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Waternomics Application Platform

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Waternomics Application Platform

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Waternomics Application Platform

  1. 1. tel: +30 2310 688087 | email: |web: Contact project partner Ultra4 today to arrange for a demo. Waternomics Application Platform Do you want to know how much water you are consuming? How much does it cost you? Which parts of your water network consume most and how you can reduce your consumpHon? Do you want to find out abnormal water usage, faults and leaks and get noHfied in Hme? Most important of all, do you want to get all this informaHon in one place using different customized task specific applicaHons based on you needs? Then this is what the Waternomics ApplicaHons PlaQorm (WAP) offers you. Save the environment… and your money. MulHple users in technical, operaHonal and managerial levels are geUng the informaHon they need when they need it through more than 50 available applicaHons and manage the water network of Linate Milan’s airport which includes over 60 sensors. Moreover, by using WAP they enabled developers to provide with and increasing number of new applicaHons. Milan airport is managing its complex water network with WAP •  Easy water network management and monitoring •  Custom applicaHons for any type of user •  Unified noHficaHon services from all apps •  Link with mulHple external data sources for highly contextual informaHon Key benefits: