than ever - technology shifts power from businesses to individuals. • Winning brands clearly identify, communicate and deliver on their unique point of differentiation and brand promise. • Revenue hinges on whether your customers recognize that you stand for something. • Investment hinges on whether investors think you can win the hearts and minds of a differentiated position in the marketplace.
  6. 6. Identify, leverage and profit from what makes your company unique. Company X is the leading type of company that provides unique benefit to target customers. Unlike competitors, company does unique differentiator(s). Customers: What do you do? Investors: What do you do, what market are you in? Customers: Why should I care? Why should I switch? Investors: How are you going to win? Customers: What’s in it for me? Investor: What problem are you solving? Customers: Is this product for me? Investors: Who are your customers? Customers: This need is already being met. Is there a better alternative for me? Investors: Who else does this? What do customers do currently for this need?
  7. 7. Slow down to move faster CORE BRAND MESSAGING ELEMENTS Brand Story / Core Brand Elements What’s the DNA of your company? Why does it exist? Why should someone (customers, investors, employees) care about your mission? Positioning Statement What you do, where you play, why you’re unique, what makes you different Tagline A creative articulation of your Positioning Statement. Value Proposition What value do you provide, to what target customers. Benefits What specific pains/problems does your product/service solve? Reasons to Believe Why should someone believe you can provide the benefit you claim? What does your product/service do in order to solve those pains/problems. (aka Features) Proof What proof do you have that your Reasons to Believe delivered the benefits you claim?
  8. 8. Slow down to move faster Brand Story Positioning Statement Tagline Value Prop Benefits RTB Proof
  9. 9. Limited Time & Limited Resources GET FEEDBACK.
  10. 10. Tools & Methods Tools and methods to figure out what’s working and what isn’t TOOLS YOU CAN USE
  11. 11. Tools You Can Use Landing Pages ● Unbounce ● Launchrock ● Lander Surveys & Feedback ● Survey Monkey ● Google Forms ● Wufoo ● Clue App A/B Testing ● A/B Tasty ● Optimizely
  12. 12. Tools You Can Use Content Monitoring & Idea Generation ● Feedly ● Mention Social Sharing ● HootSuite ● SproutSocial ● Tweepi Naming & URL Research ● Namium ● Namechk ● InstantDomainSearch Email / Lifecycle / Inbound ● Mailchimp ● Hubspot Launching / PR ● Startuplister ● ●
  14. 14. AN INTENSIVE 2-WEEK BRANDING + MESSAGING SPRINT Articulate a compelling story around your unique value Stake claim to a differentiated position in the market Reduce confusion with your target stakeholders Package your company for sales and fundraising TALLWAVE.COM/MARKETING INFO@TALLWAVE.COM